WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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The Smok nord pod starter kit review and analysis on difference between the Smok nord and Smok novo

by Martin Smith

The Smok nord starter kit is a new portable pod kit from SMOK. The biggest difference from the previous Smok novo pod starter kit is that it comes with a physical button to trigger ignition(buy the smok nord starter kits free shipping at https://www.buyecigkits.com/e-cig-kits/original-smok-nord-vapor-starter-kit-1100mah-free-shipping/

and buy the smok novo pod starter kits free shipping at https://www.buyecigkits.com/e-cig-brands/smoktech/original-smok-novo-kit-vape-pen-free-shipping/ ).

This change also makes this ecigarette more fun to manually control.

The appearance still continues the SMOK family-style design "snake grid",the smok nord pod system starter kit is as compact as a palm, retaining the vape juice window and the curved mouthpiece that fits the lip more. The main body and the upper and lower edges of the fuselage are made of high-gloss stainless steel. The inside of the battery rod is gold-plated and the bottom is made of rubber pad. As far as the thickness of the fuselage edge is concerned, the workmanship is relatively solid. You don't have to worry about the deformation. The charging interface placed in the fuselage greatly enhances the unity of the body feel.Reusable 3ml pod support multi-size replacement coils

It comes with small mini drawer type package box on the front of which the main product picture is centered , the product features are arranged vertically on the right side, the product introduction and use warning are printed on the back of the package, and the latest front-end laser anti-counterfeiting technology is used on the side to ensure consumers can instantly identify the product.

Package configuration:
1x Nord device
1x 0.6ohm Mesh Coil for Subohm Vaping
1x 1.4ohm Regular Coil for MTL Vaping
1x Usb Cable
1x Manual

Product parameters

Smok Nord pod system starter kits comes with the physical button ignition button, support double-click power display, a LED power indicator light can be seen above the button, green light indicate that the battery power is greater than 70% / orange indicates 50% / red indicates less than 30%, and the shuttle ejuice window is retained to check out the remaining ejuice at all times.

Duck-billed mouthpiece features the lower straight line, which is changed to a curve shape that fits the curvature of the lips and is more humanized attributing to vape comfortably compared with the former Novo mouthpiece.

Compared with the Smok novo pod starter kits, the nord is more dominant in height, and the width and thickness are increased.  1100mAh mAh for a portable pod kits is enough to show the advantages in the battery life experience

It come with a reusable pod. Its 3ml capacity is also rare in similar products. 

The inside of the top mouthpiece adopts an inverted triangular funnel shape, which is used to maximize the acceleration of condensate return, thus avoiding the problem of condensation inlet.

The device uses a three-point contact similar to the magnetic interface type, and a black rubber material is used around the pole to avoid condensation corrosion.

Smok Nord pod kit contains two different specifications of coils, 0.6Ω mesh coils / 1.4Ω conventional coils, of which 0.6Ω is steel mesh coil, known for fast heating speed, 1.4Ω is a regular ceramic coil,which needs to be purchased separately. 

The connection between the coils and the pod is abutted by a rubber ring. After close connection, it becomes a complete atomizer structure. The atomization heating is realized by the adsorption of the ejuice in the guiding hole of the coils, which can also be understood as pod supports use repeatedly , and only needs to replace the coils.

The filling hole on the side of the pod is sealed by the rubber pad.

How to refill the ejuice

Step 1:Pull out the pod

Step 2:pull out the rubber plug on the slot

Step 3:Add eliquid through the slot

Step 4:Press the rubber plug back carefully and firmly.

Do not vape immediately after full filling the pod,keep the device kit stilling for 2~3 minutes to get it cotton saturated completely

What is JUUL electronic cigarette and how to use it

by Martin Smith

Juul Labs, Inc. (/ˈl/ JOOL, stylized as JUUL Labs) is an electronic cigarette company which spun off from Pax Labs in 2017. It makes the Juul e-cigarette, which packages nicotine salts from leaf tobacco into one-time use cartridges.

