WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Smok novo 2 pod system kits review and compare beween Smok novo 1 and Smok novo 2

by Martin Smith

Hello everyone, today buyecigkits introduced SMOK new product "NOVO2 KIT". As a brand Chinese vape manufacturer, SMOK has upgraded many previous products this year. The Smok NOVO2 pod system starter kits is a new upgraded version of SMOK's NOVO series launched last year. Besides the appearance change, NOVO2 has achieved a 0.2mm increase from the original size and expanded the battery capacity from the 450mAh generation of NOVO to 800mAh. This upgrade alone has a very good point!

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The package features refreshing drawer-type, the front packaging of smok novo 2 pod system starter kit picture is showed below, the SMOK brand label is on the top, the NOVO2 kit name is on the bottom, and four circular highlight labels is on the right.

Full English product information is on the back, double S laser anti-counterfeiting, use warning, AB code anti-counterfeiting verification query is in the upper right corner.


NOVO2 Device x1, 1.0Ωmesh core x1, 1.4Ω core (DC1.4MTL) x1, data cable x1, use manual x1, 1 x product card and  1 x certificate of conformity.

 [NOVO2 pod kits parameters]

Size: 88.3 / 24.5 / 14.5mm

Weight: 43g

Output power: 6W-25W

Battery capacity: 800mAh

Capacity: 2ml

------------------------------- Comparison of product parameters between the two generations -------------- --------------------

[NOVO 1 pod system starter kit parameters]

Size: 88.3 * 24.3 * 14.3mm

Weight: 40g

Output power: 10W-16W

Battery capacity: 450mAh

Capacity: 2ml

comparison of the parameter

It is not difficult for those who read it carefully to find the comparison of the parameters of the two generations of products. In short, the changes are: the body weight is unchanged, but the power / battery has been greatly increased!

 [Color style]

The NOVO2 pod system starter kit launched a total of 8 resin color panels to choose from, of which the new white oil paint splash effect looks very exciting.


The front and back of the smok novo 2 battery device are humanizedly covered with easy-to-remove foils. They continue the flat shape of the NOVO series making you feeling small and round. The name of the NOVO2 at the bottom can be easily seen. Both sides are fitted with curved fully-laminated resin panels, and a whole resin panel covers the body. The texture is as smooth as jade, which makes the visual and hand feel extremely uniform.

The SMOK brand logo is at the bottom of the other side. A rather small and hidden indicator light is located on the upper part of the device. In addition to providing flashing tips when vaping and charging, it also supports the three-color remaining power display function (green indicate the power greater than 70% power, Orange 30% -70%, red less than 30%) The current battery remaining situation can be obtained according to the display color. A circle of transparent observation window is left at the joint of the NOVO2 device and the pod cartridges to observe the fuel consumption.

It can be seen that there is a side airflow groove at the top of the battery device and the pod cartridge. In order to increase the overall grip, NOVO2 moved the original micro USB port to the bottom of the device. The metal frame at the side and bottom of the device are still reserved.

The NOVO2 device's pod cartridges comes with a non-magnetic plug-in combination, which is closer than the common magnetic structure. There is a raised air-sensing switch inside. The position of the electrode insulation rubber pad is changed to a raised island design, and the surroundings are deliberately designed into a concave sinking style to correspond to the collection of accidental condensation at the bottom. The advantage of this design is: "Allow condensation at the bottom exists without affecting the vaping experience! "

[Intake structure]

The principle of double-side air intake is that the e-liquid is heated and vaporized by the coils at the bottom of the cartridges and come from the internal metal airway, which just uses the concave design around the device to form a circulating air flow.

In addition to the NOVO2 battery device, the package includes two new NOVO 2 (1.0Ωmesh core / 1.4Ω conventional core) refillable pod which is made from transparent materials, and the bottom of which is marked with the specification resistance value Ω. The most noticeable is the two large e-juice-conducting openings in the front and rear of the internal flue / core. The e-liquid-conducting performance is strong enough according to the opening diameter! However, it is not difficult to observe that the position of the opening is slightly on the upper side. Considering that the original intention of the design of the device is not to lay it upright, it can be used to place the remaining e-juice on the desktop or in the pocket of daily clothes. Of course, the safest way to avoid accidents is to refill!

