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What are the main structures of the RDTA

by Martin Smith

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Generally speaking, its structure from top to bottom is as follows: drip tip, top cap, air flow cap, build deck with O-ring, glass tube, 510 connectors.

There is no difference between the upper part of the RDTA and the drip tip atomizer, which are the air flow cap and the build deck. The post has holes (usually four) at both ends of the buid deck to extend the vape juice guide cotton into the lower portion of air flow cap to absorb e-liquid.

The cap usually covers the build deck including most part of the post, on the one hand, it is exclusively designed for aesthetics, and on the other hand, it plays a role of sealing the refilling port on post , and the top cap and air flow cap is usually connected by two aprons, and the airflow is in the middle of the two aprons to ensure airtightness. 

The build deck is commonly connected with U-shaped double-column four-hole post, which can provide a simple and convenient wicking.

The tank is usually composed of the build deck, the glass tube, and an O-ring, which are connected with a rubber ring and 510 thread.

The middle of the base RDTA tank is the 510 connector with 510 thread


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