The Juul became the most popular e-cigarette in the United States at the end of 2017 and has a market share of 72% as of September 2018. Its widespread use by youth has triggered concern from the public health community and multiple investigations by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Recently, JUX's producer PAX Labs has completed a merger and acquisition of VMR Products, the parent company of V2, the top five independent electronic cigarette brand in North America, which makes JUUL even more powerful.Just follow buyecigkits.com to get more about it,pls visit https://www.buyecigkits.com/e-cig-kits/e-cig-pod-kit/original-juul-pod-system-starter-kit-free-shipping/ if you want to buy one.

Main selling points:

1) The exclusive patented salt and alkali salt technology in the world makes the taste reduction high, which is very close to the throat sensation of real cigarettes. This is the most important reason for JUUL to quickly occupy the market;

2)Gently tap 2 under the fuselage, the indicator light will light up to inform the battery;

3) The pod is directly used, which is very convenient to use.

Buyecigkits recommend buying a JUUL Kit for the first time:

It includes a Jull device, a USB charger and a box of pods(Virginia Tobacco, Mint, Creme, and Mango), as shown below.

You can purchase individual flavors of cigarettes according to your personal preferences after you are accustomed to vaping.

Pod flavor:

JUUL pods are packed in boxes, 4 in a box, each capable of sucking 200, roughly equivalent to the amount of 1.5 packs of cigarettes. The nicotine concentration is 5%.

At present, PAX has launched a total of eight flavors of tobacco: tobacco, classic tobacco, mint, classic mint, mango, milkshake, fruit, cucumber.

[Classic tobacco is thicker than tobacco similar to cigar flavors; classic mint is cooler than mint]


1. It is recommended to charge for 40 minutes before using for the first time;

2. Remove the colored cap and insert one of your JUUL pod refill cartridges onto the end of the device


1. What should I do with ejuice leaking?

Pull out the pod and clean the cartridge with a cotton swab or paper towel

PS: There is no electronic cigarette in the world to avoid ejuice leakage . At present, the probability of JUUL electronic cigarette leakage is less than 1%, which is a leader in the industry.

2. Insert the cartridge and the device does not respond.

First check if the device has electricity. Tap the Device twice and the indicator light will display the battery: green lights indicates that it is charged fullly, yellow indicates medium, red indicates low, and needs to be charged.

When the device is powered, remove the cartridge, wipe the point where the pod is in contact with the cartridge, and reinsert the cartridge.

3, can not be charged.

It may be that the charger or the bottom of the device is in contact with the metal sheet to adhere to the impurities, resulting in poor contact, and can be charged normally after wiping.

JUUL e-cigarette has been listed in South Korea and competes with IQOS e-cigarettes

by Martin Smith

A representative of JUUL said on March 2019,: "Our goal is to launch Juul in the Korean market in the first half of this year or at the latest in the second half of the year." According to reports, JULL e-cigarette products have been launched in Korea!

On May 24th, Juul Labs sold its products to stores across South Korea. It means that JUUL will compete with IQOS in the Korean market!

Juul comes with a USB-style charging interface(you could buy it at buyecigkits official web at https://www.buyecigkits.com/e-cig-kits/e-cig-pod-kit/original-juul-pod-system-starter-kit-free-shipping/). There are five flavors of pod, each containing 4 cartridges .

Philip Morris International launched its heating not burn product iQOS in South Korea in June 2017(you could buy IQOS and iqos accessories at https://www.buyecigkits.com/e-cig-brands/iqos/),

which was quickly welcomed by smokers, prompting Korean domestic tobacco manufacturer KT&G (Korea Tobacco) and other foreign companies to introduce differentiated products. Such as the US smoke-type electronic cigarette Phix and the Japanese brand Jouz.

Market observers expect Juul to lead the growth of the Korean smoke-based e-cigarette market, just as Philip Morris International iQOS leads the heating and non-combustion market.

To understand the potential health risks of e-cigarettes, the Korean Ministry of Health plans to work with consumer safety oversight agencies to independently evaluate the chemical composition of Juul products.

Jung Young-gi,South Korean Ministry of Health official,said: "As we did when we first introduced the iQOS, heating not burn product, we will soon ask the food and drug safety department to conduct research on Juul e-cigarettes to check for the presence of this product. Different types and levels of toxic substances. We will then publicize Juul's material composition and product toxicity and dependence assessments to raise public awareness of possible risks."

