WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

What are the differences between Snowplus pro pre-filled closed vape pod kit and Snowplus lite pre-filled closed vape pod kit

by Martin Smith

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The Snowplus pro pre-filled vape pod kit has an overall weight of 43g, length, width and height is 119mm*20mm*12mm
The Snowplus Lite pre-filled vape pod kit has a total weight of 27g, length, width and height are 104mm*20mm*12mm snowplus Lite pre-filled vape pod kit

Below we use the abbreviation “pro” instead of Snowplus pro pre-filled vape pod kit, and “lite” instead of Snowplus lite pre-filled vape pod kit

Pro battery content is 450ma, lite is 400mah

It takes 18 minutes to fully charge the pro with a dedicated 5v-2a charging head
It takes 50~100min to fully charge the lite

Pro charging interface is type-c
Lite charging interface is USB

The pro kit box contains two cartridges with the original tobacco flavor and the iceberg mint flavor
The lite kit box contains 1 iceberg mint-flavored pod

The color of the breathing light is different for different power levels. In the normal state, the breathing light is white when vaping, and in the party mode, the breathing light is colored when vaping.
Tap the cigarette stick twice to automatically display the current power.
Vibrate to remind low battery, touch the battery device 5 times to turn on the party mode,
When pro charging: when 0%~90% power, the breathing light flashes, when 90%~99% power, the breathing light is always on, when 100% power, the breathing light is off

When the power of lite is greater than 10%, the LED light gradually brightens when used
When not vaping, the led gradually goes out
When the power is less than 10%, the led light will gradually brighten when in use. When you stop vaping, the led will flash 10 times
When charging, the led light is always on, the led light is off when the charging is completed

How many kinds of cannabis oil are there? And how to distinguish?

by Martin Smith
Many people will see the following options when buying:

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Hemp oil: The oil extracted from the flower stems and leaves of industrial hemp, that is, hemp oil contains different concentrations of CBD and almost no THC.
It can be called full-spectrum cannabidiol oil, which contains a variety of cannabinoids and terpene phenols, which can have a synergistic effect with CBD!

Hemp seed oil:
The oil extracted from hemp seed contains almost no CBD and THC (similar to poppy seed oil), but it is rich in bile fatty acids. It is mostly used in cosmetics and skincare products, and can also be used as edible oil

Cannabis oil: The oil extracted from recreational marijuana contains different concentrations of CBD and THC, and CBD is an anti-drug compound, which has a certain elimination effect on THC!

CBD oil: It can be extracted from cannabis and hemp. At present, it is extracted from hemp in China, and it can be extracted from cannabis and hemp in most states of the United States!

THC oil: extracted from cannabis, almost no CBD

The following key point is CBD oil
There are many types of CBD oil, roughly as follows:
1. Full-spectrum cannabidiol oil;
2. Broad-spectrum cannabidiol oil;
3. Pure isolate CBD oil;
4. Cannabidiol isolate

1. Full Spectrum Cannabidiol Oil:
Full Spectrum Cannabidiol Oil is a hemp flower leaf extract without further purification and separation. In addition to CBD (cannabidiol), it also contains terpenes, other cannabinoids, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, phytonutrients, etc. Other substances extracted from the cannabis plant. Full-spectrum CBD oil is usually thicker, darker in color, and has a plant taste of hemp.
Because it contains the integrity of natural cannabinoids, the whole plant hemp extract contains a small amount of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), but there is no hallucinogenic risk of THC.

2. Broad Spectrum Cannabidiol Oil:
Broad Spectrum Cannabidiol Oil, like Full Spectrum Cannabidiol Oil, contains a series of cannabinoids and terpenes but does not contain THC. There are also other products based on the separated CBD with additional cannabinoids and terpenes added.

3. Pure isolate CBD oil:
Pure CBD Isolate Oil is to separate and purify CBD crystals from hemp flower leaves, the purity of CBD can be as high as 99.9%, and then the CBD crystals are dissolved in oil solvents. Pure CBD oil only contains CBD and does not contain any other ingredients in hemp. Since CBD crystals are colorless and tasteless, the color and taste of pure CBD oil depend on the solvents and other additives used. Commonly used solvents are coconut oil (MCT oil), olive oil, hemp oil and VG/PG.

