WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Original Cigoo Herbal Heat Sticks E-Herbal Heets 200 PCS/Carton for IQOS and Other Heat Not Burn Smokeless Device (free shipping)

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Minimum quantity for "Original Cigoo Herbal Heat Sticks E-Herbal Heets 200 PCS/Carton for IQOS and Other Heat Not Burn Smokeless Device (free shipping)" is 100.

The Cigoo Herbal Heat Sticks E-Herbal Heets is specially designed for IQOS and Other Heat Not Burn Smokeless Device, it is made of pure natural non-tobacco plant particles, endowed with the unique aroma of natural plant essential oils, and uses a unique smoking and cooling mechanism to bring you the ultimate taste experience


Length Diameter: 45mm7mm

Flavor: Mocha, Cold Blueberry Blast, Dried Tangerine Peel Blast, Original Tobacco, Mint, Melon Mint, Original Chinese Cigarette, Rose


The refreshing scent of blueberry combined with an ice-cold mint blast is going to bring you a cool breeze from the summer forest.

Can the original mint flavor of Cigoo satisfy your need for coolness? Do you need more fun while smoking? You must try the Ice-cold Blueberry Blast of Cigoo. When you pinch the ice-cold mint blast, all your worries are going to fade away。 The refreshing scent of blueberry mixed with ice-cold mint will definitely cool your body and heart. Your soul is going to be soothed. Life is going to be renewed.


The aroma of dried tangerine peel is a kind of Chinese mysterious scent.

If you are a Chinese traditional culture lover, you must know that dried tangerine peel is a kind of medicinal and edible ingredient. The keynote is Cigoo Original, compatible with essential oil extracted from renowned Xinhui dried tangerine peel. When you pinch the blast, the slightly sweet and sour flavor with a little bit of mint coolness meets the aroma of Cigoo Original. The glamorous smoke is going to vanish, but the balanced sweet aftertaste will linger in your mouth and mind for a long time. 


Original means the start of everything.

Distinguished herbal extract technology brings you a luxurious tobacco aroma.

Your mouth would be full of the mild aroma of Flue-Cured Virginia tobacco but with no irritation during smoking. The taste is quite similar to traditional Virginia-type cigarettes. The flavor is strong but not irritating at all. The aftertaste is clean and enjoyable. Your experience is extremely close to conventional cigarette smoking. 


Mint means coolness and freshness, which also represents “the Aroma of Asia”.

Natural mint extract and limited sweetness are going to smooth your whole body and mind.

The refreshing taste of mint comes from spearmint and turquoise mint. It is natural and clean. Your experience is going to be upgraded. No sticky sweetness, only freshness, cool your mind and body while smoking.


Coffee means elegance.

You cannot miss it if you are a coffee addict. The herbal practicals are made of the premium coffee extracts of Yunnan province, which is the most notable origin of coffee beans, but not just coffee additives and flavors.

Not only could the users enjoy the rich aroma of the coffee, but also people nearby would fall in love with it. You cannot drink a cup of coffee while smoking because you have only one mouth, but you could convert this thought into practice if you choose our Mocha. The sweetness of Mocha is rich. Your experience is going to be elevated.


The package includes:

  • 10 x Cigoo Herbal Heat Sticks E-Herbal Heets 20pcs

Simple packing. Customary Packing from the factory, the packing is subject to change without notice.


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*WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical


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