WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

What are the answers to frequently asked questions about hitaste P5 heat not burn tobacco heating device

by Martin Smith

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The warm-up time will be slightly different due to the different set temperature;
During the heating process, the display will show the current temperature in real-time;
About 10 heatsticks can be used when fully charged (280°C 4 and a half minutes including preheating);
If the temperature is lowered, about 11 heatsticks can be used (250°C 4 and a half minutes including preheating);
When charging, the battery display will slide; when fully charged, it will display the full battery;
The charging time (from no power to full power) is about 2 hours;
Daily cleaning: Ideally, wipe off the smoke oil in the base with a paper towel after each use;
High-temperature cleaning: When fully charged, quickly press the power button 8 times to switch to the high-temperature cleaning mode. The high-temperature cleaning lasts about 20 seconds;
Note: Before cleaning at high temperature, first disassemble the plastic cover and plastic cylinder;
After cleaning at high temperature, wait until the temperature drops before using it again;
High-temperature cleaning has two safety protections: if the battery is insufficient, or just finished using, or just finished high-temperature cleaning, and the temperature has not yet dropped, it is not allowed to start the high-temperature cleaning mode; the display will show "TOO HOT" prompt;
This device does not have the function of shutting down or locking, that is, it is in the standby state for a long time, as long as you press any key, the screen will light up immediately;
The surface paint of some models will fade if rubbed for a long time, but it will not affect the use;
If you find that it is difficult to insert the heatsticks, please do not insert it forcibly to avoid breaking the heating blade;
You can insert a part of the cartridge, heat it up first, and then slowly insert the remaining part;
Or try to loosen the cartridge and insert it again;


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