WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

What to do to prevent your package packed with vapes or other items from being stolen or replaced

by Martin Smith

It is frustrating to have a package packed with vapes or other items stolen or replaced and claimed, so how to prevent your package from being stolen or replaced?

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1. Get insurance for the package

If you're buying something expensive, like dab rigs, shisha hookah, etc. It's also worth paying that much for some commodity insurance.

You would better choose insurance for the item when you buy it, or buy a certain amount of shipping insurance for the package through the courier company.

02. Make sure to receive the package in person

The best way to prevent package theft or replacement is to sign the package.

Call the courier that you need to sign for it in person, or make sure someone will pick it up when it arrives; if you're always away from home, ask your neighbors if they'd be willing to pick it up for you. Alternatively, if your package is not large, sending it to the school is also an option.

03. Buy a lockbox

Another way to avoid theft or replacement is to have the package couriered to a lockbox via a service like Amazon Locker.

Some convenience stores also offer this service, or you can send your package to your local UPS or USPS and pick it up there. If you don't want to go all the way to pick up the courier, you can also buy a lockbox and put it at the door

04. Install the camera

There are home cameras flooding that is actually cheap and convenient.

Most of these cameras can be connected to wifi and a mobile app so as to check the package at the door; even if your package is still stolen, you have evidence to call the police.


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