WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

How to distinguish the authenticity of JUUL

by Martin Smith

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Some vaper are always worried about how to distinguish the authenticity of JUUL,there are some tutorials to teach you how to distinguish from the appearance, but this method is not accurate, because the packaging of JUUL is differentin in different market (the United States, Europe, Russia, etc.) , so today buyecigkits share 2 officially supported verification methods.

1. Verification method

JUUL is composed of 2 types of products, DEVICES  and PODS.

The device packaging is as follows (different batches are slightly different):

The packaging of the pods is as follows (different batches are slightly different):

Each JUUL product comes with a unique serial number, which can be used to identify the authenticity of the product.

Method 1: Online verification (currently only supports verification devices)

Visit the JUUL official website, click on the "Register a Product" button in the upper left corner of the homepage, submit the device serial number, only the real serial number can be registered, and the fake serial number system will remind "Serial number is invalid.".

Method 2: Email verification (support device and pod cartridges)

The serial number can be photographed and sent to JUUL customer service email support@juulvapor.com to let JUUL manual customer service help identification.

Second, how to check the serial number of the product

The device serial number is 8 characters, located under the device logo, as follows:

Note: The serial number only uses the numbers 0 (zero) and 1 (one), and does not use the letters O or I, refer to the link of the source JUUL official website

https://support.juul.com/hc/en-us/articles/360023365554-Where-do-I-find-my-JUUL-Serial-Number-Where-do-I-find-my-JUUL-device- and-JUUL-Portable-Charging-Case-Serial-Number-

The serial number of the pod is a QR code + 1 string of characters, at the bottom of the pod packaging or the back of the built-in capsule packaging:

3. Mail format reference


I need for help.



I bought a JUUL in the shop. But when I get to use it, I feel it doesn’t taste the same as the one I had previously booked from http://www.juul.com.

So, I want to know if it is the authentic?

The serial number is sent by the attached pictures.

Look forward to your reply.


Attach the photo of the serial number of the brand-new product according to the second method.

4. Description

1. Email verification usually replies within 24 hours. Occasionally it will be slower during the outbreak of COVID-19. It is recommended to use gmail and hotmail mailboxes.

2. Online verification requires an account registration on the official website, and a US mobile phone number must be provided to accept the SMS verification code during registration.

IQOS 3 DUO Review

by Martin Smith

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On September 25, 2019, Philip Morris of Japan announced the launch of the "IQOS" series of next-generation of heat not burn device" IQOS 3 DUO".

Today buyecigkits will in-depth review of IQOS 3 DUO and help you decide whether to buy it or not,here we go.

New product packaging

The IQOS 3 DUO continues to use the 3 series packaging for product packaging, without any other changes.

▲ IQOS 3 DUO packaging box

▲ IQOS 3 DUO package content

Besides the addition of new colors "warm copper" and "mint green" in the appearance, it comes with a new indicator, other aspects compared to IQOS 3 has not changed.

▲ IQOS 3 DUO charger comes with an additional indicator

▲ IQOS 3 DUO holder comes with an additional indicator

▲ IQOS 3 DUO side cover is also removable

▲ IQOS 3 DUO and 3.0 side cover and top cap can be used universally

▲IQOS 3 DUO holder is the same as IQOS 3 holder

▲There is no difference between the charging interface at the bottom of the IQOS 3 Duo holder and that of IQOS 3 holder
New machine weight comparison

IQOS 3 DUO charger is 1g more than iqos 3

▲ IQOS 3 holder measured weight is 23 grams

▲ IQOS 3 DUO holder measured weight is 23 grams

▲ The measured weight of IQOS 3 charger is 106g

▲ The measured weight of IQOS 3 DUO charger is 107g

Is IQOS DUO and IQOS 3 compatible?

IQOS 3 DUO charger is compatible with IQOS 3 holder

IQOS 3 DUO holder is compatible with IQOS 3 charger

Side cover and top cap accessories are compatible with IQOS 3.0 & IQOS 3 DUO

The cleaning tool is compatible with the full range of IQOS products

When IQOS 3 DUO indicator are on, you can smok twice, and when one indicator is on, you can smok for one time. When the indicator is off, you need to charge it as soon as possible.

IQOS 3 DUO charger indicator are on,which indicate that the battery has been fully charged for being used twice, and one indicator are on,which indicates that it has just been charged and can be used for one time.

