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Original Lookah ICECREAM Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer E-Neil Evaporator free shipping

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Here comes Lookah ICECREAM Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer E-Neil Evaporator which is a small, compact, and discreet traditional dry herb vaporizer. The Ice Cream vaporizer features a nano-ceramic heating element giving the user a more pure taste with more flavor. Enjoy the great taste of your herbs without having to combust them with a torch or lighter.

This dry herb vape is powered by a 950mah battery and comes with multiple preset temperatures ranging from 356°F to 446°F with specific presets. The temperature is noted by an LED light and can be changed by double-clicking the power button.

All in all, the Lookah Ice Cream Dry herb vaporizer is a super discreet and lightweight vaporizer, perfect for the user looking for a traditional, cleaner vape experience minus the combustion!


Enjoy your favorite botanicals with the Lookah portable dry herb vaporizer. This small and compact device has been designed and engineered to bring the best out of your ground botanicals allowing you to reap both its medical and recreational benefits. You'll be hard-pressed to find a similar vaporizer on the market today. Check out some of the compelling reasons why you should consider Lookah Ice Cream as your next dry herb vaporizer.


Despite its small and compact size, the Lookah Ice Cream was developed with a powerful battery that can last you several sessions. This herb vaporizer is fitted with a capable 950mAh battery making it ideal for those who like to enjoy multiple on-the-go sessions. Compared to other vaporizers its size, the Lookah Ice Cream certainly packs more than enough power for vaporizing almost any type of buds or flowers.

The battery is also charged using micro-USB charging which makes juicing up more convenient. Micro-USB is a widely used technology which means you can pretty much find a wall adapter or a charger you can use to fill up power just in case you misplace the ones that come with the Lookah Ice Cream.


Compared to other devices on the market, the Lookah Ice Cream is equipped with four pre-set temperature settings. This means that you can have more options in vaporizing your favorite ground materials and choose between taking in flavorful vapors or potent plumes of cloud.

The Lookah Ice Cream dry herb vape not only has four pre-sets but also has clearly-defined effects allowing not only seasoned veterans but also beginners to easily understand the upshots of choosing their selected temperature profile.

The lowest setting, which runs at around 392°F, gives out thin wisps of vapors and activates plenty of the terpenes and the flavonoids from your herbs. As a result, vaping in this temperature profile allows you to enjoy flavorful and fragrant vapors without your face getting melted.

Its second set, going up at around 410°F, slightly increases the volume of the vapor while maintaining the flavors and the aroma of your herbs.

The third temperature setting pushes the heating element even further to 428°F. The effect of this pre-set profile emphasizes the robustness of the vapor but slightly decreases the retention of the natural flavor.

Lastly, the highest temperature setting cranks the heat up to 446°F. By bringing the heating element to its hottest, the herbs tend to have an intensified effect in terms of vapor volume as well as the psychoactive cannabinoids which can definitely blow you out of the water.

These preset, matched with the powerful battery make the Lookah Ice Cream a device that can keep up with your needs and provide you with a more personalized experience.


Those who have been using vaporizers and have been consuming herbs for a while will know why ceramic is one of the most sought-after heating elements on the market. Compared to other coils and heating chambers like quartz or titanium, ceramic has a more pleasant effect when used with herbs. The quality of ceramic allows it to gradually build up temperature instead of immediately burning your dried herbs.

Its slow heating properties make it an ideal tool to bring your flavorful vapors without reaching the point of combustion — which otherwise puts your materials to waste.

The nano ceramic heating element allows Lookah Ice Cream to produce professional-quality vapors through conduction heating. The specialized herb chamber is compatible with all of the aforementioned pre-set temperature levels.


Although the Lookah Ice Cream comes with a variety of features, it was designed and engineered to be simple and straightforward. It only has a single power button which makes use and operation simple. To turn it on, power it off, cycle through the four pre-set temperature settings, and even activate the heating element, all you need to press is one button. This means that you can use it conveniently, especially when you’re out and about.

How to charge the Lookah ice Cream
1. To charge the Lookah Ice Cream, simply take the micro-USB charging cable included in the device and connect one end to a wall adapter or to your computer and connect the other end to the device.
2. Remove the charger when the Lookah Ice Cream is fully charged.

How to load the Lookah ice Cream
Note: It is recommended that you grind your herbs before loading them into the Lookah Ice Cream. We strongly suggest getting a fine grind and not overpack the chamber to promote better airflow during your session.
Open the magnetic mouthpiece of the Lookah Ice Cream to access the nano-ceramic heating chamber.
You can use an herb tool to scoop up your ground botanicals or load the herbs straight from your grinder. Be careful not to tightly pack the chamber.
Make sure that the fine mesh screen is placed properly to avoid loose herbs being sucked in from the mouthpiece.
Replace the magnetic mouthpiece to close the chamber.

How to turn the Lookah Ice Cream On and Off
Note: Make sure to fully charge the Lookah Ice Cream for best results. The Lookah Ice Cream will vibrate to tell you that it is powered on.
Press the power button five times quickly to power the lookah Ice Cream on.
·Press the power button five more times to turn the Lookah lce Cream off.

How to change the Preset Temperature Setting
Note: Make sure to power the device on before changing the temperature setting.
.Press the power button once to switch the profile when vaping. When you have decided on your preferred setting, let go of the button to activate the profile.

Temperature Setting:
Level 2:410°F(Blue)
Level 4:446F(White)

How to vape with the Lookah ice Cream
Note: The Lookah Ice Cream will immediately start to pre-heat the chamber as soon as it is powered on. It will continuously ramp up in terms of heat for 240 seconds and will shut down automatically
Load the Lookah Ice Cream with your preferred ground materials before turning it on.
Power the device on and select your preferred temperature setting.
From the pre-heat temperature, the Lookah Ice Cream will continuously heat up until it reaches the temperature you selected. The LED light indicator will flash and the device will vibrate when the selected temperature setting is reached.
It will run for 240 seconds and the Lookah Ice Cream will vibrate and power off automatically

How to clean the Lookah ice Cream
Note: The Lookah Ice Cream comes with a portable cleaning tool that you can use to stir the herbs or scrape off vaporized ground material
Turn off the device and wait for it to cool off.
Open the magnetic mouthpiece to access the herb chamber.
Lightly remove the vaporized material using the inclusive stir tool.
Replace the magnetic mouthpiece to close the Lookah ice Cream.


Size: Dimensions: 115mm x 35mm x 38.2mm

Battery Juice: 950mAh

Weight: 75 Grams

Battery Voltage: 3.7V

Resistance: 0.50ohms to 2.0ohms
Package List:

It comes with:

1 x Lookah Ice Cream
1 x Cleaning Tool
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual


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