4. Cannabidiol isolate:
Cannabidiol isolate refers to the separation of CBD from cannabis extract, and the removal of cannabinoids, terpenes and other cannabis components. The finished product contains only about 99% or more of the fine white powder of CBD. CBD isolate contains only one cannabinoid CBD. It has no smell and taste and can be used to make various CBD-derived products, such as food, beverages, skin care products, etc.

What are the answers to frequently asked questions about hitaste P5 heat not burn tobacco heating device

by Martin Smith

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The warm-up time will be slightly different due to the different set temperature;
During the heating process, the display will show the current temperature in real-time;
About 10 heatsticks can be used when fully charged (280°C 4 and a half minutes including preheating);
If the temperature is lowered, about 11 heatsticks can be used (250°C 4 and a half minutes including preheating);
When charging, the battery display will slide; when fully charged, it will display the full battery;
The charging time (from no power to full power) is about 2 hours;
Daily cleaning: Ideally, wipe off the smoke oil in the base with a paper towel after each use;
High-temperature cleaning: When fully charged, quickly press the power button 8 times to switch to the high-temperature cleaning mode. The high-temperature cleaning lasts about 20 seconds;
Note: Before cleaning at high temperature, first disassemble the plastic cover and plastic cylinder;
After cleaning at high temperature, wait until the temperature drops before using it again;
High-temperature cleaning has two safety protections: if the battery is insufficient, or just finished using, or just finished high-temperature cleaning, and the temperature has not yet dropped, it is not allowed to start the high-temperature cleaning mode; the display will show "TOO HOT" prompt;
This device does not have the function of shutting down or locking, that is, it is in the standby state for a long time, as long as you press any key, the screen will light up immediately;
The surface paint of some models will fade if rubbed for a long time, but it will not affect the use;
If you find that it is difficult to insert the heatsticks, please do not insert it forcibly to avoid breaking the heating blade;
You can insert a part of the cartridge, heat it up first, and then slowly insert the remaining part;
Or try to loosen the cartridge and insert it again;

How to distinguish the authenticity of the Relx 5 Essential E battery device

by Martin Smith

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As long as a new e-cigarette sells well, many knock-offs will come out, and so does the Relx 5 Essential E battery device, how to distinguish the authenticity of the Relx 5th generation of battery device, here we go
1. The opening of those original is larger and more rounded. As shown in the figure below, the left is the genuine product, and the right is the defective product.

2. The font inside the Relx Essential E battery device is smaller, and the position is a little below the mouth. As shown in the figure below, the left is the original, and the right is the knock-off

3. The original battery indicator light has a small opening, the picture is not obvious, and the actual product is more obvious. As shown in the figure below, the left side is the genuine product, and the right side is the copy.

What is the difference between e-cigarettes and heat not burn tobacco heated device and how to distinguish them

by Martin Smith

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It has been two years since IQOS quietly enjoy great popularity all over the world, especially in Japan and China in 2017. However, many people still can’t distinguish between heating not burn(referred to as HNB) devices and e-cigarettes. What makes things worse is even many official media did not give a clear positioning, instead they cited some confusing chemical names.

This blog will analyze the difference between e-cigarettes and HNB tobacco heating devices, and how to distinguish them.

E-cigarettes have been in mass production for more than ten years, and they have been committed to letting everyone experience simulated cigarettes while reducing the harm caused by cigarettes. Generally speaking, any product that uses electronic methods to generate smoke and use it as a substitute for cigarettes, smoke reduction, and smoking cessation can be called "electronic cigarettes." so the tobacco heated device that has only recently appeared is also a kind of electronic cigarette in terms of this concept.

The term "electronic cigarette" first appeared, and then the word "tobacco heating not burn device" appeared.

In fact, the term "heated tobacco" was "labeled" after the emergence of "Marlboro Electronic Cigarette" IQOS and its popularity around the world.

The birth and promotion of IQOS are mainly to advertise Heat not Burn, by heating tobacco instead of burning tobacco to produce smoke, which can reduce a lot of harmful substances produced by burning tobacco, such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and so on. And this type of device and cartridges is called the tobacco heated not burn device and heatstick respectively to distinguish the traditional burning cigarettes.

The special background and identity tobacco heat not burn device 
The first tobacco heated not burn device is Philip Morris International’s IQOS and British American Tobacco’s GLO. Later, Korea’s KT&G’s FIIT and National Tobacco’s several brands joined the battle.