Note:The IQOS 3 holder only supports being used for one time when it is fully charged

When charging IQOS 3 holder with IQOS 3 Duo charger,one status indicator on the IQOS 3 Duo charger is on,which means that the battery has been fully charged for being used for one time.

When charing the IQOS 3 DUO holder with IQOS 3 charger, the indicator on the IQOS 3 charger flash one time, which means the IQOS 3 Duo holder is charged for being used for one time,flashing two times means that the IQOS Duo holder is fully charged for being used twice.

 IQOS 3 DUO holder supports fast charging no matter in the IQOS 3 DUO charger or in the IQOS 3 charger.

IQOS 3 holder cannot be quickly charged in the IQOS 3 DUO charging compartment. The charging time is still 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

The data given by the 3 Series official is that the single-stroke battery can be reused 14,600 times. According to the amount of 20 batteries used per day, the battery's loss will not decay after 2 years.

The data given by 2.4Plus official is that the single shot is repeated 7300 times. According to the usage of 20 per day, the loss of the battery will not decay after 1 year.

According to IQOS official battery instructions, the battery life will drop after 1 year under deep charge and discharge. In order to ensure the battery quality of the holder, since the second generation, it has conservatively opened only about 45% of the electricity and powered a single heatstick.

How to deal with Relx E-juice leakage

by Martin Smith

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The official answer is as follows

First of all, please determine whether the leakage is condensate or e-juice.Vape juice with nicotine is light yellow liquid,dark brown liquid is condensate.The generation of condensate is inevitable.Relx improves the airway structure in the pod cartridges of each generation of products, and the internal friction particles can easily catch the condensate and effectively block the condensate suction port.

How to handle condensate

1.Wipe the connection between the pod cartridge and the battery device with a paper towel

2.Gently flick the pod cartridge downward to throw out the accumulated condensate

The following situations will cause the risk of e-juice leakage from the pod cartridge, please pay attention when using:

The e-liquid leakage is usually caused by the leakage-proof silicone ring around the outside of the pod base under extreme temperature or air pressure conditions, which will cause contraction, resulting in a gap between the base and the shell, resulting in vape juice leakage. When encountered in the following situations, please do so

1. Extreme temperature and air pressure

Please place the cartridges and the battery device separately. The cartridges should be stored in a sealed package and away from other items

2. E-juice leakage due to bumps and damage

Please be careful during the use.If it is damaged due to improper use, it is recommended to replace it with the corresponding official pod cartridges of Relx.

Snowplus vape pod cartridge review

by Martin Smith

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Snowplus vape pod cartridge comes with 12 flavors, and today buyecigkits will test the flavor, here we go

The 12 flavors are divided into 4 series-the original flavor series of original tobacco includes iceberg mint, green bean smoothie; refreshing Soda series of lemon coke includes orange soda, grapefruit bubbles; fresh natural series includes mellow Longjing, Osmanthus fragrans Dragon, pillow-side rose; fruit basket series includes ice basket litchi, lemon smoothie, pineapple coconut milk.

We tried each flavor. In addition to the more common classic flavor series, we personally like the four flavors including pillow-side rose, orange soda, pineapple coconut milk, and mellow Longjing.

Iceberg Mint (3%):

The coolness of the entrance is very direct.In the hot summer, when you puff the iceberg mint into the mouth, even at a high temperature of 40 degrees, you can still temporarily forget the hot weather. If it is a cold winter, just one or two mouthfuls can definitely make the body shaking.

Lemon Coke (3%):

Whether you are an otaku or an office worker, Coke, as a drink that everyone is familiar with, can be described as suitable for all ages. It is full of cola flavor once you enjoy the first puff. You can clearly feel the familiar carbonated beverage taste. When you spit out the smoke, the smell of lemon has always made you aftertaste.

Pineapple coconut milk (3%):

Thesweet but not greasy coconut milk and the sweetness pineapple flavor is fresh. The pineapple flavor is full of sweetness in the mouth. If you have tried coconut milk dessert in the dessert shop, the flavor of the second half puff will definitely surprise you.

Pillow rose (3%):

Once the pod cartridge was taken out, the soft rose scent is radiating as if the scent of rose petals surrounds you while lying on the bed for SPA.

