WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

How to ensure the safety of e-liquid

by Martin Smith

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E-cigarette liquid is called e-liquid. Its main components are organic solvents, flavor substances (food flavors), nicotine and a small amount of additives. Organic solvents are mainly 1,2-propanepiol (1,2-propanepiol) and glycerol (also called glycerin, Glycerol), which usually account for about 90% of the components of the smoke liquid.

E-liquid needs to undergo 17 major categories of e-liquid quality and safety testing items, and 54 specific indicators can be used before it can be used in production.

1) Nicotine test according to California 65 requirements

2) Determine 4 specific nitrosamine compounds according to FDA technical documents

3) Test propylene glycol, diethylene glycol and other harmful substances in vape juice.

4) The heavy metals in e-liquid determined by the method of heavy metals in nicotine in the USP

5) Test the microbial content and antiseptic efficacy of electronic cigarettes according to the requirements of the USP

6) TRA Toxicity Analysis-EU and US

7) E-cigarette MSDS safety data specification service-according to EU 2001/58/EC, 1999/45/EC, 67/548/EEC, Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006; US 29 CFR 1910.1200 (g), ISO 11014 -1 and other international standards to issue safety data instructions.

8) Export to EU RoHS directive

China: CCC certification, CQC certification, mall quality inspection reports, security products commissioned by the Ministry of Public Security, wading products, ISO9001 certification, ISO14001 certification, TS16949 certification, lithium battery aviation safety certification, air purifier testing

America: FDA inspection FDA registration FCC certification BQB certification UL certification CPSC certification ASTM certification California 65 certification ETL certification CEC certification Energy Star certification

Europe: CE certification ROHS testing REACH testing EUP energy efficiency testing TUV certification GS certification SGS certification

Asia: SASO certification PSE certification TELEC certification KC certification BSMI certification NCC certification BIS certification Middle East COC certification

Australia: GEMS energy efficiency certification CTICK certification SAA certification RCM certification

Africa: COC certification of various countries in Africa

Regulate the safety and hygiene standards of various formula components in e-liquid, prohibit the addition of vitamins, caffeine, and food coloring additives, and determine the safe addition of various flavors; stipulate the use of glycerin, propylene glycol, and nicotine Health and safety technical standards. At the same time, corresponding regulations are made on the composition of e-cigarette liquid formula and the concentration range of various harmful substances in the aerosol.

What's the matter that the electronic cigarette has electricity but can't vape

by Martin Smith

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After the atomizer is installed, let it stand still for 5 minutes before vaping. If it still does not vape, it is the problem with the coils. Replace the coils and do it again according to the previous method. If it still does not work, the most common cause is poor contact between the atomizer and the battery device. The following steps are recommended:

1. first rotate the thread to pull up or insert drip tip vertically, please do not tilt it;

2. Do not refill e-liquid from the small hole in the middle of the atomizer, and the middle vent hole is not the refiling position;

3. The electronic cigarette is based on the principle of high-temperature heating. Condensate will be generated on the top of the battery device. When charging, it must be wiped with a paper towel;

4. Besides the frequency of use, the service life of the atomizer has a very important relationship with the usage habits. The service life can be prolonged by keeping the interval of 5 seconds or more between each use;

6. The built-in lithium battery of the battery device has no memory activation, just fully charge it

7. The battery device is controlled by pressing and vaping. Turn on the device and press it 5 times. When using it, press and hold the power button, and release the button immediately. After not vaping, press 5 times to turn off.

There are also the following reasons:

1. There is no e-liquid in the atomizer or pod cartridge, refill the atomizer or pod cartridge with e-liquid or try another atomizer or pod cartridge;

2. The battery is dead. If the battery light flashes or turns off while vaping, it means that the battery is out of power. Charge it quickly.

3. If the battery is normal and the e-liquid left in the atomizer or pod cartridge, it is recommended to replace it with a new atomizer or pod cartridge.