Mainstream flat duck driptip fits the lips more, the internal chamfer is designed for condensation recovery. In addition, the internal atomization structure has also been adjusted greatly (the first-generation atomization bin in the circle picture above). You can see that the first-generation e-juice-conducting cotton feet are exposed, and the second-generation uses an integrated flue gas / e-liquid-conducting. After one year, although the two atomization bins are similar in shape, the core changes are already quite different![E-juice refilling method]

The opening of the e-juice refilling hole is located on the side of the pod. It is opened / sealed by a rubber plug connected to the inside of the pod. The actual measurement can meet the direct e-juice refilling of most conventional e-liquid bottles. The juice hole shall prevail. Plug the rubber stopper and let it still stand for 1 minute so that the e-juice guide cotton can fully absorb the e-liquid.

 [Trial experience]

The air switch and suction resistance are smooth. Compared with previous MTLmouth to lung products, this model corresponds to a slightly moderate lung resistance mode. Compared with the first generation of NOVO, it significantly improves and reduces the frying and saturated e-juice grunting sound, and the taste and vape performance have also improved. The main difference between the conventional coils and the steel mesh coils is the different output strength and vape. It still continues the good taste reduction of eucalyptus e-juice by cotton wicks, especially for fruity cold vape juice, which expresses different taste sensations from ceramics. s. The battery life improvement is the most obvious. The size is unchanged. It is upgraded from 450mAh to 800mAh directly. Once fully charged, it can last 2-3 days with 1Ω-1.4Ω conventional cigarette replacement. The compact body can have such a long life.

to sum up

Three major changes are upgraded from: 1 appearance texture upgrade, 2 coils taste upgrade, 3 battery Capacity upgrades and the resulting performance also leapfrog!

U.S. research shows vape e-cigarette products are effective smoking cessation tools

by Martin Smith

According to a new study published by the American Consumer Institute, if the government uses vape e-cigarette products as part of a strategy to reduce tobacco harm, it will help extend the lives of millions of consumers. The study will track the impact of government policy and health research, as well as legislation and regulation.

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The study also showed that: there is a lot of evidence that the harm of electronic cigarette to consumers is far less than that of combustible ordinary cigarette products; at the same time, vape products are one of the most effective and the most common smoking cessation tools; there is also evidence that the number of non-smokers and minors consuming vape is very small, so vape products will be alternatives effective selection smokers looking for .

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How to use electronic cigarettes safely

by Martin Smith

After more than ten years, electronic cigarettes industry have developed rapidly. One of the most concerned is the safety issues that may occur during the use of electronic cigarettes. In fact, as long as the user can operate in accordance with the manual of each electronic cigarette, its safety is still guaranteed. At the same time, there are still some details that must be paid attention to when using, carrying and storing electronic cigarettes and related items.

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Points to note when using e-cigarettes

1. Pay attention to the proper placement of e-liquids, and beware of excessive discomfort caused by nicotine

After e-liquidization of e-liquid, the nicotine in the e-liquid can enable users to achieve the effect of removing addiction, but excessive absorption of nicotine can cause users to feel unwell. In particular, excessive consumption of e-liquid may even cause poisoning. The safety bottle cap of e-liquid is just to prevent such situations. At the same time, proper storage and storage of e-liquid can prevent the e-liquid from oxidizing.

2. Don't use battery with broken skin, leaking liquid or poor quality 

Many vapers should notice that the e-cigarette comes with a caution card on battery safety at the factory to remind users not to use broken or leaking batteries, and inferior batteries are not recommended for everyone. Selecting a good high-quality power battery can not only ensure the safety, but also allow the device to display the best output capacity.

3. Turn off or lock the keys when carrying electronic cigarettes when you go out to prevent accidentally touching the switch.

Electronic cigarette devices with physical buttons are very prone to accidental contact with the fire button when being carried. Prolonged ignition may cause the coils to burn or even overheat. Common voltage regulators are capable of shutting down or locking the keys, while the mechanical lever can choose to lock the keys or directly remove the battery and put it in the battery box for carrying.

4. Pay attention to the vape juice leakage when the atomizer is carried out, and the vape juice leakage needs to be handled in time.

The leak of the atomizer will generally flow out from the airflow at the bottom of the atomizer. The e-liquid can occasionally penetrate the device from the 510 interface between the atomizer and mod and cause damage to the device or immerse the battery. The e-liquid leak from the atomizer needs to be wiped in time to prevent these situations, the airflow shall be completely closed when the tank atomizer is carried out in case of leakage. 

5. In the case of non-competitive competition, the mechanical rod and the dripping  atomizer do not need to pursue the extreme state.

Many mechanical lever vapers who prefer to the big smoke thanks to the dripping atomizer switch to coils with lower resistance in order to pursue a more extreme experience. Frequent use of the ultra-low-resistance coil on the mechanical rod can easily overwhelm the battery, making the battery getting hot or even more dangerous. In fact, as far as the battery lifespan and ejuice consumption is concerned, the mechanical rods and dripping atomizers does not need to be equipped with a coil with low resistance.

