WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Relx and LGD team up created the Relx LGD closed vape pod battery device limited edition

by Martin Smith

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RELX is a popular vape pod brand founded in 2018. According to the latest report from Nielsen, a global market monitoring and analysis agency, in May 2020, RELX has accounted for 68.9% of the closed vape pod market in 19 new first-tier cities in China. The LGD team e-sports club was established in 2009. It owns the DOTA2 division, the League of Legends division, the glory of the king division, and the peace elite division. It is one of the oldest e-sports clubs in China.

The LGD DOTA2 team co-branded with RELX this time is the team that has won important tournaments many times in the e-sports circle and has a large number of loyal fans born in the 80s and 90s. Since the joint model went on sale, it has been favored by e-sports fans.

The RELX LGD "Immortal Heroes" co-branded package is full of "e-sports style": what catches the eye is the LGD team logo.  the game IDs and the character totem of 5-star members are around the team logo.  Open the outer packaging, the inner sealed box is printed with the DOTA2 map and the signatures of 5 team members, and they uniquely simulate their "combat formation", which is very ritual.

The RELX LGD pod device battery gaming version is different from the traditional Relx pod device, it comes with the matte texture with low-key and focused gaming blue color, and the LGD team logo engraved with laser technology is closely arranged, just like the faith totem of the competing players. The body is printed with a slogan in silver silkscreen: "NO BROTHERS NO E-SPORTS", demonstrating the unique spirit of team spirit in the gaming circle.

Besides the Relx LGD closed vape pod battery device system limited edition, the package includes limited edition hand-painted postcards and stickers for 5 players. For DOTA2 players, this joint suit has collection value and commemorative significance.

Power supply solutions for vape pod electronic cigarette kits

by Martin Smith

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This article provides a power supply solution for vape pod electronic cigarette kits, which mainly includes a lithium battery, a boost circuit (TPS61022) and the resistance of a coil (2 Ω). This solution supports up to 12.5W (5V/2.5A) output, and the power is continuously adjustable. By adding a booster circuit to the vape pod kit, it can obtain a higher and more stable output voltage, which can improve the flavor. At the same time, this solution has the function of continuously adjustable output power, which makes the design of the pod vape kit more flexible.

The main function of electronic cigarettes is to replace the original method of burning tobacco by heating tobacco or e-liquid and to bring vapers the same experience as traditional tobacco. Because electronic cigarettes are non-burning, there is almost no smoke, and there is no pollution from second-hand smoke. Compared with traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are less harmful to health and can help users quit smoking.

The basic structure of a vape pod kit is shown in Figure 1. It mainly includes lithium batteries, related charging circuits and ports; vape pod cartridge (with pre-filled e-juice inside), heating resistor wires; microcontroller Unit (MCU), and sensors for airflow detection. The pod vape E-cigarettes use coils heated and e-liquid to simulate the same taste like real cigarettes. In general, the resistance value of the coils is generally about 0.4 Ω~2.8 Ω. The traditional method is to use the battery to directly heat the coils or a switch tube can be connected in series between the battery and the coils to adjust the output power. However, the maximum output power of this method will be limited by the battery voltage. At the same time, because the battery voltage is unstable, the output power is unstable, which affects the flavor of smoking.

Figure 1

TPS61022 introduction

TPS61022 is a boost chip that supports input from lithium battery and output 15W (5V/3A). It has a minimum switching current of 6.5A in the valley of the full temperature range. TPS61022 has a small on-resistance, the on-resistance of the lower switch tube is 12mΩ, and the on-resistance of the upper switch tube is 18mΩ. So it has relatively high efficiency. For example, when Vin=3.6V, Vout=5V, Iout=2.5A, the overall efficiency is about 95%. Meanwhile, the typical start-up load capacity of TPS61022 is 1Ω, so it can support most coils to start. The operating switching frequency of TPS61022 is 1MHz, and the package is 2mm*2mm VQFN, which can help customers obtain a smaller design area.

System introduction

The power supply circuit of the vape pod kit is shown in Figure 2. The output power can be dynamically adjusted by PWM modulating the EN pin. By connecting the MODE pin to GND (low level), the TPS61022 can work in a light-load and high-efficiency mode, which can achieve higher efficiency under light-load conditions. According to the application manual of TPS61022 [3], the inductor of 1μH is selected, and the output uses 3 ceramic capacitors of 22μF. You can connect the GPIO of the MCU to the EN pin, and adjust the output power by adjusting the duty cycle of the output PWM. The advantage of the entire system is that the output power is stable and not affected by changes in the input voltage.