How often does the electronic cigarette coil change

by Martin Smith

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Atomizers can be divided into "sub-ohm atomizers" and "RBA rebuildable atomizers". Correspondingly, coil are also divided into "mesh coils" and "RBA coil" . "mesh coil" refers to the coils that is uniformly processed and manufactured by the factory, and the vaper can directly replace it when purchased; the "RBA coil" is made by the user using heating wire, cotton and other materials.

Generally speaking, the lifespan of the mesh coil should be about 7 days to half a month. However, the lifespan of the coil is also very different due to the different frequencies and e-liquid used by each vaper.

RBA's coil is determined by the use habits of each vaper. For example, some like to change it once a day, while others change it in 3-5 days, half a month, or even a month. Generally, the more frequent the frequency of replacement is, and the longer the lifespan of the coil is.

Below are the factors affecting the lifespan of the coils

Everyone's usage habits and pursuit of experience effects determine the service lifespan of the coils. So, what are these factors?

A. Power.

The acoil has a certain range of tolerable power. If the output power set by the user is too high, the high temperature generated by the coil will excessively evaporate the e-liquid, and the surrounding cotton will not have time to replenish the e-juice, which will lead to "sticky core" and thus scrapped.

B. E-liquid.

The higher the sugar content, the easier it is to "carbon deposit". That is, the coil forms a black substance on the coil while atomizing the e-liquid, which will affect the heating efficiency of the coil and the flavor of the vaporized smoke, which will reduce the taste and performance of the atomizer, which is similar to a "paste core".

C. Not "run the core".

Before using a new coil, you need to drop an appropriate amount of vape juice into the cotton around the coil to soak the cotton, that is, "moisten the core". This is to facilitate the coils to absorb the e-liquid more smoothly during the formal use process. It usually takes more than 15 minutes to experience the non-lubricated core directly into the e-liquid, otherwise, it is easy to "stuff the core".

D. High VG e-liquid.

The main reason is that the e-liquid is viscous and has poor fluidity, which reduces the oil-conducting performance of the coils, thereby causing the "paste core" to reduce the service life.

There is no fixed replacement cycle for the coils. Vapers can judge whether they need to be replaced based on their own experience:

A. Judging the taste of e-liquid. When the e-liquid tastes worse, mixed with a hint of mushy (burnt cotton smell), and even has a "spicy voice" sensation. Check out whether the coils core is "sticky". If it happens, it needs to be replaced.

B. Check out the inside of the coils. You can remove the tank and check out the inside of the coils to see if the cotton around the coil is burnt, discolored, or carbon deposits, and decide whether to replace it according to the situation.

Sum up

The lifespan of the coils is mainly determined by the e-liquid and power. Do not use excessive power. Reasonably pursue "high sugar content and high VG" e-liquid. Wetting the core before using it can effectively extend the lifespan of the atomizer. Although "carbon accumulation" and "paste core" are inevitable, they should be minimized. In addition, correct disassembly and assembly of the atomizer and timely cleaning of the coils can also extend the lifespan of the coils, thereby reducing the cost of use.

How to effectively clean and maintain IQOS

by Martin Smith

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The main component of IQOS Heatsticks smoke oil is VG PG, these two main components are also the main components in the e-cigarette e-liquid. Besides the two liquid components of VG and PG, there is inevitably a little bit of tar, so smoke oil remains in the holder every time after the heating.

The early IQOS 2.4 Plus did not have a built-in silicone ring, so the smoke oil can easily flow into the holder, fortunately, the new version of 2.4 Plus Protect Plus, the fourth generation of IQOS 3 and IQOS 3 Multi, and the fifth generation of IQOS 3 DUO have built-in silicone rings.

The soaking the circuit board with smoke oil is relatively rare but it is better to clean it every day to avoid the accumulation of smoke oil and mix the flavors of the previous heatstick. What is more, frequent cleaning undoubtedly reduces carbon deposits and repeated heating of smoke oil and reduces the release of unnecessary substances.

Please use a dry cotton swab or paper towel to suck up the smoke oil in the holder and wipe it dry after heating the heat stick per time.

Note: Remember to "dry first and then wet". Use a dry paper towel or cotton swab to absorb the smoke oil before cleaning with an alcohol cotton swab to prevent the e-liquid mixed with alcohol from slipping into some hidden gaps.