Many security problems occured because of the carelessness of the vaper. A little attention can actually avoid these problems. E-cigarettes are just like electronic products such as mobile phones. As long as you follow the instructions in daily use and pay attention to some details , electronic cigarettes can completely guarantee your own safety. After reading so much safety knowledge, quickly choose a safe and healthy electronic cigarette.

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Is the coronavirus E-cigarette or vaping product use associated lung injury (EVALI) in the United States?

by Martin Smith

In August 2019, E-cigarette or vaping product use associated lung injury (EVALI) occurred in the United States. In just six months, the coronavirus broke out in China. Both diseases are more common with respiratory symptoms such as cough and chest pain, so many people think EVALI is coronavirus, is this real?

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Similar symptoms may also be different diseases. There are two major differences between EVALI and coronavirus:

1. Etiology test results are different. Data updated by the US Centers for Disease Control on February 20, 2020 showed that tetrahydrocannabinol was detected in the alveolar lavage fluid of patients with EVALI, and no other toxic substances were found. In patients with neo-coronary pneumonia, a new type of coronavirus was detected.

2. One is non-infectious and the other is infectious. Since the outbreak of EVALI, there is no evidence to show that EVALI is contagious, but neocoronary pneumonia is a clear infectious disease.

Although the etiology of EVALI has not yet been clarified, it is too far-fetched to think that EVALI is the coronavirus because of similar symptoms.

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What are the differences between IQOS 3 DUO and IQOS 3

by Martin Smith

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IQOS 3 DUO release date: 2019 November 5

Color: Copper/ Warm White/ Stellar Blue/Brilliant Gold/Velvet Gray 

Support continuous use → can be used continuously for 2 times
Shorten the charging time → 1/2 that of the previous
You have to charge IQOS 3 every time after you use a heat stick, but  IQOS3 DUO can be used twice consecutively.

The charging time is from 3 minutes and 40 seconds to 1 minute and 50 seconds, shortening to 1/2.

The packaging list of IQOS 3 DUO is similar to the package content of IQOS3, there are some differences, buyecigkits will introduce more details.

When the package box is opened, the accessories are beautifully stored as bellow.

This is exactly the same as IQOS3, but it feels very advanced no matter how many times we watch it!

We lined it up

1XIQOS 3 DUO Heat Not Burn Tobacco HNB Device
1Xpocket charger
1XIQOS 3 DUO Plus holder
1XPower Adaptor
1XCharging Cable
1XIQOS Cleaning Tool

The appearance and configuration of IQOS 3 DUO Heat Not Burn Tobacco HNB Device
Number of continuous smoking ~2 times

Puff times ~20 times

Smoking time ~6 minutes / 14 puffs

Warm-up time ~about 20 seconds

Charging time ~120 minutes

Charging time of heating stick ~ 1 minute 30 seconds

Price ~199.99 USD

Considering that the previous models can not be used continuously, which takes 3 minutes and 40 seconds to charge, so the new IQOS 3 DUO is very easy to use.

Let's take a look at the appearance of IQOS 3 DUO with copper color

The lower part of the device comes with a USB Type-C interface from IQOS3 heating device

The LED indicator and power button are on the top.

The size and appearance of the IQOS 3 DUO are the same as that of IQOS 3

The difference between the IQOS3 DUO heat not burn tobacco cigarette heating device and IQOS3 is the status light, a status light on the new charger and holder have been added.

The new IQOS 3 DUO can keep track of how many heet sticks you smoke according to how many LED lights are on, that is the 
the biggest difference

First, let's charge IQOS 3 DUO

The long and narrow LED light is divided into 4 parts.

One light is on, which shows that the battery juice below 25%;50%~ 2 lights on 、75% remaining~ 3 lights on、100%~ 4 lights on 

You could not use it continuously until the two led indications are on

Press and hold the button to turn the power on / off. When this button is pressed, the remaining charge and status can be confirmed.
Even if the heet(tobacco heat stick) is removed, the charging status can be confirmed. If used once, only one LED will light up.

How to use

Insert the heets straightly,press the power button for 5 seconds to start heating, and the warm-up time is about 20 seconds. (Vibration is ready to use)
After use, lift the cap of the holder and remove the heets. This is important,the tobacco leaves will remain inside if you remove it directly, 

Clean the inside with maintenance tools after using a box of heet. 

