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Original Lookah Q8 Portable Wax Vaporizer E-Neil Evaporator Designed for Wax and Oil free shipping

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The Q8 wax pen kit from Lookah is a portable quartz chamber concentrate device  which provides great performance and clean taste while maintaining good airflow.

The Lookah Q8 integrates a 3000mAh battery and digital display in a device capable of maintaining a constant temperature up to 750°F.

Patented quartz cup dish technology ensures only glass touches your concentrate.


Step up your game with the Lookah Q8 wax vaporizer. This device has been created specifically with the hard-hitting wax concentrate consumers in mind. It’s backed by a powerful battery and makes use of a precision temperature setting to give you full control of your sessions. It’s also equipped with the brand’s patented heating element that uses the Lookah quartz cup dish technology (QCDT) to give you high quality dabs each and every session.Check out a few more reasons why you should be considering the Lookah Q8 for your next purchase.

Lookah Q8 is a portable e-Neil evaporator designed for wax and oil.

Lookah Q8 integrates a 3000mAh battery, no combustion mode, digital display, and constant temperature up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Lookah Q8 is easy to use: simply load the material into the chamber, close the carb cap, set your desired temperature between 200°F and 750°F.

In about 15 seconds it will vibrate and will then hold the temperature for 60 seconds.

After that you can re-set and use it again.

How to charge the Lookah Q8
1. To charge the Lookah 8, simply take the inclusive micro-UsB charging cable and connect one tip to the battery The other end goes to either a desktop computer or to a wall adapter.
2. Remove the charger when the battery is fully charged.You can check the battery level on the Lookah Q8’s digital display screen.

How to load the Lookah Q8
1. Remove the magnetic mouthpiece from the Lookah Q8 by pulling it away from the body of the battery.
2. Once the mouthpiece is removed, you can now access the quartz wax chamber.
3. Use the inclusive wax tool to scoop up a dollop of wax concentrates and transfer it to the quartz dish.
4. After you have loaded your wax concentrates, replace the magnetic mouthpiece by connecting it to the base of the Lookah Q8.
How to turn the Lookah Q8 On and Off
Note: Although the Lookah Q8 has various buttons, it only has a single power button which turns the device on and off.The power button is located atop the digital display screen.Make sure that the Lookah Q8 is fully charged before powering it on for best results.
1. Press the power button five times quickly to turn the Lookah
2. Press the Power button five more times to turn the Lookah Q8 off.
How to change the temperature setting
Note: The Lookah Q8 uses precision temperature settings and the temperature levels are displayed on the digital screen instead of showing flashing lights. Make sure to turn the device on before changing the temperature setting.The temperature setting can be set up to 750°F.
1. With the device turned on, press the(+) or up button to increase the temperature settings.
2. Press the (-) or down button to decrease the temperature level
3. When you’ve selected your preferred temperature level, simply
let go of the button to allow the Lookah Q8 to automatically register your selected temperature level.

How to replace the Quartz Heating Element
Note: The Lookah Q8 uses a replaceable heating element that can be removed and replaced depending on your preference. Make sure to let the quartz dishes cool down before replacing them as touching a hot coil may cause injuries.
1. Remove the magnetic mouthpiece to access the quartz dish
2. Pull the quartz dish from the chamber and replace it with a new one.
3. Replace the mouthpiece on the base of the Lookah Q8.


How to Vape with the Lookah Q8
1. Turn the device on by pressing the power button five times quickly.
2. Select your preferred temperature level by using the directional buttons on the device.
3. Allow the Lookah Q8 to heat up and after 15 seconds, the device will vibrate and will hold your selected temperature setting for about 60 seconds.
4. After the 60-second cycle, you can reset the device and use it again.


Size: 120mm(Height) x 42mm(Width) x30mm(Depth) 

Weight: 116g

Battery Voltage: 3.7V

Temperature Range: 200°F - 750°F

Package List:

It comes with:
1 x Lookah Q8 Wax Pen
1 x Micro USB Cable
1 x Dab Tool
1 x User Manual
1 x Warranty Card


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*WARNING: This product do not contain Wax Cartridge and Quartz 1.2Ω Wax Coil, you need to buy them separately



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