What is the difference between iQOS 3 and iQOS 3 Multi than iQOS 2.4 Plus

by Martin Cao
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First of all,we shall get to know what the iqos system is and how to use it,pls check out the detailed graphic description below

After figuring out the basic components of iqos and instructions, now we are getting into the differnece,here we go!

[iqos 3 vs iqos 2.4 plus]
What is the different point?

1, the first look
In terms of size, Iqos 3 is a little narrower than iqos 2.4 plus, and the thickness is almost the same. Look at the picture below:

2, the charging time for the holder 
The iqos 3 can save up to 20 seconds by fully charging the holder compared with the iqos 2.4 Plus

3, the charging port 
 iqos3 come with type USB-C switching from mico USB on iqos 2.4 plus, Look at the picture:

4, power button
The 2.4 plus come with 2 buttons which are a power button and a reset button respectively. Pressing both together can restart the machine to clear the red light. iQOS 3 just come with one power button now.

5, red light 
The iqos 3 official said that the probability of a red light is greatly reduced, as we all know,if the red light lights up, it needs to be restarted, and the machine will be scrapped. It can be said that this upgrade is really a big good news.

6, the color on the side clip of iqos 3 charger
The color on the side clip of the iqos 3 charger is changeable, which is a small update compared to iqos 2.4 plus. Look at the picture below:

What is the same point?

1. the start-up time of the tobacco rod heating the heat stick
 Press the button to start heating before inserting a heat stick, it takes about 20 seconds, and the time is almost the same. 

2, the charging head is still two plugs
Look at the picture below:

3, the heat stick
The heat stick for 2.4 plus can be used on iqos 3 without any adaptation problems. Iqos 3 does not have a new size-sized heat stick. Look at the picture:

 4, the cap
The cap on the iQOS 3 and iQOS 2.4 Plus can be replaced, however, note that the iqos 2.4 plus and iqos 3 can not be used. Look at the picture:

Finally, talk about iqos 3 Multi
1. The charger and the holder of iqos 3 multi are integrated.
This appearance is more compact, buyecigkits don't think it looks better personally. It is similar to the LIL that was previously in Korea, but still looks better than LIL. Look at the picture:

2, iqos 3 Multi can be pumped continuously
Continuously pumping attract many smokers. LIL used to use this as a selling point to get some users.You can enjoy 10 puffs consecutively thanks to Iqos 3 Multi .

3,  the battery lifespan has dropped
After obtaining the continuous pumping function, the battery lifespan will drop unfortunately, which seems to be not suitable for people who are not accustomed to taking with a charger. 

4. The cap can be replaced.
Of course, you still need to buy a cap separately. Look at the picture:


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