The charging time 

The heating stick comes with magnetic without worrying about orientation in the charger, the main body will start charging automatically

If the charger is fully charged, you can use more than 20 heets.

IQOS3 duo charging time ~~ 1 minute 50 seconds

IQOS3 charging time ~~ 3 minutes 40 seconds

By the way, it takes about 4 minutes and 10 seconds to charge the IQOS2.4 Plus.

IQOS3 DUO is about 1 minute and 50 seconds, and although overwhelming changes have been achieved, I think there will actually be some differences

PS: (This is Buyecigkits's opinion, not the official announcement)

IQOS 3 DUO summary

1, easy to use, just use 1/2 charging time in normal use! Without a doubt,it is the best in IQOS history.

2, support continuous use & only 1/2 charging time! This is by far the best IQOS

Nearly 40% of consumers in Belgium believe that vape e-cigarette products are the best alternative to quitting smoking

by Martin Smith

A recent survey conducted by British American Tobacco in Brussels in the European Union revealed that nearly 40% of consumers in Belgium believe that vape e-cigarette products are the best alternative to quitting smoking.

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According to reports, Insites Consulting, which cooperates with British American Tobacco, conducted a sample survey. The surveyed public has both consumers who consume traditional tobacco products and consumers who consume new steam electronic cigarette products. The results show that 38% of respondents believe that vape electronic cigarettes are an effective alternative to quitting smoking. In addition, 32% of the respondents said that vape electronic cigarette is more beneficial to their health.

The survey also shows that there are currently about 2 million tobacco consumers in Belgium, and the proportion of consumers who use vape electronic cigarette products is growing by about 10% each year.

Ammo VS Relx Pod System Kit,which one do you like

by Martin Smith

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Ammo's packaging is composed of two layers of packaging, the product design drawings and some manufacturers' production information are printed outside of the package box. After opening, it is a white long box.

Relex system starter kits package box shape: square white box Ammo system starter kits package box shape: rectangular box

Ammo and Relx pod system starter kits package content: two pods cartridge, a USB cable, a device, a user manual.

Relex pod system kit comes with refreshing mint and classic tobacco. Ammo pod system starter kit comes with Green Bean Ice and Romantic Suzhou tobacco. As far as flavor is concerned, I prefer Green Bean Ice, because it is more delicate and soft when they are vaped, just like the mung bean ice cream that I ate when I was a kid. Romantic Suzhou tobacco is more suitable for heavy smokers. When vaping, there will be a faint smell of tobacco, and at the same time, you will have a cool feeling, just like you are smoking traditional cigarettes.

battery capacity:

The official standard of Relx pod kit is that the battery capacity is 350mhA. It only takes 45-60 minutes to charge, and it can be vaped for a whole day. However, when I use it, it is usually an hour. It's about 400 mouthfuls, but ammo is not the same. I can charge it for 45 minutes, and I can use it for a whole day. I can use it in the morning the next day. Are you going to choose ammo like me?

In color:

There are five colors of rose gold, classic black, deep blue and starry gray, rose gold, and ammo has five colors: classic black, pearl white, Chinese red, hibiscus purple, and coral blue.


The length of Relx pod starter kit is longer than that of ammo, but the weight is lighter. I like things that have a heavier weight, because it will feel more textured when held in hand, and ammo pod system starter kit is made of zinc alloy and POM materials and has a matte texture. It feels like holding an iPhone in your hand.


Relx: There are two flavors of classic tobacco cartridges and refreshing mint cartridges, the manufacturers have also introduced more novel-sweet fruit cartridges: in addition to tropical fruits, clear summer, drunk blueberries, and my favorite frozen lemon tea flavor.

ammo: ammo cartridge pod currently has a total of 23 flavors, including Cool Mint☘️/ Red Wine/Su Yan/Mango/
/Lychee/Bubble gum/Blueberry/Pei pa/Almond/Pineapple/Coffee️/Cola/White Tea/Ice Cream/Perrier/Fudge/Green Bottle/Mate Herb/Good Night Drink/Belgian Berrie/Arizona/Jelly Belly

How to use hookah shisha

by Martin Smith

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1. Make sure what the components of the hookah shisha are before use

2. Fill the base or vase with water which covers the downstem with 0.8-1CM, and it should not exceed 2CM from the bottom of the vase.

3. Screw the shaft or downstem into the body

4. Screw the body into the vase

5. Place the round tray on the shaft and fix it

6. Fasten the bowl grommet on the tray, then place the clay bowl on the grommet, and pay attention to the airtightness; do not use too much force when placing the clay bowl, otherwise, it will easily cause cracking

7. Put a hose grommet on the hose connector, connect the wooden end of the hose into the hose grommet, and pay attention to the air seal; if it comes with several hoses, connect the other hoses in order.