In many cases, cotton swabs may not be in hand, just switch to practical paper towels. If the paper towel is too thick, separate it into two sheets, fold it in half, then fold out a triangle, and then roll it into a strip, you can easily insert it into the IQOS to suck out the remaining smoke oil.

When the carbon deposit seriously affects the air intake of the heatstick, then you must do a deep cleaning, but remember to use the IQOS anti-break blade to support and protect the heating blade before inserting the cleaning tool.

According to the maintenance experience and data, more than 70% of the fragments are caused by accidentally breaking the heating blade during cleaning, just clean gently, 

Before the deep cleaning, use a cotton swab or paper towel to clean up the remaining smoke oil and tobacco. This is very important. If you don't "dry first and then wet", when cleaning with alcohol, the smoke oil will easily slip into small gaps after mixing with alcohol, and even slip into the charger.

How to use IQOSprotective anti-break rubber pad
There are two anti-break rubber pads in the IQOS cleaning kit, one large and one small. The larger one is used on IQOS 3 DUO / IQOS 3 or IQOS 2.4 Plus, and the smaller one is used on IQOS 3 Multi, because Multi has a small inner diameter.Be careful when inserting the anti-break pad into IQOS 3 Multi holder. 

Before inserting a cotton swab or other cleaning tools to clean, first check whether the protective rubber pad is just firmly on the heating blade, otherwise the heating blade will be broken when it is wiped hard. If there are gaps, you can insert a small toothpick on the bottom of the rubber pad, or try to use the pad originally used to protect the IQOS 3. 

Step 2: Use alcohol cotton swabs to clean the inside of IQOS
As mentioned earlier, first use dry paper towels or cotton swabs to "suck dry" the smoke oil, then use a slightly damp 70% sterile alcohol cotton swab to gently wipe the heating blade and the surrounding area, and then dry immediately.

Never use industrial alcohol, which is toxic and corrosive, or use any powerful cleaning agents of unknown origin, especially those knock-offs printed in Japanese!

There are many claims on the market that IQOS special powerful cleaners can efficiently remove carbon deposits, but most of them do not indicate the chemical composition. These powerful cleaning fluids are actually powerful solvents that dissolve the dirt on the surface of the ceramic heating plate, like the toilet cleaning liquid for toilet bowls, which does not damage the ceramics and can wipe the heating plate clean without any effort. However, for the transparent plastic bracket of IQOS 3 Multi, it may melt off, become brittle or cause cracks.

In addition, strong cleaners may also be harmful and corrosive to the silicone ring. Unless the original IQOS manufacturer discloses the composition of their silicone ring and a strong cleaner that can be used safely, use commercially available cleaning fluids to clean it. IQOS, the gain at any time outweighs the loss.

How to use the IQOS and what are the matters needing attention when using IQOS

by Martin Smith

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How to use the iqos 

1.Insert the IQOS holder into the pocket charger and charge both devices at once.It takes approximately 90 mins to fully charge the pocket charger.

2.Insert a heatstick into a fully charged IQOS holder and press the button on the side for 2 seconds to start heating. Check that the heatstick is inserted correctly by having the heatstick filter aligned with the top of the IQOS holder cap.

3.A green light will blink during the heating process(20secs) as the built-in temperature control chip heats the heatstick to the optimum temperature. When the IQOS holder button remains solid green,the heat stick is ready to use.

4.Puff the heatstick from the filter side as you would do with a cigarette. Consumers can enjoy 1 heatstick for 14 puffs or 6 mns, whichever comes first.

5.After 5 minutes, the IQOS holder button will switch to solid orange to inform you that your experience is ending. After usage, gently pull up the IQOS holder cap until it shops, the remove the used heatstick from the cap

6.To use the IQOS holder again,re-charge it by inserting into the fully charged pocket charger.It will be ready to be used in up to 6 mins.With the fully charged pocket charger,IQOS holder can be recharged 20 times

Shutdown: When IQOS is not used for a long time, please turn off IQOS . First put the holder back into the pocket charger (IQOS 3 MULTI does not need to do this), press and hold the power switch on the charging box for about 4 seconds, the holder battery status LED slide, and then all of the LEDs turn off, which means the IQOS is turned off. In the shutdown state, the charger and heat sticks are also turned off at the same time. 

