WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

How to choose your dripping atomizer preferably

by Martin Smith

Vaper beginners are always trouble by which dripping atomizer is preferably, just follow Buyecigkits.com who is one of the online ecig shop offering the e-cigarette products free shipping over the world to check out the questions and answers on how to choose the desired dripping atomizer1.Which dripping atomizer is easier to rebuild with an coils?

At present, there are a large range of dripping atomizers building with single coils and tank atomizers on the market, single coils could do a good job at good flavor thanks to the building coils with various types. You only need to install one coil, which is relatively time-saving.

2.How to choose the dripping atomizer according to your flavor preference?

The flavor of the drip atomizer is actually related to many factors. The most important influence on the flavor is the coil and the atomizer airflow structure, if the same coil is used. In general, the drip atomizer with direct airflow at the bottom is relatively rich in flavor, while the drip atomizer with the side airflow is lighter but more layered,the composite airflow come with more taste changes.

3.Which drip atomizer could build more wires?

Many types of wires can be build, such as a vertical wire, four or even multiple wires,those most suitable for building wires are two-column four-hole drip atomizer.4.How to judge whether the drip atomizer is compatible with your favorite ejuice or heating wire?

At present, most of the drip atomizers are constantly improving the compatibility of their coils, but there are also some flat-shaped coils that are difficult to pass through the atomizer lock wire holes. Vapers can compare the width of the coil and the width of the atomizer lock wire hole position to select which drip atomizer could build more coils.5.Which drip atomizer is more convenient for dripping ejuice?

Generally speaking, the drip atomizer with the side airflow can directly fill the vape juice from the drip tip, however, the bottom filling ejuice attribute to the more reasonable refilling method. Selecting a drip atomizer that supports the bottom filling ejuice can save labor in daily use, and it will not be inconvenient even if it is carried out. 

For those who prefer to easy building and filling atomizer, the single coil bottom ejuice filling drip atomizer would be preferably. The atomizer that supports dual wires is more suitable for those who are enjoy big clouds and more rich flavor.

LostVape Orion DNA GO pod kits and LOSTVAPE ORION Q review

by Martin Smith

Buyecigkits.com who is one of the online ecig shop offering the e-cigarette products free shipping over the world fount that LostVape released the Orion DNA GO pod mod kits recently,which come with DNA chips. Host luxury and high-end price has always been the style of LostVape, but LostVape have no choice but to follow the market, that is why the Orion Q)was unveiled.

LostVape abandoned the DNA GO CHIPSET chip made by Evolv and switched to a self-developed chip. Abandoning the inherent characteristics attribute to its price at about 70% of Orion DNA GO.

Almost exactly the same appearance with different chips, how exactly? here we go

Introduction to LOSTVAPE ORION Q

LostVape released Orion DNA GO in 2018,which carries the "DNA GO CHIPSET" chip produced by American EVOLV for pod kits. Almost all of LostVape's products come with DNA imprints, and so does the pod kits.

When it comes to LostVape, he is a pretty competitive manufacturer, performing well ranging from design, quality to performance. Their style is also destined to spread their products for advanced vapers. Orion Q is a cheap version of Orion DNA GO.

The body design is not much different from Orion DNA GO. The difference is that the internal chip is replaced by DNA for the self-developed chip.

Like the previous DNA chip, DNA GO can be set up to perform various functions by connecting to a personal computer using "EScribe" software, so it is troublesome for those who do not need these functions.

The configuration of the pod kits is simple and easy to use, so the Orion Q can't be connected to the computer, and there is no extra settings to ensure it is easy to use.

What buyecigkits.com want to say is that the charm of Orion Q lies in the design and quality. We are very pleased that LostVape has given up some unnecessary insistence for pod kits. Since only the chip was replaced, the appearance of the mainframe and the cartridge and Orion DNA GO are almost identical. Like the DNA version, it's easy to use, and it's basically free of eliquid leakage because of the top air intake design.

Looking at the picture alone, you may also think that the body is a bit large, because the host has a built-in high-capacity battery of 950 mAh!