8. Put the hookah tobacco in the clay bowl with the needle

9. The tobacco placed in the bowl should be loosened, and the amount of tobacco should not exceed the edge of the bowl (otherwise it will easily stick to the tin foil)

10. Make a small hole in the middle of the tobacco and keep it ventilated

11. Cut a square tin paper and wrap the whole bowl with the tobacco tightly (keep it sealed), and make small holes on the tin paper with a toothpick or a carbon clip

12. Put two pieces of charcoal, lit from the edge of the charcoal

13. Note that the black part of the carbon is not ignited at this time.

14. Cover the wind cover. If you are enjoying the hookah outdoors, the wind cover can prevent the wind from scattering the charcoal dust.

15. Put the disposable mouth tip on the hose and start to try to take a few mouthfuls;

16. Do not start to smoke until the char is completely burned. You can start to inhale and spit out to accelerate the charcoal to burn through, but do not inhale into the lungs.

17. The release valve for those with a single hose is used to prevent gas from entering the hookah. If it comes with several hoses, the valve should be blocked with auto sealing ball bearing.

Jouz 20 Heat Not Burn Tobacco( HNB) Cigarette Heating Device Review

by Martin Smith

The jouz 20 Heat Not Burn Tobacco( HNB) Cigarette Heating Kit is very exquisite and beautiful and has won the German iF Design Award 2019. Minimalist style and exquisite workmanship are extremely addictive!

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Jouz 20 Heat Not Burn Tobacco Cigarette Heating Device can be perfectly compatible with iQOS cartridges, it comes with built-in 1250mAh power and 20 pcs heat sticks with endurance, it features simple one-button operation, vibration reminder, and automatic heating without operation during the smoking process.It is very convenient to use.

[Packaging and parameter measurement]
The package is transparent and intuitive, and the contents can be seen at a glance: a white Heat Not Burn Tobacco Cigarette Heating Device is inlaid in the shaping mold. The dotted leaf shape seems to prompt a green and healthy new life.The two sides of the package are fixed with disposable adhesive tape to ensure that the product received by the user is sealed and unopened.

The list of products includes: 1Jouz 20 HNB Cigarette Heating Device, one cleaning brush, 1MicroUSB charging cable,4disposable alcohol swabs, 2silicone covers, and 1manual. Note that the package does not include heat sticks which need to be purchased by the user due to the strict domestic tobacco monopoly management system.

The user manual instructions in the package are only in English and Japanese and are printed with color graphics. This product is exclusively sold by Jows Japan Co., Ltd. and produced by Shenzhen Zhusi Technology.

Japanese small appliances and accessories are usually very delicate. The small cylinder where the small brush of Jouz 20 Cigarette Heating Device is put looks very delicate. 

It can be opened by pulling the upper cover. It is tight when you open it for the first time. A hairbrush is put on the end, and a cover with a stick is put on the other end.

After opening it (it is tighter, just push it hard), there is a brush head built-in one inner side and a pull rod on the other side. Its design is much more clever.

The actual usage is to insert the side with the brush directly into the heating plate of the device without the protective cover, without removing the brush head.

After inserting it, you can rotate it directly and forcefully, so that the brush head can quickly and comprehensively clean the heating inner tank, which is very convenient.

After cleaning with a brush head, if there is still debris, take out the small pick on the other end and then clean the heating chamber. After finishing all of them, you can assemble them back in order for easy carrying.

let's measure its measurements: the length is 100.7mm, the diameter is 22.7mm, and it is about the same size as a lipstick.

The overall weight is only 58 grams, which is about the weight of kerosene lighter. It is very easy to use when going out

[Overall appearance and structure]
The overall shape and volume look like a slightly thick lipstick. The shell is a composite flame retardant material similar to that of high-end charging treasures. The surface technology is very fine, and the handgrip is excellent. In addition, Jouz also recently launched a jouz 20 pro model based on the jouz 20, which features a leather appearance. You could buy jouz 20 pro at https://www.buyecigkits.com/e-cig-kits/heating-kit/original-jouz-20-pro-heat-not-burn-tobacco-cigarette-heating-device-free-shipping/

On the front, there is a large rounded square key with 3 small dots on it, which is the LED indicator. This is the only operation key in the whole body, which can realize multiple functions: Display the power after a gentle press, press and hold for 2 seconds to start heating, and press and hold for 6 seconds to start the self-cleaning function. The display of the accessory LED lights is quite convenient to operate.