Restart: Press and hold the power button on the pocket charger for about 4 seconds, and the holder battery status LED slide, indicating that it has been restarted. 

RESET: After using for a period of time, if the charging time is getting longer and longer, you can try RESET IQOS. First, put the holder back into the charger (similarly,IQOS 3 MULTI does not need to do this), press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds, The holder battery status LED flash twice at the same time, and then all turn-off, indicating that the RESET has been completed. 

What are the matters needing attention when using IQOS

If you are just starting to use the original IQOS device, remember the following four matters:

Note 1: Remember to use the original adaptor for the first charge
From the launch of IQOS 2.4 PLUS in 2017 to today's IQOS 3 DUO, users still often report that the newly bought IQOS did not respond after charging for one night. Remember to use the original adaptor for the first charge. At the same time, try to avoid using car chargers to charge IQOS.

Note 2: heat first, then insert heatstick
Do not insert it hard or try to rotate the heatstick, otherwise, the heating blade will be twisted! First press the button to heat, and then you can easily insert the remaining part of the heatstick until it is about 1mm away from the silver line of the heatstick filter. Under any circumstances, do not vigorously insert the heat stick. If you cannot insert it, it is likely that there will be tobacco residue after the last smoking. You must clean it first or try heating it first.

If the iqos holder is not cleaned for a long time, the tobacco inside will pile up
Note 3:Use a cotton swab or paper towel instead of the cleaning squeegee to wipe off 
Use a cotton swab or paper towel to wipe off the smoke oil. For deep cleaning, use the IQOS anti-fragment cleaning kit, pad and protect the heating blade, and then wipe the heating blade deeply to remove the stains on the heating blade.

After heating the IQOS heatstick once, a lot of smoke oil gathered at the bottom of the holder

Note 4: IQOS maintenance requires daily cleaning

Those who just switched to heating devices may not realize that they need to maintain and care for the IQOS besides charging every night.

It seems complicated and troublesome, but in fact, if you take a minute or two to wipe the inside of the holder, you have already completed the basic tasks. As for deep cleaning, take some time every week, use anti-fragment gaskets, pad the heating blade, and wipe the heating blade and the inside of the holder thoroughly.

There is another point that many new users have overlooked. The cap of the holder should also be cleaned regularly. The cap can be pulled out and wiped, or directly washed with water.

HiTaste P6 Mini Heat Not Burn HNB tobacco heating Smokefree device unboxing review

by Martin Smith

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The Hitaste P6 Mini Heat Not Burn HNB heating smokefree device (abbreviated as hitaste p6 mini or p6 mini) is a slim version of the Hitaste P6 Heat Not Burn HNB tobacco heating device (abbreviated as hitaste p6 or p6). The functions and software of P6 mini are almost the same as those of the P6. It is also a heating needle device with an OLED display. The heating temperature is also adjustable, and the heating time can also be set by itself. There is a real-time countdown function. The device will also ask you if you want to start high temperature cleaning after heating 5 heatsticks.

Does Hitaste P6 mini come with any new creative highlights? Yes, a "halfway pause" function, a dust-proof slider, and the long-lost "Pink Symphony" color. Some girls may think that Hitaste P6 is a little bit bigger, and now they have one more choice. As for those who miss the previous pink P5, now you can try this pink P6-Mini.

Open the box immediately and take a look at the new P6-Mini. The first change is that the box has been changed to a square and mainly black. The accessory box comes with a Micro-USB charging cable and manual.

As the name suggests, P6 mini is a little smaller than P6, and the battery capacity has inevitably changed to be smaller. P6-Mini has only 1200mAh. The weight is reduced from 82 grams of the P6 to 55 grams of the P6-Mini. The P5 weighs only 44 grams, which is about the same as the 45 grams of the IQOS 3 Multi.