Regarding Juul's controversy over social media to lure young people to smoke, Lee Seung-jae, CEO of Juul Labs Korea, told reporters in Seoul: "We will not conduct any form of social media marketing."

Next, Juul is considering expanding into the Middle East. The UAE government said in February 2019 that it would consider legalizing e-cigarettes. Juul said: "We are evaluating the entire Middle East market." But it is not yet ready to share a clear expansion plan.

What are the professional abbreviation terms in the electronic cigarette industry

by Martin Smith
Many vapers including those vaper starters and beginners could not make sure some abbreviation terms in the electronic cigarette industry,buyecigkits.com collected most of professional abbreviation terms in the electronic cigarette industry to help you guys know a bit more about ecig
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Vaping: Refers to the behavior of smoking electronic cigarettes. Information Reference: The Origin of Vaping
Vaper: Refers to all e-cigarette users.
PV: Abbreviation for Personal Vaporizer. In the broad sense, those with the electronic cigarette can be called PV.
APV: Advanced Personal Vaporizer. These devices usually require the user to understand some aspects of battery safety, atomizer principle, and Ohm's law. APV can be a pressure regulating box mod on the market or a mechanical ecigarette.
EDC: Abbreviation for Every Day Carry, carry things with you everyday.
ADV: All Day Vape. Refers to Ejuice that is often used preferably. 
DIY: Do It by Yourself. Including diy wire, diy ejuice and so on.
Vape Tricks: Generally refers to  badass vape tricks. Such as ghose inhale,waterfall,tornado,dragon,blowing Os etc.
Coil Art: Refers to the various buliding coils, which is popular among e-cigarette players.
MTL: . Mouth to Lung. Suitable for vape pod kits and those smoking cessation.
DL: Direct to Lung. Suitable for those vaping with high power kits.
MTN: Mouth to Nose. It is neither a mouth inhale nor a lung inhale. The smoke is only exhaled through the mouth and throat and then through the nose. It should be noted that nicotine is also absorbed in the nose and mouth mode.
REVIEWer: Electronic cigarette reviwer. Refers to a group that makes a subjective review on an e-cigarette through video or articles.
Cloud Chaser: Vaper who enjoy big smoke.
NRT: Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Like nicotine chewing gum, nicotine patch, nicotine nasal spray, why the e-cigarettes can quit smoking is also based on nicotine replacement therapy.
ECF: E-Cigarette-Forum. The world's largest e-cigarette industry forum.
Cancer Stick: Vapers is a nickname for cigarettes because it is the root cause of many diseases and cancers.
Stinkies:It is a nickname, here refers to cigarettes. 
ENDS: Electronic Nicotine Delivery System, generally refers to electronic cigarette products containing nicotine instead of traditional cigarettes.
Cigalike: Refers to the first generation of ecigarette like a traditional cigarette
Vape Pen: Pen-type electronic cigarette. Such as the ego/evod class.
Box Mod: Box-shaped electronic cigarette. Most of them belong to APV, named after the shape is like a box.
Mech Mod:  Refers to the electronic cigarette device without the control chip. Its security depends on the vaper professionals. Such as the Rogue, VGOD and so on.
Pod Mod: Refers to a closed exchangeable electronic cigarette. Such as JUUL, BO, Phix, My Von Erl and so on.
Squonk Mod: Squeeze electronic cigarettes. The mod squonker come with squeeze bottle under the atomizer. It is a method of refilling ejuice at the bottom. Such as GeekVape's Athena suit.
HnB: Heat not Burn. Such as Philip Morris International's IQOS, British American Tobacco's Glo, KT&G's Lil, etc., strictly speaking, it is not an electronic cigarette.
E-hookah: refers to the electronic hookah. Originally popular in the Arab population of the Middle East, representing brands such as BLOW.
EV: Energy Vapor, commonly known as energy bar. It is an electronic atomization device that replaces nicotine with caffeine. Representative brands include Eagle, Nutrovape, etc., strictly speaking, they are not electronic cigarettes.
TC: Temperature control. Another mode of use that some e-cigarettes can provide in addition to the watt/power mode allows proper temperature control to be compatible with the heating wire so that the user can adjust its atomization temperature.
Atty: Abbreviation for Atomizer, which refers to the atomizer.
Ohm's law: Ohm's law: I = U / R. I represents current, expressed in amperes (Amp), R represents resistance, expressed in ohms Ω. For security reasons, this is a must-have for heavy vapers.
Sub Ohm: Low ohmic atomizing device. Usually refers to atomizers below 1 Ω, requiring high power batteries and basic Ohm's law knowledge
RBA: Rebuildable Atomizer, which refers to a self-loading atomizer. Including RTA, RDA, RDTA.
RTA: Rebuildable Tank Atomizer.
RDA: Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer
RDTA - Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer. It is an upgrade combination of RTA and RDA. 
18650: A model of an external cigarette battery cell. The name comes from the battery size. 18 represents the diameter, 65 represents the length, and 0 is said to represent that the battery is cylindrical. The same is 18350, 18490, 18500, 20700, 21700, 26650 and so on.
PCB: Refers to the e-cigarette solution board.
Steeping: DIY newly purchased ejuice to achieve a better taste.
Freebase Nicotine: The current form of nicotine in most vape liquid.
Nic Salt: Nicotine salt. Pax Labs was first used to make nicotine more stable by adding some acid. It is considered to be more effective than traditional free-alkali ejuice in helping smokers quit smoking.
TFN: Tobacco Free Nicotine. It is a laboratory synthetic nicotine patented and trademarked by NextGeneration Labs. Not part of the FDA's tobacco control.