Figure 2

Test Results

Fig. 3 is a steady-state waveform diagram when Vin=3.6V and a duty cycle of 50%. TPS61022 can adjust the output power by modulating the EN pin. When the EN pin is high, the TPS61022 will soft-start and start working; when the EN pin is low, the TPS61022 will shut down. The TPS61022 is constantly turned on and off to achieve the purpose of controlling the average output power. The recommended frequency of PWM is 100Hz.

How to choose a heat-not-burn electronic cigarette heating element

by Martin Smith

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How to judge the quality of a heat-not-burn e-cigarette largely depends on the stability of the performance of the three major components: heating sheet + e-cigarette solution board + battery. What kind of battery and what kind of electronic cigarette solution board is entirely up to the customer.

Today we mainly talk about the heating element. The heating element uses the principle of electric heating to transmit a high temperature of 300°C to the special heat-not-burn e-cigarette cartridge through the heating element.

Heat-not-burn e-cigarettes mainly use heat sticks(cartridges), shredded tobacco or tobacco paste, which are baked at low temperature to produce a flavor so as to achieve a smoking effect close to real smoke.

According to the shape of the heating element, the heating element can be divided into a central heating element, including heating sheet (similar to IQOS, MC, Kung Fu), heating needle (similar to LiL, Bodie) and surrounding heating cups, heating barrels, heating pots (similar to GLO, IUOC).

One: Ceramic heating element (advantages, fast heating speed, large heat transfer area, uniform heating, good taste.)

Zirconia ceramic substrate + precious metal heating paste, small size, lightweight, high power density, high thermal efficiency; excellent thermal characteristics, fast heating speed, can obtain arbitrary temperature distribution; high reliability, long life, The heating element material will not be oxidized and has excellent acid and alkali resistance; corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, uniform temperature, good thermal conductivity, and fast thermal compensation. At present, there are alternative products on the market, and the cost is much lower than before.

Alumina ceramics + heating slurry, a new form of replacing heating sheets. The heating efficiency can be compared with the heating sheet.

Regardless of whether it is a heating sheet or a heating needle, a problem of the central heating is that the temperature distribution of the entire heating body is uneven. The temperature difference between the top and the bottom reaches about 100 degrees Celsius, which results in insufficient curing of the tobacco and even a burnt smell.

2: Cylindrical heating rod (fast heating speed, good uniformity, high reliability for long-term use)

Rod structure, high strength, will not be broken. The high temperature co-fired ceramic heating element has good compactness, and the heating wire is completely wrapped in the ceramic. High reliability for long-term use. The heating speed is fast and the uniformity is good. The solder joint adopts 1000℃ silver brazing process, the solder joint is stable and can withstand 350℃ high temperature for a long time.

Three: ceramic heating cup\heating tube\heating pot (advantages, fast heating, high reliability, long life)

Heating cup\heating tube\heating pan is a typical representative of surrounding heat. Ring heating is divided into section heating and precise temperature control. The biggest problem with this method is the low heat utilization rate. Part of the heat is absorbed by the tobacco and the other part of the heat is dissipated. If the heat insulation is not done well, the smoking utensil will be hot.

How many kinds of e-cigarette batteries are there? What are they?

by Martin Smith

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Most of the batteries used in electronic cigarettes are external lithium batteries, and some electronic cigarette hosts have built-in lithium batteries or model aircraft batteries. The external lithium batteries are mostly the following types: 18650, 18500, 18350 and 26650.

1.18650 type

The originator of lithium-ion batteries (a standard lithium-ion battery model set by SONY in Japan in order to save costs)

The number 18 represents a diameter of 18mm, 65 represents a length of 65mm, and 0 represents a cylindrical battery. The capacity is generally between 1200mah~3600mah, most electronic cigarette devices use this kind of battery, such as mechanical battery device, pressure regulating battery device, pressure regulating box mod;

2.18500 type

In the number, 18 means that the diameter is 18mm and the length is 50mm, and 0 means that the battery is cylindrical. This battery has a smaller capacity than 18650, and is less used, only a few mechanical battery device is used;

3.18350 type

The number 18 indicates that the diameter is 18mm and the length is 35mm, and 0 indicates that the battery is cylindrical. This battery has the smallest capacity, but its volume is the smallest, which can reduce the size of the device, so there are a few mechanical levers or pressure regulating levers used;

