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Original Wenzhiyoujing E1 Smokeless Heat Not Burn Cigarette Filter Device With Filter Tip (free shipping)

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As the name suggests, the Wenzhiyoujing E1 smokeless heat not burn cigarette filter device is a device used to heat traditional cigarettes without being burned while filtering harmful substances in cigarettes.

First of all,Wenzhiyoujing E1 heat not burn cigarette filter heats cigarettes at a temperature of about 270 ℃, not reaching the temperature of a cigarette at all, which significantly avoids the generation of burning harmful substances at the root.

What makes things better is with the help of a negative pressure adsorption system and natural fiber filter in the special filter tip, more than 20 kinds of toxic and harmful substances including 91.6% of tar, 90.6% of carbon monoxide, 97.5% of formaldehyde, 99.9% of acetone, and 100% of heavy metals are dramatically declined.

Passed RoHS certification, FCC certification, CE certification, REACH certification

Then let us get into it and figure out how to use

First, open the box, and take out the product and accessories, including the heat not burn cigarette filter, instruction manual, type-c charging cable, and cleaning brush, the top of the heat not burn smokeless cigarette filter is where the filter is installed

The type-c charging port and the hidden hole are located at the bottom of the smokeless cigarette filter

The side of the cigarette filter, from top to bottom: touch button, Bluetooth light, battery light, gear light

Before using the cigarette filter, please confirm the battery level, touch the touch button to check the battery level

Three white lights are on, indicating that the smokeless cigarette filter is fully charged

Please charge the smoke filter in time when the orange light is on, when charging with a type-c charging cable, please use a 5V 2A power supply

After connecting to the power supply during charging, the filter will vibrate once, and the battery light will flash step by step with the charging progress.

The cigarette filter provides two gears to choose from, when the filter is not in the heating state, quickly press the touch button three times to switch to the “standard gear”, which supports smoking for three and a half minutes, and a gear light is on at this time. If you need to switch to another “long-gear” that supports four and a half minutes, continue to quickly press the touch button three times, and with the vibration prompt, the two-gear lights will light up.

How to connect the applet

Meanwhile, it supports Bluetooth connection to the WeChat applet. When the filter is not heated, scan the QR code on the filter mouth to open the Wenzhi applet.

Short press the touch button once to make the filter in the Bluetooth broadcasting state

Move the filter close to the mobile phone, and click the connect button of the applet, and the Bluetooth light of the filter will turn on, at this time, quickly click the touch button twice to complete the connection, and then you can check out the recent usage records and harm reduction records.

You can adjust the heating temperature of the cigarette filter.

There are three temperatures to choose from,the temperature is from low to high in order: fragrant, mellow, rich

Note: Connecting Bluetooth and adjusting the temperature needs to be operated when the smoke filter is not heated.


How to heat the filter

When heating the cigarettes, install the filter first and insert the cigarette

How to install a filter

Take out the filter tip, remove the two protective plugs, and insert the filter tip from above.

Then gently rotate the cigarette from the hole at the bottom of the cigarette filter and insert it, do not stop inserting until you feel any obstruction, and the end of the filter tip of the cigarette will be exposed.

Press and hold the touch button for two seconds, the body will vibrate once, and the battery light will start to light up step by step.

After about 30 seconds of preheating, all three battery lights will light up, and the body will vibrate again to indicate that the preheating is complete and you can start using it.

During preheating and use, do not move the cigarette or press the button.

The battery light will go out gradually with the use of time. You can heat the cigarette until the last light is off and the device vibrates.

Gently rotate the cigarette to pull out the whole cigarette completely.

The heated cigarette has no burning ashes, and the tobacco has been carbonized.

After a period of use, use the cleaning brush included in the kit to clean the filter

Package List:

It comes with:
1x Wenzhiyoujing E1 Smokeless Filter Cigarette Heat Not Burn Device
1x Type C charging Cable
1x Use manual
1x Cleaning Brush
1x Filter Tip (2pcs)


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