The most comprehensive e-cigarette industry terminology reference summary

by Martin Smith

Buyecigkits.com would like to summarize the most comprehensive e-cigarette industry terminology,here we go

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1.Electronic cigarette pronouns and  title of related products

Electronic cigarette,Electronic smoke,Electric cigarette,e-cigarette,e cigarette,ecig,e cig,e cigarettes,electronic cigarettes

Shisha,electronic hookah 

E cigar,e-cigar 

Disposable electronic cigarette,disposable cigarette,disposable e cigarette,e cigarette disposable 

2.Cartrige and atomizer pronouns and  title of related products







Punch cartomizer 

Prefilled cartomizer 

Rebuildable atomizer 

Dectable clearomizer 

Assemble clearomizer 

Washeable clearomizer 

Cleanable clearomizer 

Replaceble atomizer 


3.Resistance pronouns and title of related products and related products


Low resistance 

Middle resistance

High resistance 

Standar resistance 

Single coil tank 

Dual coil tank 

Heat Coil head

Dual hole

Single hole

Long wick

Short wick 


no cotton 




4.Drip tip pronouns and title of related products

Cigarette holder 

Drip tip 

Soft drip tip 

Hard drip tip 

Flat drip tip 

Round drip tip


5.Electric cigarette battery pronouns and title of related products

Ecig mech mod 

Ecig apv mod


Ego t 

Ego c 

Ego c twist 

Ego pass through,ego usb 

Ego k,q 

Ego w 

510 thread 510 

EGO thread ego 

Automatic battery 

Manual battery 

Variable voltage,Adjustable voltage

Variable wattage,Adjustable wattage 

Variable airflow,adjustable airflow


6.Electric cigarette juice pronouns and title of related products

E liuid 

E juice 

Vape juice




No nicotine 

Low nicotine 

Middle nicotine 

High nicotine 


7.Electronic cigarette supplier pronouns

Electronic cigarette munafacturer 

Electronic cigarette supplier

Electronic cigarette wholesaler

Electronic cigarette retailer

Electronic cigarette dealer

Electronic cigarette Distributor

Electronic cigarette factory 

Electronic cigarette company

Electronic cigarette brand

Electronic cigarette reviews

Electronic cigarette importer

Electronic cigarette exporter

What are the product standard of e-Cigarette

by Martin Smith

Buyecigkits.com is well aware of rip-off product flooding in electronic cigarette market and the lack of good quality e-cigarettes and accessories supervised at reasonable prices . It is really hard to get the latest regular and e-cigarette reasonably priced for those particularly vapor starters,that is why we posted the article.