Obviously, those who develop HNB devices are all giants in the tobacco industry. It is obvious that it is not a business that individuals or small companies can easily get involved in since tobacco production and sales are strictly controlled in many countries around the world. 

So to sum up, the point is here. Based on the current market conditions, HNB devices refer to the specific matching heater on which tobacco heatsticks with a filter produced by tobacco manufacturers and made into a round bar shape similar to traditional cigarettes is heated and used.

Electronic cigarettes refer to traditional e-cigarettes, in which the injected e-liquid is heated and atomized by an atomizer to allow people to vape.

Why do many countries ban tobacco heating not burn device and e-cigarette vape kits and what the smokers think about HNB device and vape kit

by Martin Smith

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The most sensitive issue is the collection of tobacco taxes, which are common policies in many countries around the world, and smokers are accustomed to it. Therefore, if tobacco heating not burn device is classified as a tobacco product or a new type of tobacco product, that will be simpler, that is why the manufacturer of the tobacco heated not burn device cleverly made a package similar to traditional cigarettes, which is also a box of 20 pcs heatsticks and a pack of 10 boxes, which seems to be to simplify the taxation problem.

Conversely, if the taxation issue is placed on e-cigarette vape kit, it will become more complicated. E-liquid is calculated by volume, and the specific gravity of nicotine can vary widely in different e-cigarette products.

Furthermore, for the new generation of e-cigarette vape products, many countries have not specifically divided them, nor have they formulated a new set of specific tax systems. To make matters worse, many countries are very confused in handling e-liquid. Because of this, many countries simply ban e-cigarettes!

According to the current law, there is no special classification for tobacco heating devices, and it is temporarily handled in the form of cigarettes. It can be imported in the form of self-use after the customs declaration and tax declaration.

However, according to Hong Kong’s Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance (Chapter 138), nicotine is classified as a poison, and products containing nicotine are classified as pharmaceutical products and must be approved by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board of Only registered can be sold or distributed in Hong Kong.

This is the current deadlock of vape kits. Without nicotine, there is no smoking or "top smoking addiction" effect at all. If nicotine is included, the complicated application procedures make it impossible for the first-line international e-cigarette brands to successfully log in. It is almost impossible for ordinary citizens to formally declare customs and purchase them for personal use from overseas.

Therefore, there is some publicity on the Internet that e-cigarettes are legal and HNB devices is illegal. The reality is just the opposite. It is just a method used by some shops to promote useless pure flavors without nicotine e-liquid.

The heatstick for tobacco heating not burn devices are made by special treatment of tobacco, and the ingredients contained in them are relatively close to traditional cigarettes. (Of course, smokers have to trust the tobacco company’s official information, and they don’t know what secret formula or special ingredients are added.)

The e-liquid is refilled with nicotine, one of the main addictive elements, and the taste is a bit different from traditional cigarettes. Most people who have smoked IQOS or GLO will agree that the taste of tobacco heating devices is the closest to traditional cigarettes, and the effect of "top smoking addiction" is the best.

What the smokers think about HNB device and vape kit

Smokers are not experts in medicinal chemistry, and they have limited knowledge of chemical names such as "ether", "aldehyde", and "hydrocarbon". The government's so-called anti-propaganda test report lacks transparency, and the brand information and source of the actual products are vague.

On the contrary, it is obvious to smokers that tobacco-heated devices have greatly reduced tar compared to traditional cigarettes. And for the vape kits refilled or pre-filled with e-liquid, if you just use VG/PG to refill nicotine and flavor, there will be no tar problem. How to distinguish between heated tobacco devices or vape kits is not important. Instead, they are concerned about is whether heated tobacco devices or vape kit can be used as a substitute for smoking or to quit smoking. At least they hope that there will be alternatives to reduce smoking hazards. 

Of course, the main purpose of promoting HNB devices or electronic cigarettes is to reduce harm, and it is hoped that the harm will be reduced as much as possible compared with the known harms of smoking traditional combustion cigarettes.

How to spit out vape rings

by Martin Smith

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1. Let the vape stop in your throat, not just in your mouth. This needs to be adjusted and may cause coughing.

