WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Why the iQOS cannot be charged and how to do

by Martin Smith

Here are the troubleshooting

1. It may be due to battery damage, and replacing the battery is recommended.

2. Poor charger connection: If there is a poor connection between the charger and the IQOS, it may result in the device being unable to charge. We recommend checking whether the contact parts of the IQOS charger and battery are clean without foreign objects. Also, check whether the charger plug and socket are stable. Use your cleaning sticks to clean the holder connectors and pocket charger, and you should see an improvement.

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3. Blocked charging circuit: If the charging circuit is blocked, it may prevent the IQOS from charging properly. We suggest checking whether the charging circuit is damaged or short-circuited and whether the plug and socket connected to the charging circuit are in good condition.

4. It may be due to damage to the device charger. Try replacing the charger and using it again.

5. When using the device, please note that iQOS relies on electric heating to bake tobacco leaves, so regular cleaning is necessary to prevent uneven heating.

6. Do not rotate the tobacco stick after inserting it.

7. iQOS is not waterproof, so do not wash it with water.

8. When charging, do not insert it in the wrong position. The indicator light is green when charging and orange when fully charged. You can remove the holder.

9. When using the device, large and frequent suction may reduce the service life of the device.

10. After using the device, the tobacco stick should be removed.

11. It is best to use the original power adapter. Third-party power adapters may not be compatible with the device.


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