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How to Maintain an Vape Atomizer: Daily Usage Tips

by Martin Smith

As an essential part of an vape, the atomizer requires maintenance and upkeep during daily usage to extend its lifespan. Today, Buyecigkits want to share with you some tips about what to pay attention to during daily usage of the vape atomizer.

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1. Clean the condensate regularly during usage
It is inevitable that an atomizer will produce condensate. Generally, condensate accumulates at the top of the atomizer and the part through which the vapor flows. For dripping atomizers, users can easily remove the atomizer and clean it with tissue paper or a cloth. For other types of atomizers, vapers can remove the condensate by shaking it downwards like a thermometer. If the condensate accumulates too much and is not cleaned in time, there is a risk of inhaling it. Many vapers complain about a sweet taste in their mouth after vaping for some time, which is likely due to inhaling condensated liquid. Too much condensate on the atomizer cotton wick can cause discoloring and charring, leading to a shorter lifespan of the heating coil.

2. Regularly clean the atomizer
Many vapers worry that changing e-liquid in an assembled atomizer will cause a bad taste. In fact, as long as there is not too much e-liquid in the atomizer, even changing the e-liquid without replacing the atomizer heating coil will only result in a few puffs of mixed flavor. When changing the e-liquid, users can clean the atomizer by wiping it clean or by directly replacing the atomizer heating coil if possible. We suggest that with a mesh coil atomizer, users should dismantle and clean the atomizer every one to two tanks of e-liquid. While cleaning, please also pay special attention to clearing the condensate in the atomizer and the vapor chamber, and clean the liquid on the atomizer bottom air inlets.

Cleaning methods can be chosen based on personal experience. The easiest and most common method is to use a tissue or cloth. However, if using water, please note that themesh coil atomizer heating coil should not be washed with water. Also, other parts that are cleaned need to be wiped dry or dried using a hairdryer before assembling and using the atomizer again.

3. How to Clean a DIY Rebuildable Atomizer

Compared to a mesh coil atomizer, a DIY rebuildable atomizer is easier to clean since it does not have any uncleanable finished coils. Users can directly disassemble the atomizer and wipe it clean, or rinse it with water and then wipe it dry or use a hairdryer to dry it. If conditions permit, friends can also use an ultrasonic cleaning machine for deep cleaning.

The frequency of cleaning depends on individual usage. For rebuildable atomizers, users can perform a deep cleaning of all components when replacing the coil. For rebuildable tank atomizers, users can dismantle and clean the condensate after using one to two tanks of e-liquid, and perform a dismantling and cleaning when replacing the heating coil.

Many users wash their DIY rebuildable atomizer with water together with the coil, but this method is not recommended. Tests have shown that using water to wash the coil after it has been burnt causes a rapid accumulation of rust and carbon deposits.

4. How to Remove Unpleasant Odors from an Atomizer

Simple wiping cannot remove the residual odor of heavy-flavor e-liquids. Even if it does not cause the e-liquid to taste bad, it can leave a strange odor in the atomizer, which can gradually worsen over time. To remedy this, users can mix baking soda and warm water to soak and clean the atomizer after disassembling it, or use an ultrasonic cleaning device to remove the residual odor.

5. Maintenance and Storage of the Atomizer

In addition to the main structural parts of the atomizer, the rubber ring and screw are also important components that require attention during use. Vapers need to pay attention to the force when assembling and disassembling screws to prevent them from slipping or damaging the electrode pole. New atomizer rubber rings are often more resistant, and all parts are harder to insert and remove. To make it smoother, vapers can apply a small amount of e-liquid to the rubber ring to ensure that it is not damaged.

Regardless of the type of atomizer, it should be stored vertically when not in use to prevent e-liquid leakage, and the air intake should be closed. For long-term storage of tank atomizers, vapers are advised to pour out the e-liquid and clean the atomizer, dismantle the whole cotton wick in rebuildable tank atomizer, or dismantle the cotton wick or the entire heating coil in rebuildable atomizers to ensure that there is no odor when the atomizer is used again.

After cleaning, vapers should wipe the water droplets on each component in time to prevent rusting of screws and other parts. If the atomizer is made of copper, it is recommended to use a hairdryer to blow it dry. For long-term storage, users can seal it in a bag to prevent copper oxidation.

Proper cleaning and maintenance can ensure that the atomizer remains clean and looks new for a long time, and the vaping experience is as excellent as when you first started using it. Meanwhile, the atomizer will not produce any odor during intermittent use, ensuring that the taste of the e-liquid is not affected.


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