WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

RELX pod system starter kits review

by Martin Smith

Buyecigkits.com would like to share the review on RELX pod system starter kits

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The RELX pod system starter kit comes with the common white minimalist packaging style, the package is two to three times bigger than that of the common pod kits!
Although the experience of packaging and the product itself does not have too much interaction, in most cases, a beautifully packaged smoking cessation product will bring more affinity through some careful design, which makes you impressed with it, and RELX is the type.
The package contains a battery device X1, a USB charging cable X1, a cartridge pod X2 (mint/tobacco), a Chinese manual with a large size and detailed instruction. In general, you do not need to check the instructions in the manual, but the RELX manual will make you attracted because of the words "I suggest to see".
Coming with a Universal USB charging interface, this RELX is still in accordance with the mainstream structure of pod kits, which is simple and fast to use. The appearance and size are close to the MT, and two air intake holes are opened at the contact position of the bullets of the device body. 
However, for those starters who are new to e-cigarettes, the use of simple e-cigarette devices also has a flawless shackle. Therefore, the manufacturer’s “I recommend you to look at” manual uses a minimalist plain text. The form has designed a "use tutorial" to explain in detail the operation of each step, which is the best help for those who quit smoking for the first time.
The originally finished cartridge pod has two flavors, namely the blue classic mint and orange classic tobacco, the e-juice capacity is 2ML and 5% concentration, which is the standard for today's pod cigarettes. Regarding the internal structure of the cartridge, I am afraid that there is no need to disassemble a consumable product. However, there is no cotton inside the cartridge, which is a new way of sealing the entire silicone.
In addition to detailed operating instructions, many quitters also don't understand some of the parameters of the kits. Here are some guidelines to help you quit smoking. The parameters of RELX are similar to those of common pod vape kits, which can be applied or Compared:
The battery capacity is 350 mAh. It is fully enough for one day. The instructions for charging with USB are marked with a time of 45-60 minutes. The capacity of the cartridge is 2ML. In general, it can be used for 4-5 days, even for those heavy vapers. It can last for two days; the concentration of nicotine is 5%. Under the use of ordinary smokers, it will not hit your throat, but when your cigarette volume begins to decrease, the concentration of 5% will gradually become too thick and it will be dizzy after taking a few mouthfuls. On the head, you can choose to buy a cartridge pod of 2.5% or lower.


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