2. Curl your tongue toward your throat. Close your mouth and roll up your tongue so that the tongue is as close as possible to the bottom of your mouth, so that the vape can be expelled from your lips.

3. Make an "O"-shaped mouth. At the same time, the lips are "struck" to form an "O" shape (like making a "woo" sound). How big your mouth depends on whether you feel comfortable. It is recommended not to be too tight, leaving a certain amount of space between the lips. At this time, other people will think you are funny without knowing what you are going to do.

4. Blow out a small amount of vape. How to do it in detail? The best way to describe it is like when you are choked and make a sound later, your throat tightens and the air is squeezed out. You will feel pressure, the vape will be expelled quickly, your vocal cords will not be used here, and the difference from choking is that the sound from the throat is relatively low. Try not to breathe, keep your chin still, and push a small amount of air from your throat. Once you master this technique, it is pretty easy to vape ring. When a small amount of air is pushed out of your mouth, keep the shape of your lips unchanged. Next is the most difficult part of the vaping ring: make sure your tongue is in the deepest part of the back of the mouth, and there is enough vape to form a ring in your mouth, and then fully exhale to exhale the vape.

Tip 2: Increase the rotation and speed of the vape ring

1. After you have mastered the basic techniques, you can try to spit whirling vape rings. When you feel the vape is about to leave your lips, move your tongue forward, but still keep the tip of your tongue down. Don't let the tip of your tongue be higher than your teeth, otherwise, it will affect the vape ring. Think of your tongue as a conveyor belt. At the same time, the chin rises slightly and quickly. The lips tighten inward slightly and quickly. This will have the effect of making the vape ring "swirl", helping the vape ring not to disperse, forming a very beautiful and big vape ring.

2. Push your tongue forward quickly, along with the chin moving forward quickly, which will make your vape ring move faster and farther. These two actions are the last two actions of pushing the "O"-shaped vape ring out of the mouth. The difference from the technique of rotating the vape ring is that the chin is moved forward, while the rotating technique is to move the chin upward. Try to keep the tip of the tongue against the gums of the lower front teeth, and then only use the middle part of the tongue to push. The most difficult part of how to vape ring is how-to move the chin. You need to experience it yourself and figure it out. This technique requires a lot of practice, but once you master it, you are a master of vape-rings, and you have the ability to make the vape-rings look like they will not stop without being disturbed.

3. How to use your lips to determine how far the vape ring moves. When you close and open the glottis, if you tighten your lips quickly, the vape ring will move quickly. Tighten your lips further, and the vape ring will travel faster and farther. However, don't shrink too much or too quickly. Time control is very important. If the contraction is too fast, the vape ring will be much smaller than expected.

Technique three, a quick way for beginners

1. Tap the cheek lightly when spitting out vape rings. Although some people think this is "cheating", it can spit out small vape rings simply and effectively without mastering the throat technique. Gather the vape in your mouth, but don't breathe in. Make your lips into a small "O" shape. Spit out the vape slowly and steadily with your tongue and mouth, and at the same time, flick or pat your cheeks continuously. Every time you flick your cheek, there will be a mini vape ring! It can be tapped continuously, or there can be a certain interval between the two.

2. Try to push the vape ring with your tongue. Basically, only the tongue is used to push the vape ring out of the mouth, and there is no need to "spit out" at all. Roll your tongue back toward your throat and place the tip of your tongue at the bottom of your mouth to make your tongue form an inverted "U" shape. Use the flat surface of your tongue to quickly push the vape out of your mouth. This is accomplished by dragging the tip of the tongue on the bottom of the mouth while ensuring the integrity of the inverted "U" shape. The vape ring produced in this way is relatively small and lasts for a short time, but it is very easy to make.

