WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

What are the common problems of Vape battery device and how to solve them

by Martin Smith

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A vape battery device is a rechargeable device with a built-in battery without a pod, which is specially designed for refillable or non-refillable pods. It can also be called a vape device.

1. Check the strike column for problems

The strike column is a metal protrusion in the main unit that does not touch the cartridge. Sometimes, the strike column itself will not rebound, and it will be stuck at the bottom, resulting in poor contact.

Solution: If you have tweezers or something thinner at hand, you can go to the hook

2. Abnormal charging

Most vape battery devices are charged with the breathing light flashing and will turn off when fully charged. The entire charging process generally takes less than 30 minutes.

If the battery device seems to be out of power soon, full of power soon, etc., you can check to see if your device is in good condition!

In addition, you should also refer to how long your battery device has been used. The battery life of electronic products will gradually decrease with use.

Solution: If the battery device has been used for nearly a year, replace it directly. According to my experience, the service life of this mini battery device is 6-10 months on average.

3. The assembly work difference between the pod and the battery device

Some brands of battery devices and the pod itself will have problems with incompatibility. For example, the original battery device of Relx and the pod of SP2s are not compatible. If they have to be matched, it will easily cause poor contact!

Solution: Purchase the battery device of the corresponding brand and model of the pod

4. Air intake blockage

Smoking is not smooth, and the amount of smoke exhaled is much less

Solution: I don't know if you have noticed that there are two small holes on the side of the device, that is the air intake!

Pay attention to whether the holes are blocked. Always use a toothpick or a fine needle to clean the holes.

5. Abnormal discharge (automatic firing)

The device still vibrates when not sucking

Solution: If you find that you don't smoke but the device continues to fire, it is recommended to pull out the cartridge and not use it!


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