WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Original Hitaste Hi10 Tobacco Heating Heat Not Burn HNB Device free shipping

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The Hitaste Hi10 HNB Heat Not Burn Tobacco Cigarette Heating Device is a brand new version of a tobacco-heated device.
It is known as the first device coming with a Bluetooth selfie function to connect the phone to take pictures, videos, or selfies.
Model No.
Hitaste Hi10
Net weight
Output Voltage
Battery capacity
OLED screen
Warm-up Time
15 seconds
Heating Type
Pin style
Charging Time
2 hours
One full charging
Support 32pcs tobacco cartridge
Black, White, Red, Blue

Support about 32pcs tobacco sticks 

Temperature control mode from 200℃-300℃.

Setting Smoking time from 180-360 seconds.

Fast charging, 1.5 charging time.

Numbers of heat sticks used number counter.

HD display screen shows battery level, temperature, smoking count, and smoking time at a glance.


How to activate the Bluetooth selfie function?

1. First-time pairing

(1). Press 2 seconds on the Bluetooth camera button to activate and the camera icon displays 1 second.

(2). Turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone and detect all nearby Bluetooth devices. If you don't find a pair of new devices, please check under“Available devices" or tap More Refresh.

(3). Find and tap the PHOTO to pair it with your phone. After pairing, it shows that the PHOTO is connected(as shown in pic 1).

(4). After you pair successfully, the camera icon will appear on the Hi10" screen. (as shown in pic 2).


How to clean?

1. Manual cleaning: Switch to standby mode, press the power button 8 times continuously, and the device will switch to clean mode with 1 vibration, display“clean...” for 5 seconds, start counting at 20 seconds and then the cleaning is completed once the device vibrates again when displaying “OVER", or press power button 3 times to exit and return to the main interface.

2. Auto-cleaning: the system automatically pops out “CLEAN Y N" after heating every 5 tobacco sticks. Meanwhile, the device vibrates 5 times. When N is flashing, just press the power button to exit cleaning and switch to the main interface. If you do not make a choice, the device will automatically exit. Press the PLUS/MINUS button to switch Y and N, "Pls remove the tobacco stick" will be displayed once selecting Y, and "CLEAN...." will be displayed for 10 seconds after the cleaning for 10 seconds. Please start counting at 20 seconds then return to the main interface.

The package includes:

1 X Hitaste Hi10 HNB Heat Not Burn Tobacco Cigarette Heating Device
1 X USB cable
1 X User Manual
Order Tips:

It doesn't come with a heat stick. You need to buy it separately.


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