4.26650 type

The number 26 indicates that the diameter is 26mm, the number 65 indicates that the length is 65mm, and the number 0 indicates a cylindrical battery. This battery has the characteristics of large capacity, a small number of pressure regulating box mods can be used;

Attachment: the advantages of lithium batteries

1. Large capacity, the capacity of 18650 lithium battery is generally between 1200mah~3600mah, while the general battery capacity is only about 800mah;

2. Long life, 18650 lithium battery has a long life, and the cycle life can reach more than 500 times in normal use, which is more than twice that of ordinary batteries;

3. High safety performance, 18650 lithium battery has high safety performance, non-explosive, non-combustible; non-toxic, non-polluting, and has passed RoHS trademark certification; passed various safety performance tests, and the number of cycles is greater than 500; it is famous for its high temperature resistance. The discharge efficiency reaches 100% at 65 degrees. In order to prevent the battery from short-circuiting, the positive and negative electrodes of the 18650 lithium battery are separated. So it is basically impossible to have a short circuit. A protective board can be installed to avoid overcharge and overdischarge of the battery, which can also extend the service life of the battery;

4. The voltage is high. The voltage of 18650 lithium battery is generally 3.6V, 3.8V and 4.2V, which is much higher than the 1.2V voltage of nickel-cadmium and nickel-hydrogen batteries;

5. No memory effect, no need to empty the remaining power before charging, easy to use;

6. The internal resistance is small, and the internal resistance of the polymer cell is smaller than that of the general liquid cell. The internal resistance of the domestic polymer cell can even be below 35mΩ, which greatly reduces the self-consumption of the battery and extends the standby of the mobile phone. In time, it can fully meet the international standards. This kind of polymer lithium battery that supports large discharge current is an ideal choice for remote control models, becoming the most promising product to replace Ni-MH batteries;

7. It can be combined in series or parallel to form a 18650 lithium battery pack;

8. Wide range of use: laptops, walkie-talkies, portable DVDs, instrumentation, audio equipment, model airplanes, toys, camcorders, digital cameras and other electronic equipment can be used

MOTI S Lite Closed Pre-filled Vape Pod System Kit Review

by Martin Smith

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MOTI S lite closed Pre-filled Vape Pod System Kit comes with three cartridges inside the package,although the capacity of a cartridge is only 1.2ml, this 1.2 is very rigorous. Why is it said that?We will elaborate on the product characteristics later.

The charging interface is changed to TYPE-C to support fast charging 0-100%, it takes 50 minutes, the greater significance of port C may be that the line does not need to be used to distinguish the front and back!

The body comes with aluminum alloy oxidation process and CNC finish milling

The gradual color anodizing process has absolutely no color faults. There is no doubt that the overall housing cost will nearly double after this treatment.

There are silicone plugs on the top and bottom of the cartridge. Air transportation, negative pressure, high temperature, etc. will not cause vape juice leak.

The only FEELM coils customized by Smoore
The gas passage of the cartridge pod is slightly thick, and the outlet is Y-shaped. It is difficult to be puffed out by the airflow after condensation on the wall.

The top electrode of MOTI S Lite Closed Pre-filled Vape Pod Battery discarded the traditional crimping pin of the pod kits, and changed to a welding plate design, which is more stable and durable.

The heating core will have a curve suitable for those to control the output from the start to the stop. The curve uses an MCU single-chip microcomputer to control the stability far beyond the IC chip,the disadvantage is that it is more expensive!

Why control the temperature?
Because there are dozens of flavors and fragrances in e-liquid, the boiling temperature of each ingredient is different, it will be between 150-220 degrees generally. The too high temperatures will produce harmful substances or even carcinogens (usually more than 400 degrees). If it’s too low, you won’t be able to extract the scent because it hasn’t evaporated completely. That is why LITE's MCU accurately controls the temperature within the range of 100-220 degrees. Fully volatilized the essence while maintaining a good taste without producing harmful substances. It sounds complicated, but in fact, all of this is done by the MCU inadvertently when you vape! You don't need any operation settings!

LITE is the only product that customizes the core of FEELM in Smoore
The FEELM cores of RELX and Yooz are designed and produced by outsourced to Smoore, the core of LITE is specially designed and produced according to the characteristics of LITE by Smoore.