The weight of P6-Mini is 11 grams heavier than P5, but it is 27 grams lighter than P6. It seems that P6-Mini wants to take the light route.

Similarly, the length of the P6, P6-Mini and P5 models is the same 105mm. The three models are only different in thickness, while the size of the P6-Mini is between P5 and P6.

Undoubtedly, these three models are portable, if you want to put them in a shirt bag or trouser bag, of course, the lighter the better.

Use the medium amount to test, set the temperature at "270°C" (for reference only), set the time at 4 and a half minutes, and P6-Mini can heat 12 heatsicks continuously after being fully charged. 

The charging mode of P6 Mini is almost the same as that of P6. According to official figures, it takes three hours to charge. It takes two and a half to three hours to fully charge actually. During the charging process, the battery display will keep beating, indicating that it is charging. After charging for more than two hours, the display will turn off, but if you press the ignition switch, the battery display will light up again and continue beating, and it will be fully charged in about three hours.

P6 Mini's "Pause" function
P6 Mini has added a new "Pause" function,  during the heating and smoking process, you can "long press" the ignition switch to activate the PAUSE pause function. According to official information, the function will keep the heating needle at a relatively low temperature of about 100°C. When you press and hold the ignition switch again, the pause function will be canceled, and the temperature will be returned to the previously set temperature to continue heating.

P6 Mini continued the P6's magnetic upper cover design, which is also integrated.

One change is that the P6 Mini has a sliding dust cover inside the upper cover. LiL already had it when it came out, while the IQOS 3 Multi was covered with a rotation. Although it is a dust cover, it seems to prevent tobacco residue and smell from escaping, more than dust preventing coming in!

Regarding the base of the heatstick holder, you may wonder whether the P6/P6-Mini is the same as the P5. Unfortunately, after opening the upper cover, the heatstick holder can not be pulled out to facilitate the cleaning of the heating needle, both the base of Hitaste P6 Mini and Hitaste P6 heatstick holder can not be removed.

The insert port for the heatsitcks in the upper cover of the P6 Mini is a bit big, and the shredded tobacco is easy to fall into the stick holder. It is necessary to turn the device over and clean it regularly.

As for the magnetic attraction of the top cover, since the P6 Mini is relatively light, even if you only hold the top cover, it is still strong enough to attract the body.

The display will prompt whether to start the high-temperature cleaning after heating 5 sticks. Select N to cancel, or ignore it, it will automatically exit after ten seconds. It is not recommended to use high-temperature cleaning frequently, which will accelerate the aging of plastic parts. 

Lamborghini released a new high-end e-cigarette-Lamborghini Vape

by Martin Smith

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"You may not know that Lamborghini, today's top supercar brand, was originally a tractor factory, and you may not know that Lamborghini released electronic cigarettes this year."

Last month, Tonino Lamborghini, a luxury brand under Lamborghini, released a new high-end e-cigarette-Lamborghini Vape, limited to 5,000 sets worldwide, including 9 new flavored cartridges.

Lamborghini Vape focuses on high-end products from product positioning, appearance design, product quality to price, and packaging, taking the route of luxury goods and high-end gifts.

It is understood that this product is the first to be launched simultaneously in Italy and China. The design is supervised by the Lamborghini design director. The appearance of the product is the classic yellow of the Lamborghini sports car.

In order to perfectly unify the quality of each Lamborghini Vape and sports car, the Italian designer adopts the original Lamborghini sports car Giallo Inti yellow metallic pearl paint. The six-sided honeycomb black area in the middle is made of imported Italian Alcantara fabric, and the two sides of the battery device are inlaid with Lamborghini original 0.4mm high-strength carbon fiber material.

It feels very delicate and thick indeed. Especially the combination of the suede-like texture of Alcantara fabric and the metallic car paint. Compared with other ordinary aluminum-pole e-cigarettes on the market, Lamborghini Vape really has a sense of "luxury" in the hand.