The weight we actually measured was 84.6g, which is not very light as a pod system. You will definitely think that he is a good partner, and the texture and weight of holding it will definitely exceed your expectations.

Compared to Orion DNA GO, Orion Q is just come with the appearance of a carbon fiber panel. The colors are silver, black, gold and blue.

ORION Q specifications and packaging
Product specifications
Dimensions: H 93×W 37×D 13.5 mm
Weight: 68.6g (smoke: 16.0g, a total of 84.6g)
Output mode: Bypass mode
Capacity 2.0ml
Ejuice filling method:top filling
Intake: adjustable top intake
Coils: built-in 1.6Ω
Charging interface: microUSB
Battery: 950mAh
Protection function: multiple protection functions (details not announced)
Product packaging

The Orion Q mainframe and the cartridge are separately packaged, although they areindividually packaged,  they are bundled. T

packing list:
LostVape Orion Q host battery
Lanyard, silicone adapter
microUSB charging cable
User manual, warranty card, warning card (English)

You can use a silicone adapter to connect the main unit and the lanyard for easy carrying.

Carbon fiber panels (non-true carbon fiber, high quality plaque) and metal frames look great.

The "ORION Q" and "LOST VAPE" logos on the fuselage body are gold. The two logos are symmetrical to each other, the texture is very good and the details are excellent.

The frame section has four colors, the side is the cartridge lock button, the ignition button and the microUSB charging port.

In the DNA version, here is a key to opening, and the charging interface at the bottom corner comes with a decorative cover. ORION Q is simplified here because of the chip.

Since the computer cannot be connected, the microUSB interface is only responsible for the charging function. The LED above also acts as a power indicator.

Light blue is: 100 – 64%
Purple is: 64 – 18%
Red is: 17 – 0%
In the DNA version, the indicator light has 5 segments, which is more detailed than the 3 segments. But the 3-segment display is also very simple and straightforward.

For safety reasons, the pressure relief vent is placed at the bottom of the main unit.

Detail of the part of the cartridge

Although it is also a cartridge, it is a locking structure that is not a common magnetic type. You can toggle the switch down and exit the cartridge at the same time.

On the contrary, if you want to install a cartridge, first grab the buckle on the side of the cartridge and press the cartridge to the other side until it clicks.

As a cartridge, its size is a bit large, but the tank capacity is still 2ml. The material of the cartridge is food grade PC-110 (polycarbonate).

The coils is built into the cartridge, and you cannot replace the coils because of the one-off design. The built-in cartridge is a heating wire of Contax 1.0 Ω.

In the DNA version, the cartridge uses the SS316L heating wire (resistance is 0.25 Ω / 0.5 Ω), and the Orion Q uses different heating wires and resistance values. The word "KTR" on the back of the cartridge indicates the material of the heating wire. Of course, you can also install the cartridge on the DNA version, but you cannot use the temperature control function.

It can be seen from the figure that a large amount of cotton is placed inside the cartridge.

The cartridge is filled to the top and can be filled even if it is mounted on the main unit. Just unscrew the top ejuice cap and the cap has a non-slip groove that can be unscrewed by hand, which is convenient.

In such a top intake structure, it is a very conventional design to provide an adjustment ring at the lower portion of the drip tip, and the intake air can be infinitely adjusted.

If the intake is fully open, it can support small lungs. If it is completely closed, the resistance will be particularly tight. It will not be completely closed when you suck it. The suction resistance is still very good.

In addition,  the bottom of the cartridge is bonded, and it is basically impossible to disassemble it to rebuild it. Because of the top air intake, the manufacturer's adhesion to the bottom also helps prevent ejuice from leaking.

So let's use it next.

How to use ORION Q

After installing the cartridge to the main unit, unscrew the cap and inject the fumes.

According to the instructions, it should be best to place it for about 5 minutes after the first ejuice filling. It must be waited until the vape juice penetrates completely into the cotton to be used. Because the cartridge is translucent, the you can check out how much the liquid left clearly.

You can only use the ignition switch for vaping, which is very simple.

