WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

RELX α pod system starter kit review

by Martin Smith

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The package box of the RELX α pod system starter kit is very minimal,the positive product name is also very eye-catching,the pod kit is next to the product name "RELX α".

The brand name of Relx Alpha is also very interesting. Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet,which brings a deeper meaning to this product. There are product details and some brief introductions on the back. Compared with the previous generations of products, this packaging has been improved significantly.

The special reminder on the box: "Pregnant women and breastfeeding women, patients with cardiovascular and respiratory diseases are prohibited from using it. Please use it reasonably according to your own smoking status. If you feel unwell, please stop using it immediately."

The package list includes a battery device, cartridge, charging cable, and product manual. The product manual is very interesting, and the content inside is also very good. If you get this product, I suggest reading this manual.

The design of the cartridge is also very ingenious. The condensate is locked in the wall-mounted bin. It comes with a red format silicone e-juice leak-proof design. The cartridge comes with a capacity of 1.6ml and can smoke 500 puffs, which is equivalent to two packs of cigarettes.

The pods in the package come in two flavors: Glacier Spring Mint and Smoothie Mung Bean Ice. Glacier Spring mint flavor has a very cool mint taste; the smoothie mung bean ice taste has a very fragrant mung bean taste, which very similar to the mung bean flavored ice cream that you ate when I was a child.

The design of the Relx α battery device has the design beauty of "round sky". It comes with the sleek and graceful hyperboloid body, narrow and long sharp prism waistline, which is a beautiful design with a comfortable grip.

The circle in the middle of the battery device is a reminder light. There will be light reminders when charging, the charging port is a Type-C design, and the charging capacity is fully improved, and it can be charged in 40 minutes.

The ring-shaped airway design brings the real sense of smoking of cigarettes. It is smooth and has some damping feeling, which is very comfortable.

The comprehensively enhanced RELX Alpha brings a brand new experience in terms of taste and absorption. Unique design, full of black technology experience.


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