In addition to the limited sale of 5,000 sets of cigarette sticks, Lamborghini is very distinctive in the taste of the cartridge: for the first time, more than 9 unique flavors that have never been seen in the market have been launched.

There are classic cocktails made from Italian Almond Flavored Liqueur-Godfather, the world's most popular wild bomb flavor and the recently popular Mojito flavor, as well as the pineapple beer that is uniquely prepared for China taste, and other new flavors such as Tieguanyin, Long Island Iced Tea, and cocktails.

Relx and LGD team up created the Relx LGD closed vape pod battery device limited edition

by Martin Smith

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RELX is a popular vape pod brand founded in 2018. According to the latest report from Nielsen, a global market monitoring and analysis agency, in May 2020, RELX has accounted for 68.9% of the closed vape pod market in 19 new first-tier cities in China. The LGD team e-sports club was established in 2009. It owns the DOTA2 division, the League of Legends division, the glory of the king division, and the peace elite division. It is one of the oldest e-sports clubs in China.

The LGD DOTA2 team co-branded with RELX this time is the team that has won important tournaments many times in the e-sports circle and has a large number of loyal fans born in the 80s and 90s. Since the joint model went on sale, it has been favored by e-sports fans.

The RELX LGD "Immortal Heroes" co-branded package is full of "e-sports style": what catches the eye is the LGD team logo.  the game IDs and the character totem of 5-star members are around the team logo.  Open the outer packaging, the inner sealed box is printed with the DOTA2 map and the signatures of 5 team members, and they uniquely simulate their "combat formation", which is very ritual.

The RELX LGD pod device battery gaming version is different from the traditional Relx pod device, it comes with the matte texture with low-key and focused gaming blue color, and the LGD team logo engraved with laser technology is closely arranged, just like the faith totem of the competing players. The body is printed with a slogan in silver silkscreen: "NO BROTHERS NO E-SPORTS", demonstrating the unique spirit of team spirit in the gaming circle.

Besides the Relx LGD closed vape pod battery device system limited edition, the package includes limited edition hand-painted postcards and stickers for 5 players. For DOTA2 players, this joint suit has collection value and commemorative significance.

Power supply solutions for vape pod electronic cigarette kits

by Martin Smith

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This article provides a power supply solution for vape pod electronic cigarette kits, which mainly includes a lithium battery, a boost circuit (TPS61022) and the resistance of a coil (2 Ω). This solution supports up to 12.5W (5V/2.5A) output, and the power is continuously adjustable. By adding a booster circuit to the vape pod kit, it can obtain a higher and more stable output voltage, which can improve the flavor. At the same time, this solution has the function of continuously adjustable output power, which makes the design of the pod vape kit more flexible.

The main function of electronic cigarettes is to replace the original method of burning tobacco by heating tobacco or e-liquid and to bring vapers the same experience as traditional tobacco. Because electronic cigarettes are non-burning, there is almost no smoke, and there is no pollution from second-hand smoke. Compared with traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are less harmful to health and can help users quit smoking.

The basic structure of a vape pod kit is shown in Figure 1. It mainly includes lithium batteries, related charging circuits and ports; vape pod cartridge (with pre-filled e-juice inside), heating resistor wires; microcontroller Unit (MCU), and sensors for airflow detection. The pod vape E-cigarettes use coils heated and e-liquid to simulate the same taste like real cigarettes. In general, the resistance value of the coils is generally about 0.4 Ω~2.8 Ω. The traditional method is to use the battery to directly heat the coils or a switch tube can be connected in series between the battery and the coils to adjust the output power. However, the maximum output power of this method will be limited by the battery voltage. At the same time, because the battery voltage is unstable, the output power is unstable, which affects the flavor of smoking.

Figure 1

TPS61022 introduction

TPS61022 is a boost chip that supports input from lithium battery and output 15W (5V/3A). It has a minimum switching current of 6.5A in the valley of the full temperature range. TPS61022 has a small on-resistance, the on-resistance of the lower switch tube is 12mΩ, and the on-resistance of the upper switch tube is 18mΩ. So it has relatively high efficiency. For example, when Vin=3.6V, Vout=5V, Iout=2.5A, the overall efficiency is about 95%. Meanwhile, the typical start-up load capacity of TPS61022 is 1Ω, so it can support most coils to start. The operating switching frequency of TPS61022 is 1MHz, and the package is 2mm*2mm VQFN, which can help customers obtain a smaller design area.

