WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

What flavors are available in Heets heatstick and how are the flavors and how to distinguish the versions from each country

by Martin Smith

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At present, the most popular Heets on the market are the Korean, Russian, Ukrainian, and Kazakhstan versions. Then we will introduce these four versions.

1 Korean version (Korean version), how to identify as shown below
· Check the first line at the bottom of the front of the Korean packaging

It comes in 8 kinds of flavors:

(1). Brozen Label
The strong flue-cured tobacco flavor

(2). Amber Selection
The medium tobacco flavor is very close to flue-cured tobacco, second only to brozen lable. Compared with other versions of amber, the Korean version of amber has a purer tobacco flavor. This medium tobacco flavor is suitable for those who are not addicted to smoking.

(3). Sliver Selection
The soft, light tobacco flavor is second to amber, with a very slight mint flavor, a little cool on the tongue after smoking.

(4). Green Selection
The Light mint flavor mixes with tobacco flavor

(5). Green Zing
Literally speaking, only one word is missing, but it has a completely different flavor. It is the lime flavor

(6). Blue Selection
It is a menthol flavor

(7). Purple Wave
It is the grape flavor that corresponds to the Marlboro purple menthol (blueberry) fruit flavor, but in fact, the flavor is not the same, it is actually mint + grape flavor, I prefer this fruit mint flavor.

(8). Summer Breeze
It is fresh mellow tobacco with a light orange aroma, revealed in the background of menthol coolness.

2 Ukrainian version, how to identify as shown below
Check out the two lines of Ukrainian words on the bottom of the front of the Ukrainian version

It comes in 3 kinds of flavors:

(1). Amber Label
Compared with the Korean version of amber, the price is higher. It is also very suitable for newbies, the softness is better than the Korean version, the smoke is mellow, and I personally think that the tobacco flavor is better than the Korean version, which is very suitable for heavy smokers.

(2). Yellow Label
The softness of the Traditional tobacco flavor is similar to that of the original Korean version, it tasted lighter than the original flavor of the Korean version, has a light fragrance, and is not spicy.

(3). Turquoise Label
Mint flavor is lighter than light mint, which comes with a very special fragrance.

3 Russian version (Russian version), how to identify as shown below
Check out the two lines of Russian at the bottom of the Russian version of the front packaging

It comes in 4 kinds of flavors:

(1). Amber Label
After smoking, the tobacco flavor is slightly lighter than the Ukrainian version of amber, and it may be that everyone feels different.

(2). Yellow Label
The softness is slightly worse than the Ukrainian version, the tobacco flavor is heavier than the Ukrainian version, and it tastes slightly spicy.

(3). Turquoise Label
The mint flavor is a bit heavier than Marlboro's Mint flavor but is lighter than Marlboro's Menthol.

(4). Purple Label
Personally, the flavor is more suitable for women. With a strongly fruity aroma, grape flavor, and cool mint, it is worth a try by female smokers.

4 Kazakhstan, how to distinguish as shown below
Check out the four lines of Kazakh characters at the bottom of the Kazakh front pack

It comes in 2 kinds of flavors:

(1). Yellow Label
Like the Russian version, it's pretty common. The softness is slightly worse, it is the lighter tobacco flavored, as well as tasting like lemon (some people say it is orange) 

(2). Turquoise Label
The Mint flavor is very close to the Marlboro mint flavor.


1) Amber: The Ukrainian version of amber has the best softness, followed by the Korean version, and then the Russian version. There is not much difference between the several versions of amber. Amber is undoubtedly the best alternative for non-menthol flue-cured tobacco smokers.

2) Original flavor: The original flavor is more interesting. The order I tried is the Ukrainian version -> Kazakhstan version -> Korean version -> Russian version. Each feels different, even though I suspect that the Yellow Label itself should have a lemon flavor, it is far lighter than the pure green zing lemon flavor, it should be a different version, taking into account the local user habits and making some adjustments. At first, when I tried the Ukrainian version, I could feel a light fragrance, but I couldn't tell it was the lemon flavor. After trying the Kazakh version and the Russian version again, I suddenly became enlightened.
The obvious degree of the lemon flavor of each version is the Kazakhstan version > Russian version > Ukrainian version > and Korean version.


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