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What are the E-cigarette common problems and solutions on vapor starters

by Martin Smith

Buyecigkits.com summarized some questions and answers for those vapor starters,which is very helpful for heavy vapers.

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1, can‘t work

There is no power in the battery: Please use the matching charger to charge the battery (check out the instruction manual for charging method). The charging time is about 3 hours. When the battery is charged, the battery head light is on. When the charging is completed, the battery can be removed. The charging time should not exceed 4 hours, otherwise the battery is easily damaged.

The battery is in a protected state: the battery will be in a protective state and can be used normally after about 20 seconds when vapers continuously vape for more than 15 times or if the battery is used for a long time (more than 5 seconds),.

The battery and the atomizer are not tightened: tighten the battery and the atomizer so that the contact is in full contact.

2, small smoke

Please fill eliquid, still it for seven or eight seconds after filling the ejuice.You can enjoy the vapng experience with a light and steady breath instead of vape hardly.

3.How to make a big smoke?

Buyecigkits don't recommend all the vapor starters trying big smoke. However,you could enjoy big smoke when vaping via the vapors with high power, low resistance, rebuildable drip atomizer if just give it a try.

4, flash

The electronic cigarette adopts the humanized design because of program setting, the indicator light will flash after pumping for 13-15 times(more than 5 seconds).

5, hot

Since the electronic cigarette comes with a heater to atomize the eliquid, the center temperature is up to 280 degrees or more, and thanks to the atomizer adopts a multi-stage heat insulation structure, the rip tip would not scald your mouth, however, ecigs will accumulate a certain amount of heat when it is used too frequently or when the eliquid is insufficient,it will feel hot when the ambient temperature is too high. Minimize the use of electronic cigarettes in overheated environments.

6, sound

The working principle of the e-cigarettes is that the eliquid is instantly liquefied into vape by the coils,the sound generated due to the violent physical changes in the sublimation process is a normal phenomenon.

7, eliquid is sucked into the mouth

The inside of the electronic cigarette has a device for preventing backflow of liquid and preventing the eliquid from being sucked into the mouth , but the "smoke" similar to the traditional cigarette is formed by liquid liquefaction. The vaporized liquid contacting with the inner wall of the colder cigarette holder will liquefy into small droplets attaching to the inside of the cigarette holder. A small amount of liquid would be sucked out when vaping, which is a normal physical phenomenon. You guys need to install the electronic cigarette and turn it out and wipe it out.

8, burnt smell

Please replace the new coils immediately.

9. Maintenance of electronic cigarettes

The electronic cigarette should be placed in a cool dry place.If the e-cigarette is not in use, loosen the atomizer and the battery to prevent misoperation.

When not in use for a long time, the atomizer should be unscrewed separately from the battery and the excess liquid in the tomizer should be dried.

10.atomizer and box mod

As long as the interface is right, any atomizer including RDA can be connected to any box mod,you could find large selections of atomizers and box mod at buyecigkits.com.

11. How long is the general lifespan of the coils?

Depending on how often you use. Generally, the finished atomizer is about to be replaced if the same flavor of e liquid begins to taste in your mouth.

12. Is there any harm to the juice if it is not fully atomized?

Although the composition of the quality of the eliquid is not harmful to the human body, the un-atomized ejuice will greatly reduce your feeling of using the electronic cigarette. If you feel that the atomization is incomplete, increase the output power.

13. After the cigarette is exhausted, what is the white layer on the cigarette holder?

It is the residue of human saliva on the mouthpiece, which is dried up and formed. Don't worry, just clean it with a wet tissue.

14,Why is it thirsty when smoking electronic cigarettes?

Because the main components of e juice is glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG), are highly absorbent substances. Some people have strong secretion ability and will not feel thirsty. If you are those with weaker secretion, just drink plenty of water. You don't have to think about how to change the eliquid.


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