These four known flavors have their own characteristics in the test, thanks to the technology of the third generation of TrueFeel honeycomb ceramic coils used by Snowplus. The e-juice-guiding speed is very fast, and the vape juice gives a very smooth feeling.The sealing performance of the re-filled pod cartridge is still quite satisfactory after being used for nearly 3 days. It is worth mentioning that the content of 3% does not have a strong sense of superiority.

In terms of flavor, thepod refilling design with flat ellipse is more ergonomic, and the simulation reduces the real suction resistance. For the heavy smokers, they will be very familiar with this feeling of being close to reality, and the little whites who are getting started for the first time will quickly adapt to the strength of this breath. 400mAh battery life, each 1.5ml reload can be used for about 3-5 days.

Smok volume: the smok volume is sufficient, and the fidelity is high

Refill sealing: the connection between the main battery device and the refill pod is still very clean after being used for three days

Flavor reduction: 95% similarity to smoking, delicate and smooth

Highlights of reloading: the third-generation of TrueFeel honeycomb ceramic coils technology, the speed of oil conduction is very fast

Throat sensation: simple and direct

According to the classic flavor, new flavor and fruit flavor, the snowplus official has made 17 flavors in these three large series, so that each vaper can easily find their own flavor. As a product that pays attention to details, although Snowplus comes a little late, we believe that it will be a very quick pod vape to become the darling of consumers.

Relx classic pod system kit VS Relx Alphap pod system kit VS Relx i pod system kit VS Relx infinite pod system kit

by Martin Smith

Relx pod system kit is the first generation of Relx

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At present, it is the most cost-effective version of Relx with the most 14 flavors


The price of the pod cartridge is relatively cheaper.


1. The device is smooth, easy to fall and easy to lose; USB interface;
2. Straight flue design, more condensate, more e-juice leakage from the cartridge (there are more problems of initial oil leakage, sticky core, no vape);
3. Insufficient sense of technology and user interaction experience, no battery reminder, vibration, Bluetooth and other functions;

Alpha pod system kit is the second generations of Relx

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First, the appearance of the Alpha battery device has been changed. The matte feel and texture contribute to a better feeling. Secondly, the coil's resistance is greater than that of first-generation. Thanks to the pod cartridge with the s-shaped ring design, it is not easy to leak e-liquid, and you would never vape e-juice condensate. 


1. Integrated aluminum alloy, using Type-c interface, convenient for the public;
2. The cartridge can be inserted in the front and back, the circular airway, the taste is improved, the entrance is smooth, and the taste is better;
3. Separate the wall hanging system to prevent condensation;
4. 10 minutes 15 vibrating reminder (15 mouths ≈ one cigarette)

1. The business style is not very friendly to women;
2. There are only 2 cartridges in a box;
3. The heat dissipation function is slightly poor. The second-generation after-sales poles are mostly in proportion, and most of them are criticized for heat dissipation and dust accumulation;

Relx i pod system kit is the third generation of Relx

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1. The kit comes with 1 battery device and 4 cartridges, you can experience more flavors at one time; the battery device is slender and fashionable, with rubber non-slip;
2. The flavor is smoother and softer;
3. E-liquid leakage and anti-condensation technology reach the highest level, and 4 layers of silica gel are tightly sealed;
4. In addition to 15-puffs vibration reminder and battery reminder, a new Bluetooth function is added, which can be connected to the "relx me" APP to realize real-time data monitoring.



Recommended crowd: e-cigarette enthusiasts.

Relx infinite pod system kit is the fourth generation of Relx

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Relx infinite combines the advantages of the other three generations, it comes with shaft material, matte feel and breathing indicator, which is similar to Alpha. The drip tip comes with a flat design which is the same as Relx i.
1. Frosted feel, round appearance, small and charming, handier, won the international design award;
2.1 box of 3 cartridges, very cost-effective;
3. Super long labyrinth airway, super anti-e-juice leakage, and condensate;
4. The flavor has improved in the first generation, which is more comfortable and mellow;
5.15 port vibration reminder, Type-c charging port, battery reminder, the cartridge can be plugged in front and back;
6. The highlight is the unlimited charging box for accessories, which is equivalent to a storage box + charging treasure, which can charge the cigarette stick 3-4 times, which is convenient and compelling!


1. The paint surface of the fuselage is thin, bumps and abrasion will easily cause the fuselage to peel off the paint, which will affect the appearance;
2. The biggest problem is insufficient supply. The fourth-generation cartridges are often out of stock and insufficient supply;
3. The four generations have few flavors. 