Turn the power on/off: press the ignition key 5 times
Ignition suction: press ignition when vaping
Impression of ORION Q
Excellent appearance, excellent design, and excellent finish. Even in the high-end e-cigarette player group, it is a hot topic. It is very different from other pod kits system, and we even call it "the walkie-talkie pod kits."

Just like hold compact Walkie talkie thanks to its thickness of 13.5mm, what a good job he does!

Want to pick your Orion Q ,just visit https://www.buyecigkits.com/e-cig-kits/original-lostvape-orion-q-pod-starter-kit-free-shipping/

What are the 5 hot-selling blueberry-flavored ejuice

by Martin Smith

With the increasing number of vape juice, the taste of fruit-based e-juice has also become more and more abundant. Blueberry-flavored e-liquid, which was once rare in eliquids, is ejoying a great popularity among the vapor market.Today buyecigkits.com have integrated the market's highly acclaimed 5 popular 5 hot-selling blueberry-flavored ejuice for everyone's choice

1, Gorilla Limon Best Berry 

Taste experience: When you open the bottle, you will smell the aroma of the blueberry juice, which is slightly sour. After a slightly sour blueberry taste into the mouth, the taste is full and heavy, and the blueberry taste is quite good. Come with a cool lemon taste straight into the throat, how cold and not irritating!Exhaled vaping will be a slight acid aftertaste in the mouth.

Review: the hick and clear blueberry tastes, the slight coolness with blueberry taste.

2, Innevape Heisenberg Methol

Taste experience: Mint will slowly turn into a cold feeling at the entrance. The blueberry flavor bursts out in the throat, it is obvious but not too thick, a little sweet. Exhaled vape retains a little blueberry flavor and slightly sweet staying in the mouth... The more the pumped, the feeling of mint is weakened by the adaptation of the mouth, and the fruity aroma of blueberry accumulates in the mouth with the suction again and again.

Review:  summer "heatstroke".

3. Blue Dragon

Taste experience: the taste in the dropper is mixed with the bottle, the light scent of the imported berries and the clear blueberry is slightly cool, and the cocktails are mixed with blueberries.

Review: A blueberry mixed e-liquid come with three different flavors,very smooth, moderate cooling, light and refreshing blueberry taste .

4, gorilla Berries In the Blush

Taste experience: Vape juice smells very sweet strawberry aroma,which is pretty soft, as the vaping enters the mouth, the sweet strawberry taste is enhanced, which is sweet and delicious. The taste of blueberries spread out when vaping, giving a very juicy taste experience. 

Review: Refreshing and not greasy blueberry mixed ejuice, mixed with strawberries, the taste is very juicy, very suitable for friends who like pure fruit taste experience.

5, Krumble

Taste experience: Heavy blueberry flavor, and the resulting blurry feeling is like the faint scent of the sandwich cake, starting to appear sweet,just like have a cookies after vaping.

Review: New nicotine technology, 6mg will not feel too irritating, blueberry dessert flavors, dessert control are worth trying a vape juice

Five blueberry-flavored e-cigarettes come with a very good taste experience and have been loved by many vapers.

How to maintain your e-cigarette host to keep him in top condition

by Martin Smith
The electronic cigarette main board technology has gradually matured after the development on voltage regulation, temperature control and super power, . At present, most mainstream electronic cigarette including both single-cell and multi-battery devices come with pretty competitive and stable output capabilities. Although the equipment has maintained a relatively uniform level, you can still keep your hands in the best state at any time after learning a few tricks from Buyecigkits.com who is one of the online ecig shop offering the e-cigarette products free shipping over the world.

1. Replace the battery in the main unit in time, and do not wait for the weak power to be replaced.

Changing the battery in time seems to be a good idea for every user, but it is not. Dual battery devices have a slower battery replacement frequency due to the series voltage. But for a single-cell host, continuous high-power output can quickly drain the battery. The battery after the power consumption cannot reach the high power output capability set by the device, which will directly affect the user experience.

2. Clean the condensate or vape juices near the host interface.

When using the atomizer, it is inevitable that the condensate will accumulate or leak, and even if these liquids are treated, the damage of the host can be effectively avoided. If not treated in time, the condensate will corrode metal parts such as screws on the top of the main unit. Even for some hosts without electrode leakage protection, the liquid may flow into the inside of the main unit and cause more damage to the main unit.