If there are many people walking around you, any form of wind or air movement brought about will make it difficult for vape rings to form. In this case, try to find a more suitable location in the room, determine the direction of airflow, and then spit out a vape ring in the opposite direction will be very effective. Practice in front of the mirror. You can see the shape of the vape, how it flows, and how your mouth affects them. Learning how to spit out the perfect vape ring requires patience. You can't do it all at once. To be perfect, you must spend a lot of effective practice time. It is possible to spit out a vape ring outdoors, but you must pay attention to the wind, which easily prevents you from spitting out a complete vape ring. Only if you consider the physical direction of the vape ring (vortex), and then spit against the wind will you succeed.
To allow a small vape ring to pass through a large vape ring, only the direction and speed of the vape ring's flow need to be considered. First, carefully spit out a vape ring, let it maintain its shape and move slowly, then shrink your lips and spit out a smaller vape ring. This small vape ring should move faster. If it doesn’t work, just lift your lips to make it move faster. In this way, the goal can be achieved! For beginners to maintain the speed and accuracy of the vape ring, there is a simple way: extend your chin forward instead of pressing air into the air valve. When you spit out the vape ring, try not to let your tongue get in the way. It will destroy the rotation of your vape ring. Put your tongue comfortably on the bottom of your mouth, just put it down without exerting force. The speed at which the vape ring moves depends on how hard you use to delay the sound of "Uh". In order to do this, you must use your diaphragm to push the vape into your throat, as if you were having trouble breathing or coughing.

How to solve the problems of IQOS charging, IQOS using, IQOS cleaning, and IQOS repairing red lights

by Martin Smith

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For a long time, those starters are always asking me some precautions for the use of iqos, which are all trivial questions. I sorted it out and wrote it here for your reference.

1. Do I need to charge it after I get it? How long does it take to charge?

Answer: Definitely. Generally, it takes about 1 hour to charge. The charging process is divided into 3 stages: at first, the pocket charger battery status LED rises, then all the LEDs display flash, and finally all the LEDs display are off to prove that the battery is fully charged.

2. Do I have to use the original pocket charger to charge iQOS?

Answer: Definitely

3. What to do if the holder/pocket charger turns on red?

Answer: Put the holder into the pocket charger, close the hatch, and press the power button and heat cleaning button at the same time for 10 seconds. Then let go and the device will restart. The red light will disappear at this time. If it still doesn't work, it may be completely broken or find a place to repair it.

4. Will the device broke when the weather is cold?

Answer: Yes. iQOS is actually quite squeamish. If the weather outside is extremely cold, the pocket charger will turn on a red light, and you cannot use it at this time. What needs to be done is to put the iQOS device at normal temperature, and then the previous method: put the holder into the pocket charger, close the hatch, and press the power button and heat cleaning button at the same time for 10 seconds. Then let go and the device will restart. The red light will disappear at this time..

5. Is there anything to pay attention to when inserting the heat stick?

Answer: Of course, don't turn the heat stick around, or the heating element is broken. The correct way is to insert it straight, just 1 mm below the line at the bottom of the mouth-end paper. In other words, don't rush in if you can't plug it in.

6. Why is the shredded tobacco left in the holder after my heatstick is pulled out?

Answer: Because your way of pulling out the heatsticks is wrong. After the heatstick is heated, do not pull out the heat stick directly. This is a very wrong method. Hold the upper part of the heatstick and push it up slowly to separate the holder cap from the holder by about 1.5CM, which is equivalent to separating the heated heatstick from the heating plate first. If you pull out the heatstick, the tobacco will not be scattered in the holder.

7. Do you want to clean the holder? How often do you clean up?

Answer: Of course it does. This depends on personal hygiene. The official recommendation is to clean after heating 20pcs heat sticks, I think this suggestion is very reasonable.

8. The cleaned-up alcohol stick is used up, can you still buy it?

Answer: Not necessary, switch to a thin cotton swab dipped in low-concentration alcohol. 

9. Is it possible to clean iQOS equipment with water?

Answer: Resolutely not.

10. The white ones are not dirty, and the black ones are stain-resistant?

Answer: Not really. I use the white one myself. It hasn't been dirty after using it for so long. The shell material is particularly resistant to dirt. It’s not wrong to buy black, but it’s really unnecessary to buy black because you’re afraid of white being dirty.

2020 year review: annual inventory of the e-cigarette industry

by Martin Smith

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On January 1, Malaysia's smoking ban officially came into effect.

On January 3, the FDA formally issued a new policy for e-cigarettes in the United States, prohibiting the use of most fruit and mint-flavored nicotine e-vaporization products to curb the surge in use by teenagers.

On January 7, the Indian Parliament passed an e-cigarette ban.

On January 14, the Philippine Electronic Cigarette Organization stated: Electronic cigarettes should be regarded as a safer alternative.

On January 17, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) withdrew a broad recommendation to advise the public not to use e-cigarettes when the cause of vaping disease in the U.S. has not been determined.

