WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

How to identify preferable e-liquid

by Martin Smith
Only preferable e-liquid for vapes can provide an amazing vaping experience, so when vaping, you need to learn how to choose vape liquid. There are many types of e-liquid flooding on the market, and it's not easy to choose one preferable. Even if the vapes are preferred, it will be useless if the e-liquid quality is poor. Therefore, buyecigkits is here to talk about the selection of vape liquid.

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1. The quality of is related to three aspects:

1) Solvent requirements to be food-grade or pharmaceutical-grade;

2) Nicotine content requires 98% or above, preferably 99%;

3) High-quality extracts for vapes.

Quality e-liquid should be smooth, have a throat hit, and when combined with a high-quality vape, it can provide a unique feeling and satisfaction, leaving a long-lasting impression!

2. To distinguish quality or knockoffs e-liquid, mainly pay attention to the following:

1) Appearance: E-juice is generally colorless or pale yellow when without nicotine. If some dark extracts are added, there will be corresponding colors. If it contains nicotine or too many natural extracts, the color will be less stable and may change color after exposure to sunlight or even in one or two days. Fruit-flavored e-liquids are more unstable in color, while tobacco and mint-flavored e-liquids are best in a light yellow or golden yellow color.

2) Smell: The initial smell should not be unpleasant. You may not like the aroma, but it should not make you feel nauseous or repulsed. The aroma of good e-liquid should be fragrant, full, and attractive.

3) Selection: The amount of vapor is not only related to the quality of the atomizer but also to the quality of the e-liquid. Generally speaking, the larger the amount of vapor, the better the e-liquid. It should be effortless to draw and with a delicate vapor that is moisturizing to your mouth. The burnt flavor may be related to e-liquid, but it is more likely caused by the vaporizer.

4) Taste: The most important is this aspect. The flavor should be stable, with a comfortable and full aroma, not irritating or spicy. There should not be a great difference in flavor when inhaled and exhaled. Generally speaking, the flavor in the mouth should dissipate three to five minutes after exhaling.

5) Sensation: Many vapers feel that their mouth and throat become dry after vaping. Feeling a little dry is normal, but it is not right if it's very dry. You should stop vaping for a while to let your throat adapt. This is because PG and VG are hygroscopic. If it's still very dry, it is recommended to stop vaping temporarily.

After explaining so much, it is hoped that everyone in the process of choosing e-liquid can add their own understanding and judgment. It is also recommended to select preferred e-liquid manufacturers. Enjoyable e-liquid provides some guarantee for your physical health.


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