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Heat-not-burn device tobacco heating products (THPs) VS transitional cigarettes VS e-cigarettes (ECs) which is better

by Martin Smith

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It is well known that electronic cigarettes abbreviated to ECs can reduce harm compared to traditional cigarettes, so does the heat-not-burn device tobacco heating products abbreviated to THPs as an alternative to cigarettes. Recently, some scientific researchers have done research comparing ECs, THPs, and traditional cigarettes.

The research was published in the journal "Toxicological Research". There were 148 participants in the test, and the testers divided them into four groups: continuing to smoke traditional cigarettes, quitting smoking completely, switching to ECs, and THPs.

Subsequently, the researchers selected 16 hazardous substances for comparison in accordance with the list of hazardous or potentially hazardous substances listed by the US FDA.

The results showed that smokers who switched from cigarettes to ECs had almost the same levels of harmful substances in their urine and exhaled air as those who quit smoking completely.

Moreover, it can be seen intuitively from the data that ECs have a better harm reduction effect than THPs.

For example, in the exhaled air of e-cigarette users, the content of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons is 64.7% lower than that of cigarette smokers, the content of acrylonitrile is reduced by 89%, and the metabolites of tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNA) NNAL and NNN in the urine were reduced by 64.2% and 74.1% respectively.

These three substances are the carcinogenic chemicals produced after cigarettes are burned. Especially tobacco-specific nitrosamines. According to statistics, the incidence of cancer caused by nitrosamines in tobacco in the United States and Western Europe exceeds 30%.

As early as 2020, researchers from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have reached a similar conclusion through experiments: the content of NNAL in the urine of vapers is only 2.2% of that of smokers, confirming that ECs do not have traditions. The second-hand smoke problem of cigarettes.

It is obviously unrealistic to expect all smokers to quit smoking, so encouraging smokers to switch to ECs may be an effective method of smoking control. The author of the report stated that in order to allow more smokers to trust ECs and reduce harm by using them, the scientific community should continue to deepen the research on e-cigarette products.


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