3. Wipe the battery contacts inside the main unit and the positive and negative terminals of the battery regularly.

Although the battery contacts inside the main unit are mostly gold-plated or silver-plated, they still cannot be oxidized. Regularly wipe the battery contacts, and clean the battery's positive and negative carbon, can ensure the normal current output of the battery, to ensure that the host can maintain the best output state at any time.

 4. The host electrode needs to be cleaned frequently and pay attention to maintenance.

In fact, the electrode interface part is the most problematic part of the host. Cleaning the electrode part of the oxide during daily use can ensure the link between the host and the atomizer is smooth. At the same time, if the host is not used for a long time, it is recommended to remove the atomizer. In particular, the dripping atomizer with a long positive screw should be removed in time to reduce the pressure on the host electrode by the atomizer.

Regardless of which kinds of electronic cigarette device, it is important to maintain regular maintenance. For the host, the timed maintenance can ensure that the device will not be damaged and prolong its service lifespan. At the same time, it can also ensure the output capability of the host, maintain the most powerful output performance at any time, and provide continuous power to the atomizer, so that users can get the best experience.

US Senate urges FDA to take action to prevent teenagers from being addicted to electronic cigarettes

by Martin Smith
Recently, Buyecigkits.com who is one of the online ecig shop offering the e-cigarette products free shipping over the world got a news that a number of US Senates issued a letter to the FDA asking the FDA to take action as soon as possible to prevent young people from being addicted e-cigarettes, especially those e-liquids such as candy, marshmallow, and butter cookies. Note that these flavors of e-cigarettes can easily attract the interest of teenagers, and even entice children to try cigarettes.

The US Food and Drug Administration(FDA) has consulted the Department of Health and Human Services on how to better regulate the taste of e-cigarettes, with the aim of limiting the adolescents' obsessence with e-cigarettes in terms of taste.

A recent study has shown that replacing the original smoke of traditional cigarettes with different tastes of e-cigarettes can help people reduce their dependence on smoking. Similarly, a large company in the industry has published similar views in related magazines

The US Center for the Study of Substance Use has collected more than 20,000 e-cigarette smokers' habits. It has found that fruit-flavored vape juices is more and more popular among adult vapers, and has escaped the traditional taste of cigarettes through various flavors of e-cigarettes. Dependence, this is a good thing for smoking cessation.

E-cigarettes are products used to quit or replace cigarettes. Although American teenagers are addicted to e-cigarettes, the whole product is a good thing for all smokers. How to prevent young people from indulging in e-cigarettes while taking care of the people who really need it is a matter of concern for all e-cigarette R&D companies.

What are ten big-name e-cigarettes with health guarantees

by Martin Smith

E-cigarettes look like cigarettes, but they don't produce smoke, they only produce slender vape, which provides a smoking-like experience. E-cigarettes are enoy a great popularity around the world, although it does not only help smokers to quit, but  it can be reused and the price is relatively cheap.It is not pice of cake for those vapor startes to find some big-name e-cigarettes with health guarantees?Buyecigkits.com who is one of the online ecig shop offering the e-cigarette products free shipping over the world brought together these well-known e-cigarette companies with high reputation and rich product lines to choose from 

10. Mig Vapor
Mig Vapor is an e-cigarette created by a group of former smokers who aim to create e-cigarette products that quitters love. The company sells a wide range of products including vaporizers and vape cigarettes, vape ejuice etc.

9. Ecig
E-Cig is one of the world's leading manufacturers of electronic cigarette products. Founded in 2003, the company's e-cigarette has the same appearance as a real cigarette, and its taste is similar to that of a real cigarette. The brand has more than 200 flavors and more than 7,000 choices to meet the needs of the majority of smokers. It is a good smoking cessation product.

8, KangerTech
Kangertech is an e-cigarette company that supplies atomizers, replaceable heating coils and high-capacity batteries for E-vod products. The company was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. It is an e-cigarette brand in China. The product has passed ISO9001 certification and is a national inspection-free product, which is favored by vapers.

