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What is the current status of e-cigarette channels in European and American countries and where to buy electronic cigarette

by Martin Smith

The Coronavirus 2019(COVID-19) epidemic in Europe and the United States is extremely serious,Under the impact of the epidemic, most cities in Europe and the United States have gradually restricted people's activities in the city including parties, travel, etc., and some countries have announced the cessation of all gathering activities.

Europe and the United States are the main markets for e-cigarette exports. The local government's control measures including e-cigarette channels under the epidemic have a huge impact on e-cigarette exports. What is the current status of e-cigarette channels in European and American countries and where to buy electronic cigarette? The statistics of the e-cigarette channels in some major European and American countries are provided for your reference by buyecigkits.

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United States

It is understood that local e-cigarette online sales website-Rzsmoke is still available for purchase, and offline major sales channels including convenience stores, gas stations, etc. are still available for business.

United Kingdom

As of March 24, local time, the UK ’s largest e-cigarette retailer, VPZ, closed all its 155 nationwide stores under the warning of the government and WHO.

However, according to news from Press Association (uk), British regulators worried that Covid-19 may pose a health risk to smokers 'continued purchase of traditional tobacco products, so they allowed vape chains to continue to operate to satisfy consumers' expectations. Demand for new products.

Facing the unfavorable Coronavirus 2019 epidemic, according to Vapingpost, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced the implementation of the new level 3 alert on Coronavirus 2019 on March 14th. All non-essential stores must be closed and only restaurants, pharmacies and tobacco merchants are kept , E-cigarette stores have not been included in the list of enterprises authorized to continue business. However, they may still deliver orders through delivery or pickup.

But in the amendment to the law, as long as e-cig stores take all necessary precautions to avoid the spread of coronavirus, they are considered to be "public interest" and are allowed to reopen.

In order to curb the spread of the epidemic, the Italian government has taken some severe measures, such as  closing schools, banning all public gatherings and shut down requiring most commercial enterprises including bars and restaurants. Initially, the vape shop was also included in the suspension list, but now its ban has been lifted.

Dr. Riccardo Polosa, a world-renowned scientist who reduces the harm of e-cigarettes and tobacco, successfully persuaded the Italian government to waive the move to close e-cigarette stores due to the spread of the crownvirus.

On March 13, the Ministry of Health and the Italian Prime Minister issued a statement saying that  e-cigarette shops were also allowed to operate in addition to tobacco shops.

Similar to Italy, e-cigarettes stores are included in the necessary places of life and can continue to operate during the outbreak.


On March 23, the Governor of Ontario, Canada, Doug Ford, released an essential service list, and the various operating points in the industry will continue to operate during the COVID-19 outbreak. Although the list includes alcohol-based and cannabis-based businesses, adult-only e-cigarette stores and manufacturers and distributors of e-cigarette products are not explicitly included in the list.

But the Canadian Vape Association (CVA) urged the government to enable e-cigarette stores to operate during the outbreak, and encouraged continued online ordering and payment to eliminate cash processing and reduce actual interaction.

(A small country in Southern Europe): Purchases are allowed through delivery methods.

The statistics of the above channels are only for reference due to their strong timeliness.


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