How to choose from heat not burn HNB tobacco heating smokeless device

by Martin Smith

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First, flavor.

For smokers, the flavor is ranked first. Flavor is the basic prerequisite for smokers to accept devices that are not burned by heating. 

Second, the appearance.

The smokefree heat not burn tobacco heating device neither do need to be complicated in appearance, nor do they need to have strange shapes, just like the simplicity of Apple and Xiaomi.

Third, clean.

For heavy smokers that use heat and not burn smokeless tobacco heating device, the cleaning is troublesome. Early users of heating and non-burning device have almost used IQOS. The structure of IQOS chip heating is destined to be very troublesome to clean. On the one hand, the heating chip is easy to break, on the other hand, the heating chip increases the cleaning area. It is difficult to clean the heating chamber. Fortunately,some HNB tobacco heated device including QOQ honor uses a heating rod, which is not only sturdy and hard to break,but can be cleaned in an automatic cleaning mode, and the heating chamber can be directly stirred with an ordinary cotton swab.

Fourth,  the gear shift function
The earliest product on the market of heating and non-burning devices is IQOS. Therefore, it is reasonable for IQOS to adapt its own heatstick cartridges, because there were no other cartridges available at that time, but three years later, other brands of cartridges appeared one after another. Heatsticks are not only incapable of heating, but taste is significantly inferior to those used by other brands.

Fifth, the pause function.
It is dear to buy the heat not burn tobacco heating device,the current price is about $50, which can be used for about 3-6 months, but the price of a Marlboro heat stick is about $30, which can only be used for three weeks at most. Therefore, the use cost of the heatsticks is higher, so it is possible not to waste as much as possible. However, it is often interrupted by other things when smoking. 

It is worth noting that many HBNs have added a pause design,however, some HNB devices on the market claim to come with a pause function, their so-called pause / continue is nothing more than the termination of heating and reheating, so it is inevitably overheating caused by repeated heating.Taking QOQ honor HNB device as an example,the heating of QOQ honor is based on the program behind the temperature curve. It is paused from a certain point on the program, and then continues to start from that point, so that it can not waste the heatsticks and continue to smoke without affecting the taste. To pause or continue, just press the main button twice.

Sixth, the battery life, or battery life plus continuous smoking.
As we all know, IQOS must be put back in the appropriate charging case and charged for 5 minutes before smoking a heatstick. Moreover, it cannot be smoked after being suspended or terminated. That is, once IQOS starts to heat the cartridge, it cannot be stopped. Otherwise, it can only be put back into the charging case and fully charged before it can continue to be used. Therefore, the latecomers of the heating and non-burning e-cigarette industry generally consider the continuous smoking function, such as long-term battery life to achieve 10 cigarettes, 15 cigarettes, or even 20 cigarettes

What is the difference between HEETS and Marlboro heatsticks

by Martin Smith

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Some people still wonder if HEETS can be used on the IQOS, Is HEETS Marlboro’s heatsticks cartridges from miscellaneous brands? Some beginners were surprised that it was made by Paramount when checking out the Parliament logo on the back after buying the Russian version of HEETS,it was not made by the Marlboro-made cartridge! ! Is that ture?

IQOS heatstick is developed by Philip Morris International Inc. (referred to as PMI), and the cartridges used for heating cigarettes are sold in different countries with multiple brands, including those used in Japan. "Marlboro" is well known by many people. There are also HEETS in Europe, and the "Parliament" used in Russia, Ukraine and other places. However, the brand of HEETS has also been used uniformly since 2018.

Marlboro’s parent company is PMI. PMI itself is a world-class tobacco company. In addition to Marlboro, its brands include L & M, Chesterfield and Parliament. The Marlboro is just a brand for promotion and sales in Japan. Other countries are now using the HEETS brand, including South Korea, and Russia and some Eastern European countries that previously used the Parliament brand now.

Because Marlboro is more famous, and the promotion of IQOS in Japan is very successful, when IQOS came out, many people called IQOS Marlboro e-cigarettes. Until now, some people think that the heatsticks with Marlboro Logo is a regular. 

