WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

How to corrode your brass vape mechanical tube mod to polish and clean so that it will not be oxidized by the sweat on your hands

by Martin Smith

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Many vapers who are accustomed to using red copper brass tube mechanical mods have a problem that the mod becomes ugly after oxidation, because the hand sweats too much and the mod always oxidizes very ugly, below is the brass vape mechanical tube mod corroded

Next, buyecigkits will teach you how to corrode your brass and copper mechanical mod to polish and clean in case of being oxidized by the sweat on your hands, here we go.

First of all, we have to prepare salt and ammonia. Next are some auxiliary tools: protective gloves, petroleum jelly, small watering can, heating wire, sandpaper, gas mask, plastic box, Varnish.

We need to be in a ventilated place, outdoors, or in a ventilated garage or laboratory. Remember to ventilate. If you don’t have this condition, remember to use a gas mask. After all, ammonia is poisonous.

We can start to corrode when we prepare the above things!

1. Use sandpaper to grind the surface of the tube mod to be corroded and keep the surface clean to facilitate the subsequent reaction of ammonium salt and copper.
2. Spread 7-8 layers of paper towels on the bottom of the plastic box, sprinkle ammonia on the surface (be careful to use a watering can) to moisten the paper towels below, and then sprinkle a layer of salt to cover the entire bottom.
3. Use heating wires to pull two beams in the box for standing the tube mod.
4. Put petroleum jelly on the inside of the tube mod and make the threaded part thicker to prevent it from being corroded.
5. Put the processed tube mod in a plastic box without touching the bottom, and sprinkle a circle of ammonia on the surface of the tube mod and then evenly sprinkle a layer of salt, then there is nothing to do but wait.
6. Flip the tube every four hours. After 12 hours, the corrosion is complete. If the corrosion effect is too short, it will turn black if the time is too long.
7. Wash off the salt and ammonia on the surface with clean water and use a paper towel to absorb the moisture inside and outside, and let it dry.
8. Spray varnish on the surface of the dried mod. Please google how to spray. The adhesion on the surface of the mod after corrosion is easy to be rubbed off and contact with the skin, which is harmful to health. So use the varnish as a protective layer.


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