WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

How to use the IQOS and what are the matters needing attention when using IQOS

by Martin Smith

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How to use the iqos 

1.Insert the IQOS holder into the pocket charger and charge both devices at once.It takes approximately 90 mins to fully charge the pocket charger.

2.Insert a heatstick into a fully charged IQOS holder and press the button on the side for 2 seconds to start heating. Check that the heatstick is inserted correctly by having the heatstick filter aligned with the top of the IQOS holder cap.

3.A green light will blink during the heating process(20secs) as the built-in temperature control chip heats the heatstick to the optimum temperature. When the IQOS holder button remains solid green,the heat stick is ready to use.

4.Puff the heatstick from the filter side as you would do with a cigarette. Consumers can enjoy 1 heatstick for 14 puffs or 6 mns, whichever comes first.

5.After 5 minutes, the IQOS holder button will switch to solid orange to inform you that your experience is ending. After usage, gently pull up the IQOS holder cap until it shops, the remove the used heatstick from the cap

6.To use the IQOS holder again,re-charge it by inserting into the fully charged pocket charger.It will be ready to be used in up to 6 mins.With the fully charged pocket charger,IQOS holder can be recharged 20 times

Shutdown: When IQOS is not used for a long time, please turn off IQOS . First put the holder back into the pocket charger (IQOS 3 MULTI does not need to do this), press and hold the power switch on the charging box for about 4 seconds, the holder battery status LED slide, and then all of the LEDs turn off, which means the IQOS is turned off. In the shutdown state, the charger and heat sticks are also turned off at the same time. 

Restart: Press and hold the power button on the pocket charger for about 4 seconds, and the holder battery status LED slide, indicating that it has been restarted. 

RESET: After using for a period of time, if the charging time is getting longer and longer, you can try RESET IQOS. First, put the holder back into the charger (similarly,IQOS 3 MULTI does not need to do this), press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds, The holder battery status LED flash twice at the same time, and then all turn-off, indicating that the RESET has been completed. 

What are the matters needing attention when using IQOS

If you are just starting to use the original IQOS device, remember the following four matters:

Note 1: Remember to use the original adaptor for the first charge
From the launch of IQOS 2.4 PLUS in 2017 to today's IQOS 3 DUO, users still often report that the newly bought IQOS did not respond after charging for one night. Remember to use the original adaptor for the first charge. At the same time, try to avoid using car chargers to charge IQOS.

Note 2: heat first, then insert heatstick
Do not insert it hard or try to rotate the heatstick, otherwise, the heating blade will be twisted! First press the button to heat, and then you can easily insert the remaining part of the heatstick until it is about 1mm away from the silver line of the heatstick filter. Under any circumstances, do not vigorously insert the heat stick. If you cannot insert it, it is likely that there will be tobacco residue after the last smoking. You must clean it first or try heating it first.

If the iqos holder is not cleaned for a long time, the tobacco inside will pile up
Note 3:Use a cotton swab or paper towel instead of the cleaning squeegee to wipe off 
Use a cotton swab or paper towel to wipe off the smoke oil. For deep cleaning, use the IQOS anti-fragment cleaning kit, pad and protect the heating blade, and then wipe the heating blade deeply to remove the stains on the heating blade.

After heating the IQOS heatstick once, a lot of smoke oil gathered at the bottom of the holder

Note 4: IQOS maintenance requires daily cleaning

Those who just switched to heating devices may not realize that they need to maintain and care for the IQOS besides charging every night.

It seems complicated and troublesome, but in fact, if you take a minute or two to wipe the inside of the holder, you have already completed the basic tasks. As for deep cleaning, take some time every week, use anti-fragment gaskets, pad the heating blade, and wipe the heating blade and the inside of the holder thoroughly.

There is another point that many new users have overlooked. The cap of the holder should also be cleaned regularly. The cap can be pulled out and wiped, or directly washed with water.


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