Many people think that what is produced in Japan is a good thing. This is indeed a place where Japanese people can be proud of. Marlboro heatstick may only be produced in Japan and sold in Japan, without deliberately marking Made in Japan on the packaging. Instead, the Korean version of HEETS is printed with “Made in Italy”.
Most of HEETS are still made in Italy

The HEETS on the Russian version, if it is produced in Italy, will be printed with the words of “the factory in Italy”, and the logo of "from Parliament" will also be printed on the back, which may be due to the tradition of "Pelemon" Cigarettes are more well-known and better-known in the local area. Now in addition to Italy, South Korea and Russia have begun to produce HEETS.

The problem of Marlboro side leakage

It is also worth noting that there is no tin foil packaging inside the Marlboro heatstick. After heating and puffing, the evaporated e-juice seep from the side, and the side leakage is serious,that is why those think that Marlboro series cartridges may have more e-juice, but in fact may have leaked more.

How to identify genuine and fake Relx cartridges and Relx pod system starter kit

by Martin Smith

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1. The genuine battery device feels particularly good, the flashing lights are protruding, the color is bright, the flashing lights of the fake device are flat,
The four dots on the bottom of the fake cartridge are all the same size. The original four dots are two large on the outside and two small on the inside.
2. I won’t say much about fake cartridges. It’s good to identify them mainly from the flavor. Those who have vaped genuine RELX cartridges know that RELX cartridges are very powerful, and they are full of vape with a light puff. Fake cigarette cartridges taste very bad and have little resistance to inhalation.
3. If your RELX does not have an anti-counterfeiting code, it may be that you have purchased a knock-off
5. Identify by the color of e-liquid prefilled in the pod cartridges. Take classic tobacco flavors as an example.
Original: The color of e-liquid is clear and transparent.
Knock off: The vape juice is darker in color.
6. Identify the genuine product through the injection hole of the pod
Original: neat and smooth.
Knock-off: with injection holes.
7. Identify by the coils.
Genuine: The coils is S-shaped.
Knock-off: Irregular.

Beginning in mid-April, the official cartridges produced by RELX have begun to add their own anti-counterfeiting labels
Taking Relx mung bean cartridges as an example, a bar code is printed on the cartridge box inside the transparent packaging

After disassembling, an anti-counterfeiting code with the same number is also printed on the foil paper on the back of relx pod cartridges package. Turn on the mobile phone and scan the QR code on it.

Meanwhile,as shown in the figure, it displayed the current number of inquiries, as well as the date of the first inquiry, and it also showed that you had purchased genuine relx pod cartridges

Observe the anti-counterfeit code by changing different angles, and we found the watermark pattern on the package of RELX pod cartridge

Above all,it is genuine and can be used with confidence

However, some customers find that their cartridges do not come with anti-counterfeit codes, must they be fake cartridges?

At present, it is in the handover period of new and old goods, and some of the unsold inventory is understandable without the security code.So if you got the products after the following date in the recent days, and there is still no security code, then you need to pay attention.

The currently known situation is as follows:

Cool mint pod cartridges made after April 13, 2019 come with security codes

Mung bean pod cartridges made after April 15, 2019 come with security codes

Chinese tobacco cartridges made after April 16, 2019 come with security codes

Frozen lemon tea cartridges made after April 18, 2019 come with security codes

Especially cool mint and Mung Bean Popsicles, because of the extremely high sales volume, basically the chance of inventory at the supplier is not very large, these two flavors are also the hardest hit areas of fake cartridges , and you need to pay special attention

After figuring out how to identify the authenticity of the relx pod cartridges, next let us stpe into how to identify the authenticity of the relx starter kits

There are also cases of rampant fakes

First, the back of the box

Take the Relx pod system starter kits with black color as an example, the same anti-counterfeit code printed on the package of the cartridges is attached to the bottom of the kit

After dismantling, we found the two cartridges in the package box is printed with words, which are different from the cartridges usually purchased separately.

The backs of these two cartridges also come with the same anti-counterfeit labels as ordinary boxed cartridges. Open the phone and scan to see if it is original or rip-off.

Just like the relx pod cartridges,the relx pod system starter kit is also in the handover period of new and old goods. If you got some unsold inventory, there is no security code on it.

Similarly, if you picked the products made after the following date in the recent days, and there is still no security code, you need to pay attention.

