WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Ammo VS Relx Pod System Kit,which one do you like

by Martin Smith

Buy ammo pod system pod kit free shipping at https://www.buyecigkits.com/e-cig-kits/e-cig-pod-kit/original-ammo-lt-vape-pod-system-starter-kit-360mah-free-shipping/

Buy relx pod system pod kit free shipping at https://www.buyecigkits.com/e-cig-kits/e-cig-pod-kit/original-relx-pod-system-vape-starter-kits-350mah-free-shipping/

Ammo's packaging is composed of two layers of packaging, the product design drawings and some manufacturers' production information are printed outside of the package box. After opening, it is a white long box.

Relex system starter kits package box shape: square white box Ammo system starter kits package box shape: rectangular box

Ammo and Relx pod system starter kits package content: two pods cartridge, a USB cable, a device, a user manual.

Relex pod system kit comes with refreshing mint and classic tobacco. Ammo pod system starter kit comes with Green Bean Ice and Romantic Suzhou tobacco. As far as flavor is concerned, I prefer Green Bean Ice, because it is more delicate and soft when they are vaped, just like the mung bean ice cream that I ate when I was a kid. Romantic Suzhou tobacco is more suitable for heavy smokers. When vaping, there will be a faint smell of tobacco, and at the same time, you will have a cool feeling, just like you are smoking traditional cigarettes.

battery capacity:

The official standard of Relx pod kit is that the battery capacity is 350mhA. It only takes 45-60 minutes to charge, and it can be vaped for a whole day. However, when I use it, it is usually an hour. It's about 400 mouthfuls, but ammo is not the same. I can charge it for 45 minutes, and I can use it for a whole day. I can use it in the morning the next day. Are you going to choose ammo like me?

In color:

There are five colors of rose gold, classic black, deep blue and starry gray, rose gold, and ammo has five colors: classic black, pearl white, Chinese red, hibiscus purple, and coral blue.


The length of Relx pod starter kit is longer than that of ammo, but the weight is lighter. I like things that have a heavier weight, because it will feel more textured when held in hand, and ammo pod system starter kit is made of zinc alloy and POM materials and has a matte texture. It feels like holding an iPhone in your hand.


Relx: There are two flavors of classic tobacco cartridges and refreshing mint cartridges, the manufacturers have also introduced more novel-sweet fruit cartridges: in addition to tropical fruits, clear summer, drunk blueberries, and my favorite frozen lemon tea flavor.

ammo: ammo cartridge pod currently has a total of 23 flavors, including Cool Mint☘️/ Red Wine/Su Yan/Mango/
/Lychee/Bubble gum/Blueberry/Pei pa/Almond/Pineapple/Coffee️/Cola/White Tea/Ice Cream/Perrier/Fudge/Green Bottle/Mate Herb/Good Night Drink/Belgian Berrie/Arizona/Jelly Belly


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