The jouz brand logo is silk-screened on the lower part of the front, and the details of the silk-screen printing are very fine. As can be seen from the macro map below, the surface technology is very delicate, and winning the iF award also shows that its strength is quite unusual.

A closed disc shape is at the bottom with a small dimple on one side.

Press it at the small depression, it will flip to the side, revealing the MicroUSB charging port hidden inside, you can charge by inserting the data cable. This design is quite compelling, and it is also very practical, which can avoid the oxidation of the charging port and other issues. Its built-in power is 1250mAh, which is much larger than the power of the iQOS. It can support the use of 20 heat stick on a single charge and also supports continuous use, which greatly expands its use scene.

The smoke inlet on the top is designed as a metal protection ring, which can avoid deformation caused by high temperatures, which is beautiful and practical. The package is also equipped with 2 silicone plugs, which can protect against dust and effectively prevent foreign objects from entering.

The appearance of the silicone cover with the hidden charging port on the other end means that the device can be in a sealed state, effectively preventing dust and foreign objects from invading, and has a very simple and beautiful appearance.

The upper cover can be pulled out, and the upper cover and downward cover are combined by magnetic suction, and the suction force is quite large, as shown in the following figure, and can even be attracted as a whole without falling. 
Viewed from a cross-section, the heating core is a ceramic heating plate similar to iQOS, it comes with an S-shaped heating circuit inside. The difference is that Jouz 20 is designed as a metal inner protection column with a protective cover on the outside. It is convenient to take out the heat stick. Note that it is directional when placed because the interior comes with a heating sheet design. 

[Jouz 20 heating without burning operation]
Let's measure the experience of heating and non-combustion. The iQOS Marlboro heat stick is used to insert into the smoke inlet down to the bottom then fixed. Its dimensions are very precise, and the standard iQOS heat sticks (7.5 x 45zmm) is accurately compatible.

Jouz 20 is not designed to switch on and off, that is, it is naturally in a low power standby state. Press and hold the square operation button for 2 seconds, the device will vibrate, then immediately release your finger, the LED light will start flashing, indicating that the preheating has started. Note that the pressing time should not be too long. If you press it for more than 4 seconds, the heating will be canceled. If you press it for more than 6 seconds, the self-cleaning state will be started.

After about 20 seconds, when the LEDs are turned on in sequence until all three LEDs are on, and accompanied by a vibration reminder, indicating that the pre-heating is completed, smoking can begin. By smoking in this way, you get almost the same taste as smoking cigarettes, and there is no soot at all.

The smoking process does not need to press any button. The device has two criteria for judging termination: 5.5 minutes, or 14 puffs (first come, first stop). The Jouz 20 HNB Cigarette Heating Device will vibrate for 5 minutes after heating, or 12 puffs. , Reminding that the heating is about to end, only 1 LED lights up, and then suck for 30 seconds, or 2 puffs, the LED light goes out, and the machine enters the standby mode. When the host is working (pre-heating or heating), press and hold the key for 2 seconds to cancel the current operation and enter the standby state.

After smoking, pay attention to the correct method of removing the stick. Pull out the upper cover together with the heat stick instead of pulling out the heat stick directly, which is the effect shown in the figure below. This can prevent the shredded tobacco from being completely scattered.

After that, the heat stick is removed from the upper cover to ensure that the sticks is still intact after being removed, and will not be messed up.

Take a look at its heating state. From this final form, you can also judge its heating texture. Its taste is similar to iQOS. The taste of smoke is full and powerful. It gives full play to the taste of Marlboro heat sticks, and the experience is quite excellent!

After dismantling the heat sticks, the overall view has basically been zoomed yellow, and the heating effect is no problem.

Let's take apart and look at it. The overall heating is still very thorough. Except there are some primary colors on the outermost tobacco paper. The others have basically been heated to a dark brown burnt color. This can also give full play to the function of the heat stick and avoid waste. Of course, more importantly, it can bring a full and full mouthfeel.

Several features found in the test:
1. After the actual measurement of jouz 20, the next cycle can be started immediately, that is, after the actual measurement of one heat sitck is completed, the second new heat stick is inserted immediately. This operation is no problem and meets the smoking addiction of the heavy smokers.
2. For the same heat sitck, it can be heated for several cycles without pulling it out after heating, which is equivalent to smoking a cigarette all the way to the butt and then desperately taking a few sips. However, the taste started to fade in the second cycle.
3. Jouz 20's heat control is very good. During the entire use process, the shell body has almost no heat, only the upper heating area is slightly hot. Be careful not to hold the upper part before and after use.
4. Finally, jouz 20 also has a very practical cleaning function: in standby mode, pull out the cigarette cap, press and hold the operation button for 6 seconds to turn on the automatic cleaning function, that is, use high power to burn off the remaining liquid or cigarette paper and clean. During the process, the three LED lights flash for 30 seconds at the same time. After the cleaning is completed, the indicator lights will turn off. After that, use a brush to clean the residual ash. Self-cleaning is recommended after every 20 sticks.