The currently known situation is as follows:

Relx pod starter kits with black color made after April 1, 2019 come with security codes

Relx pod starter kits with grey color made after March 22, 2019 come with security codes

Relx pod starter kits with blue color made after March 23, 2019 come with security codes

Actually, it ’s easy to say goodbye to fakes,we hope you can choose a quasi-regular channel supplier to buy RELX products

Don’t be greedy for cheap, buy cheap pod cartridges and unknown products,the hidden dangers of fakes are incalculable

For your own health and the safety of family and friends,shop for authentic products and start with yourself

What is the current status of e-cigarette channels in European and American countries and where to buy electronic cigarette

by Martin Smith

The Coronavirus 2019(COVID-19) epidemic in Europe and the United States is extremely serious,Under the impact of the epidemic, most cities in Europe and the United States have gradually restricted people's activities in the city including parties, travel, etc., and some countries have announced the cessation of all gathering activities.

Europe and the United States are the main markets for e-cigarette exports. The local government's control measures including e-cigarette channels under the epidemic have a huge impact on e-cigarette exports. What is the current status of e-cigarette channels in European and American countries and where to buy electronic cigarette? The statistics of the e-cigarette channels in some major European and American countries are provided for your reference by buyecigkits.

For more information about ecig kits and accessories,please vist https://www.buyecigkits.com/

United States

It is understood that local e-cigarette online sales website-Rzsmoke is still available for purchase, and offline major sales channels including convenience stores, gas stations, etc. are still available for business.

United Kingdom

As of March 24, local time, the UK ’s largest e-cigarette retailer, VPZ, closed all its 155 nationwide stores under the warning of the government and WHO.

However, according to news from Press Association (uk), British regulators worried that Covid-19 may pose a health risk to smokers 'continued purchase of traditional tobacco products, so they allowed vape chains to continue to operate to satisfy consumers' expectations. Demand for new products.

Facing the unfavorable Coronavirus 2019 epidemic, according to Vapingpost, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced the implementation of the new level 3 alert on Coronavirus 2019 on March 14th. All non-essential stores must be closed and only restaurants, pharmacies and tobacco merchants are kept , E-cigarette stores have not been included in the list of enterprises authorized to continue business. However, they may still deliver orders through delivery or pickup.

But in the amendment to the law, as long as e-cig stores take all necessary precautions to avoid the spread of coronavirus, they are considered to be "public interest" and are allowed to reopen.

In order to curb the spread of the epidemic, the Italian government has taken some severe measures, such as  closing schools, banning all public gatherings and shut down requiring most commercial enterprises including bars and restaurants. Initially, the vape shop was also included in the suspension list, but now its ban has been lifted.

Dr. Riccardo Polosa, a world-renowned scientist who reduces the harm of e-cigarettes and tobacco, successfully persuaded the Italian government to waive the move to close e-cigarette stores due to the spread of the crownvirus.

On March 13, the Ministry of Health and the Italian Prime Minister issued a statement saying that  e-cigarette shops were also allowed to operate in addition to tobacco shops.

Similar to Italy, e-cigarettes stores are included in the necessary places of life and can continue to operate during the outbreak.


On March 23, the Governor of Ontario, Canada, Doug Ford, released an essential service list, and the various operating points in the industry will continue to operate during the COVID-19 outbreak. Although the list includes alcohol-based and cannabis-based businesses, adult-only e-cigarette stores and manufacturers and distributors of e-cigarette products are not explicitly included in the list.

But the Canadian Vape Association (CVA) urged the government to enable e-cigarette stores to operate during the outbreak, and encouraged continued online ordering and payment to eliminate cash processing and reduce actual interaction.

(A small country in Southern Europe): Purchases are allowed through delivery methods.

The statistics of the above channels are only for reference due to their strong timeliness.

The US Food and Drug Administration changed its view that e-cigarettes are more likely to cause coronavirus-19 infections

by Martin Smith

According to Bloomberg News, the US Food and Drug Administration changed its view that e-cigarettes are more likely to cause coronavirus-19 infections, saying it is unknown whether it will increase the risk of coronavirus infections, while warning smokers that it may lead to worse results..

"The use of e-cigarettes can expose the lungs to toxic chemicals, but whether these exposures increase the risk of infection with the coronavirus is unclear," the agency said in an email response to a question to Bloomberg News on Wednesday Said.

The agency said at the end of last month that obese people and smokers with potential health conditions may have a higher risk of complications.

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