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What are the influential closed vape pod system brands facing the world in China

by Martin Smith

Although there are many vape pod system brands in China, not many influential ones are recognized by vapers, fortunately, some vape brands such as Relx Vape, Yooz Vape, Moti Vape, Vvild Vape, Ammo Vape, and Flow Vape stand out, which are undoubtedly the popular vape pod system brands in China and abroad. , so switching to these brands can prevent you from spending unreasonable money to buy unsatisfactory ones. It is recommended for novices to choose. Next, buyecigkits will introduce you in detail.

First of all, let’s talk about Relx Vape. RELX's R&D team members are all experts in flavor and fragrance. It is carrying out various testing cooperation with international third-party testing institutions inclding Pony Testing and TCT General Testing.
There are 18 quality inspection processes, and there are quality checks for what you can see and what you can't see.
The range is from physical monitoring of component size, surface debris, etc., to built-in cell vibration.
The range is from the drop, high temperature and humidity, short circuit, overcharge, and thermal shock test, to e-liquid Ph value, and composition stability.
The range is from the built-in pods that you can see, to the stability of the components that you can smoke, to the charge and discharge test of the built-in battery of the battery device.
The quality of the products that users receive at each step is consistent.

It has been valued at US$800 million in just four years since its establishment. It is no doubt that it is the largest vape pod brand in China. In June 2018, it received 38 million in the first round of Source Code Capital, IDG and Sequoia Metafinancing.

Where to buy Relx Vape

The YOOZ Vape team focuses on the concept of "inspiration and health are indispensable". In the face of changes in the needs of vaper consumers, on the premise of ensuring the degree of flavor reduction, the YOOZ Vape team has made a balance of problems such as leakage of e-liquid and suction resistance. In the product design, the double leak-proof structure of the pod is used, and it is made of PTC-G material that meets the US FDA food contact standard to maximize the control of the leakage of e-liquid.
It is worth mentioning that the appearance of YOOZ adopts the principle of ergonomic design and has built-in magnetic suction technology, which can be experienced with a single "click". YOOZ uses a new generation of ceramic honeycomb coils FEELM for fine atomization and rich flavor. The nicotine salt technology makes the throat hit stronger; intelligent lighting prompts, and long battery life can meet the best user experience.

Where to buy YOOZ Vape

Moti Vape has passed: EU CEF CCA ROHS and other international professional testing and testing certification and obtained a number of vape patents in China and abroad. Most of the founding teams of Moti technology have the background of studying in the United States and France and have been engaged in the electronic cigarette industry in the United States. 10 years of experience in product development, supply chain management, channel sales, etc. Moti Vape completed a $31 million Series A financing in China, and this round was led by Heyu Capital. In December 2018, MOTI Vape received a $10 million Pre-A round of investment from ZhenFund.Moti has self-developed coils heating technology. The products 

Where to buy Moti Vape

Vvild Vape uses a new generation of nicotine salt e-liquid and micron-level honeycomb ceramic atomization technology to restore the taste of real cigarettes to a greater extent. Although Vvild Vape was listed not long ago, it has recently completed its first round of financing, with an amount of about 30 million yuan, which means that Lao Luo’s first external capital after he founded Vvild in April 2019 has been completed. Vvild's business plan valued itself at 400 million yuan and planned to raise 30 million yuan. Participating institutions may include Junsheng Investment and a subsidiary of the traditional tobacco brand Hongta Group.

Where to buy Vvild Vape

Flow Vape has also been listed. As the most popular pod vape brand among Chinese at home and abroad, on May 23, 2019, it announced the completion of the $10 million angel round and Pre-A round of financing. The total amount of this financing is 10,891,978 US dollars, led by Matrix Partners China, followed by a first-line US dollar institution, One San Capital, and Jager Capital. The funds are planned to be used for the iteration of vape products and user experience upgrades; Palm Capital served as the exclusive financial advisor.

Where to buy Flow Vape

The team behind Ammo Vape belongs to the Hong Kong listed company Bolton Group and its subsidiary Shenzhen Huashang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Bolton Group is a listed company in Hong Kong and is a long-term partner of China Tobacco Group. Huashang Bio is the owner of the Ammo brand.

Where to buy Ammo Vape

Which brand is the best for a closed vape pod system? The above vape pod system brands are undoubtedly the most recognized brands now. Which one to choose depends on how you feel about vaping.


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