【experience feelings】
Jouz 20's measurement is very small, holding it in the hand like a slightly thicker lipstick, weighing only 58 grams, it feels no burden at all. This will be very convenient whether it is used at home or carried away. You do not need to press any key after the preheating operation is completed. It is easy to smoke cigarettes directly after ignition.

The previous test section has been mentioned many times. This method of heating and non-combustion of the heatstick has at least three benefits: 1. The smoker does not need to adapt to accept it; Very healthy; 3, do not burn so there are no soot troubles, there will be no problems and risks brought by open flames. The jouz 20 fully exerts the function of this kind of heat stick. The measured taste, smoke volume, temperature, and endurance are all satisfactory.

In terms of heating efficiency and ease of use, jouz 20 is completely comparable to iQOS, and even due to different design concepts, it has additional advantages over iQOS, such as built-in 1250mAh power, so it does not need to draw one like iQOS. Of course, the iQOS design does not allow users to continuously smoke to achieve the purpose of quitting smoking. Each has its own strengths, depending on user preferences. In addition, its hidden MicroUSB charging port design, charging reliability and compatibility are higher, after the number of iQOS battery cycles, and contact aging will bring such problems, compared to the Jouz 20 ’s,this design is more secure in life.

In terms of battery life, the 1250mAh battery can support the use of 20 cigarettes, and the actual measurement of the 18 or so is no problem. In this way, a pack of cigarettes can be managed with one charge and used outside. It can be recharged in about two and a half hours, and the speed is easy to accept.

In terms of slots, jouz 20 has experienced a few days, and the performance in all aspects is excellent. The only thing to spit is that it has no shutdown design. Although there have been no problems for the time being, it is still a little worried, and it is recommended that it can Add a 5 times double-click to turn off the function.

【to sum up】
As the winner of the German iF Award 2019, I personally think that the Jouz 20 deserves its name. Whether it is fine workmanship, small size, or excellent taste, powerful endurance, or even a hidden charging port and a humanized brush design, it has brought users a very good experience, good looks, good taste, easy to use, after experiencing several HNB-type devices, personally think that jouz 20 is worth a five-star recommendation!

230W Smok MAG P3 Kit review

by Martin Smith

Smok launched the 230W Smok MAG P3 Kit which is new arrivals from smok,buy it free shipping at https://www.buyecigkits.com/e-cig-brands/smoktech/original-230w-smok-mag-p3-kit-with-tfv16-tank-free-shipping/

If you think it's just a simple vape kit, maybe it will surprise you because the new 230W Smok MAG P3 Kit is unique in that it has a higher level of the three-proof function(waterproof, dustproof and shockproof).

It comes with a large-size package box with 230W Smok MAG P3 Kit main image on the front and IP67 protection on the right. The configuration and function highlight labels are printed on the side. Essential product information including laser anti-counterfeiting and AB and Query the verification code is on the back. 

The package includes SMOK MAG P3 Mod, TFV16 atomizer (9mL), TFV16 conical mesh 0.2Ω coil (pre-installed), TFV16 dual mesh 0.12Ω coil, bulb glass protection silicone sleeve, spare Glass bin, USB data cable, user manual, product card.

Size: 72.3 * 36 * 91.6mm
Weight: 251.5g
Standby current: <400uA
Power range: 1W-230W (VW) / 10-230W (TC)
Input voltage: 6.4V-8.4V
Output voltage: 0.5V- 8.2V
Charging voltage: 5V
Charging current: 1.8A
Ignition speed: 0.001s
Resistance range: 0.1Ω-2.5Ω(VW) / 0.05Ω-2Ω(TC)
Temperature range: 200F-600F / 100C -315 degrees
Screen specifications: 1.9-inch high-definition touch screen

[MAG P3 Introduction]
As the latest three-proof version of the MAG series, the MAG P3 main unit is covered with a high-elastic rubber material for a large area, which is suitable for frictional bumps and accidental drops during daily use and has excellent body protection performance. The hand pressure is strong, and the combination of the atomizer is very weighty. The overall shape continues the classic gun theme of the MAG series. The new ergonomic grip design increases the grip of the palm and the handle, which brings more For a comfortable fit.