7. Joyetech
Joyetech is an electronic cigarette company founded in 2007. The e-cigarette eGo-C they developed is an advanced system for improving the portability of products and providing replaceable batteries and atomizers.

6, NJOY 
NJOY is a non-tobacco electronic cigarette company headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company offers a range of e-cigarette products, as well as a 30-day money back guarantee and a 1-year warranty. This product is also a Chinese company, which provides low-cost electronic cigarette products for the majority of people who quit smoking.

5, blu eCigs
Blu eCigs is one of the most popular e-cigarette brands, with more than 127,000 retail outlets in addition to online. It was founded in 2009 by Australian entrepreneur Jason Healey and is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.

4. Green Smoke
Green Smoke is an e-cigarette company headquartered in Miami, Florida, offering money back guarantees, free shipping or priority delivery. The company was founded in 2008 by a team of husband and wife. This product also has multiple flavors, which are popular among vapers.

3, V2 Cigs
V2 Cigs is a company that produces electronic cigarettes,cartridges, vape ejuice and more. The company is headquartered in Miami, Florida, and has won the number one e-cigarette in the United States. Some stars also like the brand's e-cigarette.

2, Om Vapors
Founded in 2014, Om Vapors is an vape ejuice online retailer offering more than 30 unique flavors, fast order processing services and ultra-fast logistics, and shipping to customers around the world.

1, Vapor4Life
Vapor4Life offers a variety of vaporizers and vapor cigarettes as a replacement for everyday cigarettes. Whether you are a vapor starters or heavy vapers, Vapor4Life has a product that suits everyone's choice.

What are the kinds of e cigarette, which is yours

by Martin Smith

There are wide ranges of ecig kits and accessories flooding on the market,tons of vapor starters are troubled by which one is preferably,it’s time for Buyecigkits.com who is one of the online ecig shop offering the e-cigarette products free shipping over the world to classify for you vaper beginners.

Classified by charging method

1.  disposable e cigarette kits;

2, rechargeable e-cigarette: the battery is designed as a component with a atomizer containing nicotine solution, evaporation device direct charging kit (mostly on the market);

3, portable charging electronic cigarette: the battery is designed as a component with the vaprizer, evaporation device and mobile charging device (similar to mobile phone charging treasure device);

4, wireless charging electronic cigarette: At present, wireless charging technology is still not perfect, most of the powerful electronic cigarette R & D team are string to develop this project, which is one of the future development trends of electronic cigarettes.

Classified by the shape of electronic cigarette

1. Cigalike: the size and appearance of the ecig is the same as that of real smoke. When vaping, the electronic cigarette light has the same effect as the ash head;

2, non-cigalike: all kinds of shapes cater to a wide variety of people.

Inventory electronic cigarette products in chronological order

1. Soft drip tip electronic cigarette kit: the cigarette drip tip is like a cigarette holder;

2. disposable electronic cigarette kit: the cigarette rod of the electronic cigarette cannot be charged;

3, Ms. e-cigarette kit: very small in diameter, much like a woman's cigarette;

4, e-cigar:  the originator of e-cigarettes is ecigar;

5, flat mouth electronic cigarette kit: the cigarette holder is a plastic flat mouth;

6, mini e-cigarette kit: the shape is more like the size of cigarettes;

7: epipe:electronic cigarette shaped like a pipe;


8, cartomizer electronic cigarette kit: the atomizer and the cartridge are integrated together so that it is not easy to leak and big cloud;

9, EGO ecigarette kit: the body is slightly larger than the cigalike switching the automatic switch on the cigarlike to manual, it is pretty easy to carry contributing to more suitable for business people ;

10, VGO electronic cigarette kit: relatively large EGO with cartomizer;

11. Mechanical electronic cigarette kit: Compared with other types of electronic cigarettes, mechanical electronic cigarettes do not have a circuit board. They completely rely on mechanical principles to deliver current to the atomizer end. The battery capacity is generally large and can be replaced at the same time;

12, high-power box mod electronic cigarette: can adjust the number of electronic cigarette wattage, bringing the thrill of a large amount of smoke. It is the most popular electronic cigarette on the market.

