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Has your package packed with vapes or other items been stolen or replaced? What to do

by Martin Smith

According to a survey of e-commerce users by Shorr Packaging (a US logistics company), nearly one-third of online shoppers have had their packages stolen from the front porch or door or mailbox, and some packages have even been maliciously exchanged for very cheap ones. With the approaching of various festivals at the end of the year, online shoppers are increasing dramatically, and this annoying problem will be encountered more and more.

Today, buyecigkits will talk to you about how to effectively prevent packages packed with vapes or other items from being stolen or replaced. What should you do after a package is stolen or replaced?

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If your vapes or other items is stolen or replaced, take the following steps.

The first step --- check the courier information

If you suspect your package has been stolen, you should first check the email you received at the time of purchase for courier information.

Usually, the email will have a tracking number that you can use to track the delivery status of your package.

You just need to click the number or button, or copy the number and enter it into the courier's website or 17track.net to get tracking information; the tracking information will show the location and date your package was last registered.

It should be noted that it is normal for goods to be delayed, especially during peak shipping seasons such as holidays. If your package appears to have been delivered, continue to step two.

Step 2 - Ask Your Enthusiastic Neighbors

If you confirm your vapes or other items delivered, please check with your neighbors.

It's embarrassing to call customer service directly and complain when you find the helpful aunt next door taking your package away in case it's stolen or it's raining.

Step 3---Contact the seller

If your package is actually stolen or replaced, please contact the seller immediately.

Different merchants have different return and refund policies for dealing with stolen or replaced items, but generally, you are entitled to a refund or replacement item. For example, Amazon offers different levels of "A-to-Z" guarantees for stolen items.

There are times when the items you buy on Amazon actually come from third-party sellers or buy from other online stores including vape stores like buyecigkits.

At times like this, Amazon will recommend that you contact the third-party seller or you have to email or message the online store first and try to resolve the issue with them.

However, if you wait two or more business days without a response or if the seller is simply not willing to cooperate, we suggest filing a claim with Amazon or Paypal or Credit Card Company and they will refund you.

In most cases, the seller will basically agree to re-deliver the package to you. But if they refuse to take responsibility and refuse to re-deliver, there are other ways you can claim compensation.

Step 4 - File a claim with the courier company

Sometimes sellers will try to shift responsibility to the courier company, or they will make you wait a few days after you complain to confirm that your package has indeed been stolen or replaced.

If this happens, you would better file a claim with the courier company.

UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL all offer online claims processes, and you are supposed to call them directly.

Step 5 - Check if your credit card is insured

If your item was purchased with an insured credit card and the credit card company is alerted within a certain amount of time, they will usually reimburse you for the stolen item.

Many credit cards offer to purchase insurance, so you'll need to go to the credit card's website to check their coverage and file a claim.

However, some credit card companies do not claim high-value items (often over $500 or $1,000), and some card issuers may require you to submit information such as a police report.

In addition, credit card insurance is usually a second choice, and it is generally considered after the above steps have been implemented ineffectively.

Step 6 - Claim High-Value Items Through Homeowners Insurance

Most landlord or tenant insurance policies cover stolen packages. However, it's only useful for deals that are worth well above the deductible.

General deductibles range from $500 to $2,000, so it doesn't make much sense for most stolen packages.

Even if the value of the item exceeds the deductible, you need to consider the risk of the insurance company increasing your premium later, not to mention how cumbersome the claim process can be.


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