The front main operation area is covered by a 1.9-inch high-definition touch screen panel without buttons (the screen is covered with a protective film), and the touch screen panel is also dust-proof and waterproof. The near-two-inch buttonless touch screen display makes the visual experience in the bright screen. It is quite atmospheric and technological.

The back of the main unit is covered by a carbon fiber panel. The red rubber in the front and rear holding areas is also decorated with carbon fiber texture. The black and red color is beautiful and stylish. Considering the three-proof function, the position of the main charging interface is specially designed with a silicone seal. Remove the sealed cap to connect the USB cable to the host for charging.

It comes with familiar plate-type ignition key, the keystroke is not long, but the feedback of the rebound is powerful. The measured grip spacing and the curved button design are very convenient for vaping when the index finger is ignited. The inside is equipped with the latest IQ-M chip of SMOK. A 0.001 s (second) speed ignition response is achieved.

The four fixing screws on the top of the main unit also use the sealing treatment with the universal 510 interfaces stainless steel tray style, because it is covered with all-rubber material, even if the atomizer is screwed to the bottom, it will not cause scratches on the paint surface. Cover-protected P3 consoles have become particularly rugged and practical.

Because it is a three-proof mainframe, MAG P3 does not follow the design of the previous separate magazine battery compartment and instead adopts a hinge structure with better sealing performance to adapt to dustproof and waterproof. Press the button on the bottom of the main unit to instantly eject the battery. The cover plate has a very strong ejection force. The internal use of two 18650 batteries is connected in series to ensure long-lasting battery life. At the same time, it supports the charging mode of the external USB data cable and the smoking operation during charging.

TFV16 Tank
Size: 32 * 64.5mm
Weight: 94g
Material: Stainless steel
Capacity: 9ml
Interface: 510

【TFV16 Tank Atomizer】
Its huge 9ML e-juice storage capacity undoubtedly makes this atomizer a well-deserved mobile e-juice storage workstation. With the low-resistance core below 0.2Ω, the term “storage e-liquid and big smoke” is interpreted more clearly. The styling structure is still the style of the classic TFV series atomizer. The manufacturer additionally has a spare glass bin and a silicone protective cover. The silicone protective cover comes with a fuel consumption observation window to protect the tank in an all-round way, and this atomizer presents another style of expression.

Continue the SMOK exclusive patented button lock top refilling method, press the unlock button to turn the atomizer clockwise to open the refilling top cover. The drip tip adopts a more beautiful resin pattern material, and the metal inner wall and the resin are combined to have good durability and anti-scaling effect. The double-opening at the bottom is oversized to adjust the airflow and the universal 510 electrodes. The overall detail treatment highlights the quality of the workmanship of the factory.

Compatible with the latest four low-resistance smoke-type TFV16 Mesh coils, the package includes a conical Mesh 0.2Ω  (pre-assembled) and a TFV16 dual-mesh 0.12Ω coils with a large e-liquid guide inside. The open hole and double-shot steel mesh are still the high-explosive and large smoke type that SMOK is good at, and the 230W/0.001s (second) speed ignition can bring more smooth vape production effect.

Press  Ignition key 5 times to turn on/off, slides the arrow to the right default page to unlock the screen, or you can press the ignition keys for 3 times to lock/unlock the screen.

The unlocked display interface is simple and intuitive. The resident information includes the menu button, AB dual battery display, power W, resistance Ω, voltage V, number of smoking ports, < > power increase and decreases adjustment.

Click the top left (home) menu button to enter the host function options interface for separate settings.

MODE (power mode) Soft, Norm, Hard, three-speed power mode switching
MY MODE supports No1 - No4 four different resistance environment custom presets
PUFF supports up to 999 smoking port settings and reset zero settings
SETTING supports theme palette color switching and private password setting

Password setting and theme page color-switching is a very interesting and practical setting function, your password is yours, and it is forbidden to use without consent. The color of your interface is also yours, and the 6 color modes can be changed at will. More details on the features are not covered here. I believe that vapers with this product can find more hidden features and fun in their own exploration.

【to sum up】
As the second wave of new products released in 2019Q3, SMOK MAG P3 KIT is a full touch screen dual-electric 230W vapor kit with retro and innovative elements. It is equipped with an IQ-M chip to achieve a 0.001 s (second) speed ignition response, and as a three-proof device that supports IP67, it is free from the smashing of paint and water. It is also a flagship new work that SMOK once again faces vapers after launching a series of portable cigarettes. It is a comprehensive hard-to-smoke device that is both internal and external.


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