What are the four newbie suggestions for nicotine salt ejuice

by Martin Smith

The four questions shared by Buyecigkits.com who is one of the online ecig shop offering the e-cigarette products free shipping over the world hope to help those vapor starters to how to use nicotine salt ejuice properly and enjoy it.

1. What atomizer is suitable for using nicotine salt juice?

There are many rebuidable atomizers available on the market. Generally, high-resistance mouth-suction type products cart to the atomizers that deal with high-concentration ejuice such as nicotine salt . The “MTL” type on the market is a good choice. From another point of view, how to distinguish whether it is suitable for mouth in indirect inhaling is based on whether the atomizer is single-wire and whether it is a small intake type design, and so on.

There are also many references on the market: FUMYTECH GOTANK MTL, Cthulhu Hastur Mini, VXV Soulmate RTA, ASVAPE ZETA RTA, or the older KAYFUN series.

2. Is it suitable for MTL?

The name and classification of the atomizer is only a reference, and the MTL is not an "absolutely suitable" label. Some MTL products on the market use the those mouth-pulling with single-coils. As a premise of using nicotine salt ejuice, it is generally only suitable for the high-resistance conventional single-wire coils. For example, less than 1.0 ohm

Secondly, it is about the flavor. Generally, the long-end suction atomizer can effectively alleviate the irritant caused by high concentration of ejuice. Therefore, the shorter the design of the flue is, the less suitable it is for high concentration. For example, the flavor of RTA 35MG with ASVAPE ZETA is significantly stronger than that of FUMYTECH GOTANK MTL.

3. how many times does the coils turn around?

"Two more turns" is a trick. For example,it can be changed to 9-10 laps when using nicotine salt eliquid instead of using 28G/2.5/7 laps for 6MG in the past, .

Loose winding is also a rebuidalbe method that is very suitable for using nicotine salt ejuice. The method of loosening and "two more turns" has the same purpose, so that the flavor is softer in use, and the common resistance will be from 1.6 ohms to 1.9 ohms.

4. What is the concentration of nicotine salt ejuice?

The flavor is heavy for newbie,In fact, there is a certain skill in the currently available on the choice of concentration in the market. For example, switch to 20-25MG. Especially or those who use RTA can refer to the concentration of 20-36MG, which is more suitable to achieve the concentration of 50MG nicotine salt ejuice.

Above all,High-concentration nicotine salt eliquid and RTA are the most economical and most playable combination. Each device has its own positioning position at the beginning of design.

What are the main brand ejuice

by Martin Smith

Buyecigkits.com who is one of the online ecig shop offering the e-cigarette products free shipping over the world summarized these well-known e-juice brands,we hope to give you some references and suggestions



Official Profile: It is an art-filled e-liquid brand. It is created by 13TH FLOOR ELEVAPORS. It creates the highest standards with the concept of art and life philosophy. The three sexy e-juice flavor allows vapers starting the mysterious journey of luxury senses. 30ML packaging was selected with concentrations of 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg.

2, 7 Daze

The brand was born at the end of 2013 and began production in Los Angeles, California in 2014. Its flavors are all fruit-flavored and have seven different flavors: Selfie Sunday, Red Apple eJuice, Reds Apple eJuice ICED, Crawlie Tuesday, TGIF (Thank God Today is Friday), Monday Blue , Humpday, TBT.


ANML is a high-end e-juice. It is different from many -juice. It is more of a light, quiet, and slightly warmer. It also evokes strong memories and time. Divided into 7 flavors, including Carnage, Fury, Beast, Grizzly, Thrasher, Reaver, Looper, where Carnage is based on strawberry and fruit jelly Mixed, while the Looper is a blend of fruit, wheat ring and milk.

4, Alpha Vape

Alpha Vape is a tropical fruit flavor, a flying fuel flavor that pilots love, a thick and smooth smog, enough for you to enjoy a variety of flavors including Sweet tooth , The Dude, Mr. Miyagi, Hoops, Heist, Manchu, Miss White.

