WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

How to distinguish whether the Relx fourth-generation infinity pod battery device or kits is genuine or imitation

by Martin Smith

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First of all, check out the lines on the front and side of the package box of Relx fourth-generation infinity circled with red. If the lines are obvious, it is usually a fake version. If it is not obvious, it may be the original, as shown in the figure below.

Then check the bar code at the bottom of the genuine packaging box, which is clearly visible. At present, 80% of the honeycomb code may be fake.

Open the package, pull open the package box, there is a fuzzy honeycomb code on the inner box of knock-offs, as shown below

The inner box of genuine Relx infinity comes with a clearly visible anti-counterfeiting label and QR code, as shown in the figure below

The easiest way to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit products is to check the placement direction of the Relx fourth-generation infinity pod battery device in the packaging box. The direction of the genuine one in the packaging box is bottom-down, and the direction of counterfeit products is bottom-up, as shown in the figure below.


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