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1.Safety standard

1). Body safety:

Unqualified batteries may cause e-cigarette explosion accidents, and must ensure that the battery performance is stable, and the heat dissipation performance of the body material is good to ensure personal safety during use.

2). Ejuice safety

Food grade PG, VG and flavors must be used, no heavy metals and radioactive materials are detected, ensuring that the vape juice packaging is sealed from contamination and deterioration, and the nicotine dose is controlled within a safe range.

2. Quality standards

1). Body shape:

Although the shape of electronic cigarettes on the market is ever-changing and there is no uniform standard, the shape is excellent in materials, small and portable, and ergonomic design.

2). Operational use:

It is better to operate easily. Including the one-piece design without buttons, that is, easy to replace, quickly replace the cartridge, low-cost cleaning and maintenance.

3). Performance standards:

It is better to have stable performance. Includes leak-proof ejuice tank design, constant power stable output, proper suction resistance, stable and long-lasting power supply.

4). E-liquid standard:

It is better to make the throat feel realistic, the sweet and sour balance, the delicate and supple, and the high flavor reduction.

5). Atomizer standard:

It is preferred that the coil is durable, the tank is highly sealed, and the heating is constant.

What is the difference between cotton coil, ceramic coil and quartz coil

by Martin Smith

As the most important part especially pod cartridges of electronic cigarettes,  the coils has been valued by the majority of vapers. What are the differences between the current coils? How to choose them?Just follow Buyecigkits.com to check out what the differences,here we go.

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Nowadays, the vape pod system kits on the market mostly come with cotton coils and ceramic coils,the quartz coil is basically used for those with vapor box mod.

First, the cotton coil is easy to burn, you have no choice but to change the coil, the service lifespan is short , the cotton coil is ejuice-absorbing, it can not be cleaned, all of the pod are throwaway.

The ceramic coil is very resistant to high temperatures, and easy to heat. It would not dry burning after 5-10 seconds even if there is no ejuice filling. If the power is too high. It can be washed directly with water and used again. Some pod kits including Mlife M9 Pod System Vape Starter Kit  that can be repeatedly filled with vape juice come with ceramic coil. 

At present, the power box mod kits basically come with a ceramic coil and a quartz coil. The quartz coil is a bit more advanced than the ceramic coil. Quartz and ceramics are inert materials, and it is difficult to chemically react with other substances at high temperatures. Quartz is more advanced,  of course, the price is more expensive.

FDA approved IQOS e-cigarettes to be sold in the US or will re-create the glory of Japanese market

by Martin Smith

Recently, Buyecigkits.com got the report that US FDA approved the first entry of electronic heat not burn electronic cigarettes into the US market, and IQOS electronic cigarettes became the pioneer brand entering the market. IQOS e-cigarette is a product of Philip Morris, which is popular because of its success

Just click the link https://www.buyecigkits.com/e-cig-kits/heating-kit/iqos-e-cig/ to know more about IQOS electronic cigarette and accessories and buy them free shipping over the world.in the Japanese market.

The FDA's approval is undoubtedly a major victory for IQOS. There are about 40 million smokers in the United States, and the penetration rate of electronic cigarettes has reached more than 10%. It can be said that the United States is currently the world's largest electronic cigarette market. After IQOS was allowed to enter the US market, Philip Morris' share price rose 2%, and the entire IQOS upstream and downstream supply chain will benefit.

In Japan, IQOS now sweeps all convenience stores.The IQOS e-cig entering the US market is likely to reproduce the glory of the Japanese market. Heat not burn technology is currently being done in many enterprises in China, and provincial-level Chinese tobacco companies have successively released new products that are not burning.

The FDA's approval of IQOS e-cigarettes to enter the market is a good thing for the entire e-cig industry, which may lead other countries to further liberalize their new policies in tobacco.

