WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Original Anlerr Enail Concentrate Portable Dab Rig Dry Herb Wax Vaporizer Banger free shipping

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Minimum quantity for "Original Anlerr Enail Concentrate Portable Dab Rig Dry Herb Wax Vaporizer Banger free shipping" is 5.

Anlerr Enail Concentrate Portable Dab Rig Dry Herb Kit components:

AGlass suction nozzle
BBattery brain
CGlass water cup
D: Atomizer cover
F: Glass filter tube


Anlerr Enail Battery indicator

Four grid lights = 100% battery

Three grid lights=75% battery

Two grid lights=50% battery

One grid light=25% battery

How to charge Anlerr Enail 

STEP 1: Fully charge the device before first use.
The power light will flash while charging, and turns off automatically when complete.

How to add water

Adding water: Fill the Huuka base with water, We recommend filling it to the halfway point of the beaker base. But feel free to add less water to achieve your preferred percolation. Do not overfill the past halfway point.

How to switch the power

Turn On/ Off: Press the power button 5 times continuously to turn on/off the device. The bottom led will flash 5 times in white light when it’s turned on. And the bottom led will flash 5 times in red light when it’s turned off. It will have a temperature memory function(It will be at the temperature you set last time when you turn on the device).

How to switch to the Sesh Mode

Long press the power button for 3 seconds. Then will active 35 seconds ‘sesh mode’ (5 seconds pre-heat time then 30 seconds warm time. The bottom Led will flash when pre-heat. Bottom LED keeps lighting on when it’s ready to use after pre-heat time ). then it will be in standby mode after 35 seconds of sesh mode.

How to adjust the temperature

1. Three temperatures:
Bottom led Green: 3.4V 500°F Bottom led Blue: 3.6V 550°F Bottom led Purple: 3.8V 600°F

2. Temperature Switch:
You can press the power button 3 times continuously
to switch the temperatures you want in sesh mode. Every time you switch the temperature, the device will restart the 35s sesh mode.


1. Abnormal prompt: Bottom-led flash 8 times with red light indicates short-circuited. The power button flash 10 times indicating a low battery and needs to be charged.

2. The Anlerr Enail Concentrate Portable Dab Rig Vaporizer will be turned off automatically if without any cooperation in 10 minutes.


The product user manual is used to protect the user’s body and product away from damage. Please read the manual carefully and abide by the operating ways before using it. Please abide by this safe booklet too before using it.
1. Product isn’t allowed to sell or used by people age under 21 years old.
2. Pregnant ladies and breastfeeding women aren’t allowed to use.
3. Please keep the products away from kids, old, and sick.
4. Don't disassemble or re-change the products to avoid fire disasters and troubles.
5. Don't put the product in the car or charge it in the car.
6. Don't use wire or any other metal item to connect the charging port to avoid short-circuiting.
7. Please don't use or charge this product when your hand or body is wet.
8. Don't crush or press the products.
9. Don't use the product when it is charging.
10. Please use the product in a 5-35°C environment.
11. Don't keep or use the product in a wet, oiled, or volatile place.
12. Please don't keep the product in a sealed place for a long time when it is turned on.
13. Please do not turn the product upside down, tilt, or upside down with water in it. This may cause water flow in the product.
14. Please keep the product away from the magnet product.
15. Please don't put the products in place which is easy to fall down.
16. Please turn off the battery when you don't use it.
17. Please stop using the product when there is an exception and inquiry about the latest shop or agent
18. The natural losses of this product aren't in the free
19. We provide one year warranty for battery brains and a month's warranty for ceramic cup atomizers. Please don't dry burn the atomizers.
20. Please keep the water in the bottle clean. It may have some influence on flavors.
21. Please add the proper amount of concentrates or oils to the atomizer.
22. Please shop the glass accessories from authorized distributors if you break them.

Anlerr Enail Specifications:

Standby current: less than 20UA
Two 18350 built-in batteries: 1800mah. 650mah
Output Voltage: Green: 3.4V Blue: 3.6V Purple: 3.8V
Atmoizer resistence: 0.5ohm
Charge adaptor: 5V 1A
Charge time: 3 hours

Package Contents:

1x Battery brain (A)
1x Glass Mouthpiece (B)
1x Glass cup (C)
1x Glass smoke intake pipe (D)
2x ceramic cup atomizers (E)
1x USB line (F)
1x Earpick (G)
1x Cotton swab (H)
I1x Manual (I)



Please check the guarantee policy.



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2) If you can't check out immediately after payment is done, please wait for a few minutes, then pay again
3) Please be more patient if you make a mistake to cancel the order. Just email sales@buyecigkits.com to refund you back and place a new order and pay again.
4) Please Remark your requested colors, right address, city, state(province) telephone, etc. in the order or send us a message to sales@buyecigkits.com.

About warranty:

1) If you get any goods with any problem, please contact us before opening the dispute, we will send the free replacement after confirming the problem
2) If you want a full refund, please returned the items back to us, please ensure it is in the original packaging, and then message us the shipping tracking number. After the package is delivered to us, we will make the full refund at once.

Shipping from China

1. Epacket: 15-25 days delivery In EU, USA, 20-35 days delivery in RU.
Netherlands Post: About 20 days delivery in the EU, about 25-35 in Asia, and about 60 days in South America or Africa.
2. DHL, FedEx Express: 5-7 days delivery



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