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What is the difference between e-cigarettes and heat not burn tobacco heated device and how to distinguish them

by Martin Smith

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It has been two years since IQOS quietly enjoy great popularity all over the world, especially in Japan and China in 2017. However, many people still can’t distinguish between heating not burn(referred to as HNB) devices and e-cigarettes. What makes things worse is even many official media did not give a clear positioning, instead they cited some confusing chemical names.

This blog will analyze the difference between e-cigarettes and HNB tobacco heating devices, and how to distinguish them.

E-cigarettes have been in mass production for more than ten years, and they have been committed to letting everyone experience simulated cigarettes while reducing the harm caused by cigarettes. Generally speaking, any product that uses electronic methods to generate smoke and use it as a substitute for cigarettes, smoke reduction, and smoking cessation can be called "electronic cigarettes." so the tobacco heated device that has only recently appeared is also a kind of electronic cigarette in terms of this concept.

The term "electronic cigarette" first appeared, and then the word "tobacco heating not burn device" appeared.

In fact, the term "heated tobacco" was "labeled" after the emergence of "Marlboro Electronic Cigarette" IQOS and its popularity around the world.

The birth and promotion of IQOS are mainly to advertise Heat not Burn, by heating tobacco instead of burning tobacco to produce smoke, which can reduce a lot of harmful substances produced by burning tobacco, such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and so on. And this type of device and cartridges is called the tobacco heated not burn device and heatstick respectively to distinguish the traditional burning cigarettes.

The special background and identity tobacco heat not burn device 
The first tobacco heated not burn device is Philip Morris International’s IQOS and British American Tobacco’s GLO. Later, Korea’s KT&G’s FIIT and National Tobacco’s several brands joined the battle.

Obviously, those who develop HNB devices are all giants in the tobacco industry. It is obvious that it is not a business that individuals or small companies can easily get involved in since tobacco production and sales are strictly controlled in many countries around the world. 

So to sum up, the point is here. Based on the current market conditions, HNB devices refer to the specific matching heater on which tobacco heatsticks with a filter produced by tobacco manufacturers and made into a round bar shape similar to traditional cigarettes is heated and used.

Electronic cigarettes refer to traditional e-cigarettes, in which the injected e-liquid is heated and atomized by an atomizer to allow people to vape.


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