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How much CBD oil do you need to take each day

by Martin Smith

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If you're going to take CBD oil (cannabidiol) for a medical condition, the first thing you want to know is how much you need to take each day. This article attempts to answer this question.

The examples below may help you decide. Again, there is no scientific standard for how much you should take each day, and the following are just possible "optimal" dosages based on practice.

Weight 1~10kg Low dose: 4.5mg Medium dose: 6mg High dose: 9mg
Weight 10~25kg Low dose: 6mg Medium dose: 9mg High dose: 12mg
Weight 25~40kg Low dose: 9mg Medium dose: 12mg High dose: 15mg
Weight 40~70kg Low dose: 12mg Medium dose: 15mg High dose: 18mg
Weight 70~110kg Low dose: 18mg Medium dose: 22.5mg High dose: 27mg
Weight 110kg+ Low dose: 22.5mg Medium dose: 30mg High dose: 45mg

To reiterate, the above table is the recommended dosage for people who have taken CBD oil, and you should adjust it according to your actual situation.

One of the great things about CBD oil is that so far no one has found a problem with taking too much. To make a perhaps inappropriate analogy: If you want to improve your health by eating spinach, how much is too much? This obviously does not determine the answer, you can eat as much as you can. The situation is similar for CBD. Therefore, start with a roughly reasonable amount, and then you can always consider whether to increase the dosage according to the actual effect.

Most people take 4-30 mg of CBD per day. Suppose you weigh 55 kg and are very anxious every day, then according to the above table, you should take 12-18 mg of CBD per day according to your weight. Considering that anxiety is not a serious disease, you can choose a moderate amount, which is 15 mg.

Here's what a patient shared: He weighs 73kg and suffers from chronic pain. He started with 15 mg of CBD a day and then increased it to 20 mg a day before feeling the effect. There is also an individual who weighs 90kg, has cancer, and has severe side effects from chemotherapy. He takes about 25-30mg of CBD per day, depending on how he feels when he wakes up. There are those who take 45 mg of CBD a day, although this is less common.


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