5, Apollo

Apollo e-liquid is divided into 15 flavors: Newyork to Paris, Strawberries Gone Wild, Very Berry Banana, Maui Waui, Big Vin, Keemee, Mouse, Green Party, Miss Samoa, Funky Monkey, Guava Balast, Air Mail, Pan-am, Bossa Nova, Gone Baby Gone Lost Baby.

6, Vaping Outlaws

Vaping Outlaws are divided into Four Horsemen, Mayhem, Moonshine, and Jawbreaker.

7, Odin by BW

The famous American -juice company BW has created a high-end brand Odin for the demand for genuine original -juice. Although there are many high-end brands of -liquid in the current market, BW's Odin truly promises every detail with high standard from production to packaging, allowing customers to be attracted by their noble and special temperament from the first moment of experience. The most amazing thing about Odin is that its flavor is subtly changed according to the change of the heating temperature of the coils. When the temperature is raised to a height, it will produce a completely different and brand new flavor. Give customers a magical experience like never before.

8, Aria Elixirs

The contribution of ARIA's anarchic brand in the field of electronic cigarettes is well known. Whether it is in e-juice, atomizer, mechanical rod, pressure regulating host or heating wire, the well-known and reliable degree of anarchic products make many vapers enjoyable.

9, Alloy Blends

There are 11 flavors of Alloy Blends, namely Blonde (sweet vanilla custard), Bluing (blueberry + marshmallow), Crucible (cream vanilla cappuccino), Etched (lemon and citrus mixed fruit dessert), Fracture (creamy peanut butter), Lustor (waffle cone), Quenched (strawberry bubble gum), Smooth ( pineapple yogurt), The Doh (Boston cream donut), Velocity (Dutch fried apple pie), Vented (vanilla + tobacco) .

10, PUFF

PUFF's NBV is divided into three flavors, KNOX, MALLORY and NASH. The three types of ejuice are named after the person's last name. There is also the classic Black Jack ace, as well as other flavors, MC KLUSKY, Mr. Banana, NOISE, Fresh, Harvest , Desert, Red Dragon, Keen Tobacco, Country.

11, Ben Jonson's

Ben Jonson’s is no stranger to some old vapers. His brand influence and history are deep in the United States. The "Oreo" taste is more familiar. The brand also includes Snickelfritz, Morning Dew and Schooner.

12, Blaq

Blaq is divided into two flavors, namely Origins strawberry tart, whole wheat meringue wrapped strawberry tart. Visions cantaloupe with blueberries, cantaloupe, bananas and berries topped with icing sugar.

E-cigarettes have begun to receive official support in places such as the UK and Australia.

by Martin Smith

As we all know,Electronic cigarettes have developed rapidly in the global market in recent years especially in developed countries. Of course, its development process is full of hardships and variables. Although there are many scientific evidences that e-cigarettes are much healthier than real cigarettes, there are still many countries that impose strict restrictions on them. However, more and more organizations have begun to support e-cigarettes in recent times. Buyecigkits.com who is the online ecig shop offering the electronic cigarette products free shipping over the world got some good news that  the official institutions supporting e-cigarettes are gradually emerging and some regions are also gradually realizing the practical benefits brought by e-cigarettes,.

Anglo-Australian official agencies began to support e-cigarettes

According to the Australian newspaper, although the laws of the Australian states are different, the sales of nicotine-containing e-juice are prohibited or strictly restricted, but now e-cigarettes have begun to receive "strong support from official and political organizatio". For example, the Western Australian Liberal Party, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (an independent Australian federal government agency responsible for scientific research).

In addition to Australia, the British House of Commons Science and Technology Committee has recently approved the use of e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation tool. Because the data proves that the emergence of e-cigarettes effectively reduces the smoking rate, greatly reducing the number of deaths caused by smoking in the UK, and e-cigarettes are undoubtedly much healthier than real cigarettes.

Anglo-Australian official agencies began to support e-cigarettes

The UK has reported a proposal to relax e-cigarette licensing and advertising regulation, cut e-cigarette taxes, relax rules for use in public places, and so on. It can be seen from these that the understanding of e-cigarettes in developed countries is becoming more objective and comprehensive, which will promote the development of the global e-cigarette industry.


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