System introduction

The power supply circuit of the vape pod kit is shown in Figure 2. The output power can be dynamically adjusted by PWM modulating the EN pin. By connecting the MODE pin to GND (low level), the TPS61022 can work in a light-load and high-efficiency mode, which can achieve higher efficiency under light-load conditions. According to the application manual of TPS61022 [3], the inductor of 1μH is selected, and the output uses 3 ceramic capacitors of 22μF. You can connect the GPIO of the MCU to the EN pin, and adjust the output power by adjusting the duty cycle of the output PWM. The advantage of the entire system is that the output power is stable and not affected by changes in the input voltage.

Figure 2

Test Results

Fig. 3 is a steady-state waveform diagram when Vin=3.6V and a duty cycle of 50%. TPS61022 can adjust the output power by modulating the EN pin. When the EN pin is high, the TPS61022 will soft-start and start working; when the EN pin is low, the TPS61022 will shut down. The TPS61022 is constantly turned on and off to achieve the purpose of controlling the average output power. The recommended frequency of PWM is 100Hz.

How to choose a heat-not-burn electronic cigarette heating blade

by Martin Smith

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How to judge the quality of a heat-not-burn e-cigarette largely depends on the stability of the performance of the three major components: heating blade+ e-cigarette solution board + battery. What kind of battery and what kind of electronic cigarette solution board is entirely up to the customer.

Today we mainly talk about the heating element. The heating blade uses the principle of electric heating to transmit a high temperature of 300°C to the special heat-not-burn e-cigarette cartridge through the heating blade.

Heat-not-burn e-cigarettes mainly use heat sticks(cartridges), shredded tobacco or tobacco paste, which are baked at low temperature to produce a flavor so as to achieve a smoking effect close to real smoke.

According to the shape of the heating element, the heating blade can be divided into a central heating blade, including heating sheet (similar to IQOS, MC, Kung Fu), heating needle (similar to LiL, Bodie) and surrounding heating cups, heating barrels, heating pots (similar to GLO, IUOC).

One: Ceramic heating blade (advantages, fast heating speed, large heat transfer area, uniform heating, good taste.)

Zirconia ceramic substrate + precious metal heating paste, small size, lightweight, high power density, high thermal efficiency; excellent thermal characteristics, fast heating speed, can obtain arbitrary temperature distribution; high reliability, long life, The heating blade material will not be oxidized and has excellent acid and alkali resistance; corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, uniform temperature, good thermal conductivity, and fast thermal compensation. At present, there are alternative products on the market, and the cost is much lower than before.

Alumina ceramics + heating slurry, a new form of replacing heating sheets. The heating efficiency can be compared with the heating sheet.

Regardless of whether it is a heating sheet or a heating needle, a problem of the central heating is that the temperature distribution of the entire heating body is uneven. The temperature difference between the top and the bottom reaches about 100 degrees Celsius, which results in insufficient curing of the tobacco and even a burnt smell.

2: Cylindrical holder (fast heating speed, good uniformity, high reliability for long-term use)

Rod structure, high strength, will not be broken. The high temperature co-fired ceramic heating blade has good compactness, and the heating wire is completely wrapped in the ceramic. High reliability for long-term use. The heating speed is fast and the uniformity is good. The solder joint adopts 1000℃ silver brazing process, the solder joint is stable and can withstand 350℃ high temperature for a long time.

Three: ceramic heating cup\heating tube\heating pot (advantages, fast heating, high reliability, long life)

The heating cup\heating tube\heating pan is a typical representative of surrounding heat. Ring heating is divided into section heating and precise temperature control. The biggest problem with this method is the low heat utilization rate. Part of the heat is absorbed by the tobacco and the other part of the heat is dissipated. If the heat insulation is not done well, the smoking utensil will be hot.


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