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What are the five functions of the vape mod

by Martin Smith

Many functions of the vape mod are added to further enhance the vaping experience, resulting in more comfortable and convenient use methods.

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1. Preheating power
Unfortunately, tons of vapers give up using this function because it needs to be set with the operation of the computer since the preheating power setting is capable of actually bringing a very good experience. For example, when using fancy coils, you can get a faster smoke output speed, and when using high-resistance coils for mouth-to-mouth vaping, you can prevent the coils from sticking backstage, but you can get excellent taste performance at the front stage. Of course, the preheating power setting does have some complex operations that are cumbersome and require more attempts.

2. Output curve
The output curve setting can be completed on many ecig mod terminals at present, and it is very convenient to operate without the help of a computer. Using the output curve contributes to the same e-liquid having more flavor changes, and some excellent compound-flavored e-liquids are conducive to more layered flavor enjoyment at different output stages. Using curve output, you can actually try wavy output curves or increasing and decreasing output curves. Of course, experienced vapers who have a higher pursuit of flavor performance can switch to editing the corresponding curves for different e-liquids through their own attempts.

3. Memory function
The memory mode is actually one of the functions that many ecig mods have. The memory mode is added to facilitate the user to not need to perform complicated data adjustments every time they switch to the temperature control mode, and it is convenient for the user to switch modes. And in many devices in the later stage, the corresponding memory function is also added to the adjustment mode of the output curve. When you need to use a specific atomizer or e-liquid, the vaper can quickly switch to the one you need. 

4. Identification of old and new mods
Many mods will pop up an option that needs to press the plus or minus button to confirm the resistance of the atomizer when changing the atomizer, which needs to be selected correctly, because the mod will match the output voltage of the relevant power according to the resistance value selected by the user, and the wrong choice may cause the coils to burn. The identification and selection function generally has automatic output power matching, which is convenient for the user's adjustment operation.

5. Bypass mechanical output mode
For some experienced vapers who like mechanical devices or DIY atomizers, the bypass mechanical mode of the mod is to release the power of the battery in a very gentle output through its own circuit board so that the heating wire works at a temperature ranging from low to high, which avoids the instantaneous temperature rise and the fuse heating wire because vapers can adjust the heating wire temperature of various atomizers without adjusting the power in the bypass mechanical mode. And even vapers who only like mods as the main output device can experience a faster smoke output speed by bypassing the mechanical mode.


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