On January 17, American e-cigarette manufacturer Juul Labs notified its employees that it might withdraw from the South Korean market and postpone its plan to enter the New Zealand market.


On February 7, Juul raised $700 million in debt to maintain operations.

On February 25, Turkey banned the import of electronic cigarettes and related products.


On March 1, the UAE began to ban the import of electronic cigarettes and hookahs without standards.

On March 14, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced the implementation of a level 3 Covid-19 alert, which resulted in the closure of all non-essential stores, including e-cigarette stores.

At the end of March, the "Eight Truths about Electronic Cigarettes" published on the official website of the

Public Health England (PHE) stated that e-cigarettes are far less harmful than traditional cigarettes. The Ministry of Health advocates that smokers use e-cigarettes.


On April 14, the executive director of CAPHRA (Coalition of Asia Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates) believed that the World Health Organization's (WHO) opposition on the issue of e-cigarettes would cause millions of lives to die. Many people die of smoking-related diseases that could have been saved by quitting smoking.

On April 15, a federal judge agreed to delay the PMTA deadline for e-cigarette products to September 9, 2020.

On April 26, information on the message board of the official website of the Guangdong Tobacco Monopoly Bureau indicated that the Guangdong Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (company) monopoly office stated that e-cigarettes are not tobacco monopoly products and do not apply to the adjustment of the "Tobacco Monopoly Law Implementation Regulations."


On May 5th, American e-cigarette company Juul Labs Inc. rethinks its strategy: Juul will lay off a third of its staff, withdraw from several countries, and redeploy its headquarters in an effort to make the e-cigarette giant embark on a sustainable development path of.

On May 26, the UAE Federal Revenue Service announced that the mandatory installation of digital signs for tobacco products and waterpipes will be postponed from June 1 this year to January 1, 2021. After the implementation of the plan, tobacco products and waterpipes without digital signs shall not be stored, transported or supplied.

On May 28, EU member states asked the Commission to impose taxes on new tobacco products and e-cigarettes.

On May 31, the World Health Organization (WHO) released a report on e-cigarettes that showed that for adult smokers, switching to e-cigarettes can effectively reduce health risks. At the same time, the regulatory agencies of various countries should focus on preventing the use of electronic cigarettes by young people. It is suggested that the supervisory level should fully consider the interests of all parties and find a supervisory balance.


On June 2, the Smoking Bills Committee of the Hong Kong Legislative Council announced the termination of discussions and procedures regarding the local ban on the use of atomized products and temporarily abandoned the plan to ban new tobacco and vaping products.

On June 3, Taiwan's "Tobacco Hazard Prevention and Control Law" will be submitted for review again: a total ban on electronic cigarettes is planned.

On June 5th, as e-cigarette shops in the UK will reopen on June 15, the Independent British Vape Trade Association (IBVTA) issued guidelines on how to resume work safely.

According to the news on June 27, Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt withdrew and postponed the strict nicotine import ban originally scheduled to take effect on July 1.

On June 29, Smol International, the world's largest manufacturer of electronic atomization equipment, began a public offering and is expected to go public on July 10.


On July 10, the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration launched a two-month special inspection of electronic cigarettes.

On July 27, US CDC scientists announced new evidence: e-cigarettes have no second-hand smoke problems.

On July 30, JUUL officially announced that it had formally submitted a PMTA application to the FDA.


On August 10, according to foreign news reports, the California State Assembly passed the SB 793 bill today, which will prohibit the sale of flavored e-cigarette products in physical stores. If it becomes law, the bill will also prohibit the sale of flavored smokeless tobacco, cigarillos and menthol cigarettes.

On August 20-22, the sixth IECIE Shenzhen eCig Exp was successfully completed.

The IECIE eCig Exp included 463 exhibitors from the upstream and downstream of the e-cigarette industry and brought 2,536 brands. The exhibition site attracted 54809 visitors to the exhibition; in addition, 349 exhibitors participated in the IECIE online cloud exhibition hall. 107 exhibitors broadcast live in the IECIE online cloud exhibition hall, attracting 4588 overseas professional buyers from 98 countries and regions into the cloud exhibition hall!

On August 27, the Philippines passed the e-cigarette and heating tobacco amendment law: tax regulation.