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The total number of IQOS users has exceeded 10 million in the first quarter of 2019

by Martin Smith

Buyecigkits.com got the report that  IQOS users exceeded 10 million and sales of heating non-burning devices increased by 20.2% In the first quarter of 2019.In order to promote the sales of IQOS, the company also launched the slogan “No smoking for one year” to encourage smokers to quit smoking. At the same time, smokers who want to quit smoking and can't quit can try to use IQOS electronic cigarette instead of cigarettes.

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IQOS is a heat not burn electronic cigarette product. Unlike electronic cigarettes that use vape juice, IQOS uses heat stick that are heated by low-temperature heating for users to smoke. Since there is no combustion reaction, this method greatly reduces the harm caused by smoking, and also ensures that the user has the experience of real smoke.

IQOS is a product of Philip Morris. In recent years, more and more smokers have begun to consider quitting smoking, which has led to a certain decline in cigarette sales. However, the sales of IQOS e-cigarettes are gradually rising. CNN said that  the long-term impact of the e-cigar on health is still unclear although Philip Morris has taken note of the IQOS e-cigarette.

Just click https://www.buyecigkits.com/e-cig-brands/iqos/ if you want to pick your preferably iqos kit and iqos accessories

What is the difference between iQOS 3 and iQOS 3 Multi than iQOS 2.4 Plus

by Martin Smith
Many starters are troubled by what the difference between iQOS 3 and iQOS 3 Multi than iQOS 2.4 Plus is, Buyecigkits.com would like to share some qa(questions and answers) on the difference
Just click https://www.buyecigkits.com/e-cig-brands/iqos/ if you want to pick your preferably iqos kit and iqos accessories.

First of all, we shall get to know what the iqos system is and how to use it, pls check out the detailed graphic description below

After figuring out the basic components of iqos and instructions, now we are getting into the difference,here we go!

[iqos 3 vs iqos 2.4 plus]
What is the different point?

1, the first look
In terms of size, Iqos 3 is a little narrower than iqos 2.4 plus, and the thickness is almost the same. Look at the picture below:

2, the charging time for the holder 
The iqos 3 can save up to 20 seconds by fully charging the holder compared with the iqos 2.4 Plus

3, the charging port 
 iqos3 come with type USB-C switching from mico USB on iqos 2.4 plus, Look at the picture:

4, power button
The 2.4 plus comes with 2 buttons which are a power button and a reset button respectively. Pressing both together can restart the machine to clear the red light. iQOS 3 just come with one power button now.

5, red light 
The iqos 3 officials said that the probability of red light is greatly reduced, as we all know if the red light lights up, it needs to be restarted, and the machine will be scrapped. It can be said that this upgrade is really big good news.

6, the color on the side clip of iqos 3 charger
The color on the side clip of the iqos 3 chargers is changeable, which is a small update compared to iqos 2.4 plus. Look at the picture below:

What is the same point?

1. the start-up time of the tobacco rod heating the heat stick
 Press the button to start heating before inserting a heat stick, it takes about 20 seconds, and the time is almost the same. 

2, the charging head is still two plugs
Look at the picture below:

3, the heat stick
The heat stick for 2.4 plus can be used on iqos 3 without any adaptation problems. Iqos 3 does not come with a new size-sized heat stick. Look at the picture:

 4, the cap
The cap on the iQOS 3 and iQOS 2.4 Plus can be replaced, however, note that the iqos 2.4 plus and iqos 3 can not be used. Look at the picture:

Finally, talk about iqos 3 Multi
1. The charger and the holder of iqos 3 multi are integrated.
This appearance is more compact, buyecigkits don't think it looks better personally. It is similar to the LIL that was previously in Korea but still looks better than LIL. Look at the picture:

2, iqos 3 Multi can be pumped continuously
Continuously pumping attracts many smokers. LIL used to use this as a selling point to get some users. You can enjoy 10 puffs consecutively thanks to Iqos 3 Multi.

3,  the battery lifespan has dropped
After obtaining the continuous pumping function, the battery lifespan will drop, unfortunately, which seems to be not suitable for people who are not accustomed to taking with a charger. 

4. The cap can be replaced.
Of course, you still need to buy a cap separately. Look at the picture:


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