WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

How to place order and buy ecig kits and accessories at buyecigkits.com

by Martin Smith

Here are the details on how to place an order and buy vape kits and accessories at buyecigkits.com

Step 1. Add to cart


Step 2. Check out your cart


Step 3. Click "Check out"

Step 4 Click Register an account 

Then click continue

Step 5. Input your email and password

Then click continue

Step 6. Input Billing and Shipping Address

Then click continue

Step 7. Shipping options, do not input anything, just click continue

Step 8. Custom Payment

Why can’t I pay directly on your e-cigarette online store? I need to pay, what should I do?

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we have temporarily halted the use of credit payments and PayPal collections online. This decision is a result of the stricter implementation of the TPD policy. To proceed with your order, we kindly ask that you contact us or message us via Facebook or send an email to sales@buyecigkits.com to get our PayPal account or our Western Union name to make the payment through our PayPal account or via Western Union. Please remember to include the note "Order number" and not to note anything about vape items while making the payment. Thank you for your understanding.

Please tell us the following information after you have paid using Western Union.
1) The 10-digit control number.
2) Sender's name.
3) The exact amount you sent.
4) Sender's address.
5) Your shipping address.
6) Your order number.
7) The country you send from.
8) The receiver's name.

If we link our PayPal and credit card accounts for online payments, PayPal can identify what you purchased once you complete and pay for the order, then our PayPal account will be banned permanently.

If we provide you with a PayPal account or a Western Union account for you to make payments using your credit card, you can include your order number when making the payment. This way, we can match your payment with the corresponding purchase details.

Rest assured, you can also enjoy PayPal's buyer protection and credit card's buyer protection. This means you can benefit from PayPal's buyer protection if you haven't received the product for a long time, for example, more than 3 months, or if the product you received is damaged.

Step 9. Submit your order


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