In October, Saudi Arabia allowed licensed companies to import e-cigarette products for commercial purposes.

On October 12, the United States established the New Electronic Cigarette Association to help small businesses pass PMTA.

On October 15, the Cochrane Collaborative Organization pointed out that e-cigarettes have the effect of smoking cessation, and the effect is better than nicotine replacement therapy and other methods.

On October 20, Juul Electronic Cigarette Company stated that its products will be withdrawn from the German market at the end of the year.

On October 30, the FDA was sued by a number of tobacco control and medical organizations for not banning menthol cigarettes.


On November 9, Malaysia will impose a 10% consumption tax on e-cigarettes, which will take effect on January 1, 2021.

On November 11, Australia postponed the import ban on steam-type e-cigarettes for the second time.

On November 11, New Zealand officially implemented the "Smoke-Free Environment and Controlled Products (Electronic Cigarette) Amendment" passed in August last year. E-cigarettes are no longer allowed in public places, including workplaces.

On November 12, Boulder's e-liquid PMTA application submitted to the FDA passed the preliminary review and entered the next stage.

As of November 12, as of now, according to the company's search data, there are 23,100 e-cigarette-related companies in 2020, with a year-on-year increase of 167%.

On November 24, the Dutch government announced that from 2024, supermarkets will ban the sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products. The ban on vending machines is expected to take effect in 2022.


On December 1, the Australian Tobacco Administration decided that nicotine in e-cigarettes can only be purchased on prescription.

On December 15th, Denmark will fulfill its promise to ban flavored e-cigarette products from next year. The Danish Parliament approved the "Tobacco Action Plan" of the Danish Ministry of Health. The new restrictions will come into effect on April 1, 2021.

On December 20, the Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee organized a standardized development promotion meeting and the 4th Electronic Cigarette International Forum were held in Shenzhen to lead the industry's standardized and prosperous development. As a co-organizer and governing unit, IECIE assisted in the smooth holding of the forum.

How to ensure the safety of e-liquid

by Martin Smith

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E-cigarette liquid is called e-liquid. Its main components are organic solvents, flavor substances (food flavors), nicotine and a small amount of additives. Organic solvents are mainly 1,2-propanepiol (1,2-propanepiol) and glycerol (also called glycerin, Glycerol), which usually account for about 90% of the components of the smoke liquid.

E-liquid needs to undergo 17 major categories of e-liquid quality and safety testing items, and 54 specific indicators can be used before it can be used in production.

1) Nicotine test according to California 65 requirements

2) Determine 4 specific nitrosamine compounds according to FDA technical documents

3) Test propylene glycol, diethylene glycol and other harmful substances in vape juice.

4) The heavy metals in e-liquid determined by the method of heavy metals in nicotine in the USP

5) Test the microbial content and antiseptic efficacy of electronic cigarettes according to the requirements of the USP

6) TRA Toxicity Analysis-EU and US

7) E-cigarette MSDS safety data specification service-according to EU 2001/58/EC, 1999/45/EC, 67/548/EEC, Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006; US 29 CFR 1910.1200 (g), ISO 11014 -1 and other international standards to issue safety data instructions.

8) Export to EU RoHS directive

China: CCC certification, CQC certification, mall quality inspection reports, security products commissioned by the Ministry of Public Security, wading products, ISO9001 certification, ISO14001 certification, TS16949 certification, lithium battery aviation safety certification, air purifier testing

America: FDA inspection FDA registration FCC certification BQB certification UL certification CPSC certification ASTM certification California 65 certification ETL certification CEC certification Energy Star certification

Europe: CE certification ROHS testing REACH testing EUP energy efficiency testing TUV certification GS certification SGS certification

Asia: SASO certification PSE certification TELEC certification KC certification BSMI certification NCC certification BIS certification Middle East COC certification

Australia: GEMS energy efficiency certification CTICK certification SAA certification RCM certification

Africa: COC certification of various countries in Africa

Regulate the safety and hygiene standards of various formula components in e-liquid, prohibit the addition of vitamins, caffeine, and food coloring additives, and determine the safe addition of various flavors; stipulate the use of glycerin, propylene glycol, and nicotine Health and safety technical standards. At the same time, corresponding regulations are made on the composition of e-cigarette liquid formula and the concentration range of various harmful substances in the aerosol.


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