MOTI S Lite Closed Pre-filled Vape Pod System Kit has the lowest capacity for changing pods on the market
Unpacking the box, I said that the worse thing is that the capacity of the cartridge is small. That is not to save e-liquid (the cost of e-liquid is relatively small in the cost of the cartridge) or let users buy pod cartridges frequently,this setting is actually a compromise for flavor.
Those who use RELX or Yooz complained that the flavor gets weaker and the condensate start to enter your mouth easily when using the last 1/3 of pod. 

After N times of simulation tests, LITE finally came up with the most suitable volume setting of 1.2ml, which solved the following two pain points that have a greater impact on product experience.

1. Condensation 2. Carbon deposition
The MOTI S Lite Vape Pod System Kit cartridge hardware reduces capacity while preventing condensation. Before the condensation can accumulate too much, the cartridges are exhausted.

The same is true for carbon deposits. Carbon deposits covering the heating core will make the taste weaker, the smoke smaller, the taste is not full enough, and even strange smells appear.

The brand confirmed that it will reduce the price of the cartridge, but I think MOTI S Lite Pre-filled Vape Pod System Kit is still designed for those who pursue the ultimate flavor. 

Finally, it’s worth mentioning why MOTI S Lite Closed Pre-filled Vape Pod System Kit’s cartridge is magnetic but it comes with a plastic buckle. After vaping, you need to press the cartridge and battery to connect tightly. It was designed for a special function. (Not on the manual)-The rampant mode!

Plug and unplug three times (each time the electrode must be in contact with it), the last time you insert the clasp firmly, the LITE will continue to vibrate and the LED turns to purple, this time the rampant mode is turned on, the curve will be constant at 9W output, surprise! Bigger smoke and richer flavor!

HiTaste P6 HNB heat not burn tobacco heating device review

by Martin Smith

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HiTaste P6 HNB heat not burn tobacco heating device is an enhanced version of HiTaste P5 HNB heat not burn tobacco heating device. The functions and software are very similar. It is also a heating needle device with a display screen. It also comes with adjustable heating temperature and adjustable heating time. The most obvious change is that the battery capacity has become larger. The volume has inevitably grown a little bit too.

The length of P6 is about the same as IQOS 2.4Plus but the width is only half of IQOS

The P6 device weighs only 82 grams / the IQOS 2.4Plus weighs 120 grams

The length of the hitaste P6 heat not burn tobacco heating device is similar to the charging case of IQOS 2.4Plus, but its width is only half the width of IQOS 2.4Plus. It is placed in a pocket or trouser pocket, and it is much more convenient to carry than the IQOS. In terms of weight, the P6 HNB device weighs only 82 grams, while the IQOS 2.4Plus device weighs 120 grams in total. P6's portability is better. But if compared with the previous P5 or IQOS 3 Multi, both of them are only about 44 grams. 

LiL / P6 / P5HNB heat not burn tobacco heating device size comparison: P6 is about the same size as LiL ​​and weighs only 82 grams, which is 6 grams lighter than LiL, compared with the previous P5, the length is similar, but the P6 is thicker to accommodate a large battery. The weight has also increased from 44 grams for the previous P5 to 82 grams, which is close to the weight of the two P5s.

The previous P5 is nicely compact, convenient and full-featured, but the biggest disadvantage is that the battery capacity is too small and the endurance is weak. It can only smoke about 10 heatsticks when fully charged. 

As far as how many heatsticks Hitatste P6 can puff,according to the actual measurement, even if the temperature is increased to 270 and the heating time is set at 6 minutes, it is possible to puff 24 heatsticks!

Many users have experienced that the heatsticks are easy to remain in the cabin of P5, because the bottom hole of the P5 is too large, and the new P6 is obviously narrower, but it still feels a bit large. This opening is also related to the difficulty of air intake and base design, so there is a trade-off. Now just pull up the magnetic cover of P6 a little bit after smoking to separate the heatsticks from the heating needle, it is already easy to take out the heatsticks.

However, because the opening is still a bit large, a lot of tobacco will still fall into the heating chamber, and the devices need to be turned over regularly and cleaned up.

P6 vs LiL: P6's magnetic upper cover is relatively weak. The magnetic upper cover of LiL is much stronger. 

P6 HiTaste IQOS Magnetic Cap
LiL’s magnetic upper cover is very strong, and it’s really weak on P6.

P6 vs P5: Changes in the upper cover
The top cover of the P6 has also been improved. Unlike the design of the P5, it contains a detachable round tube and a silicone ring. After using it for a period of time, it either disappears or the aging deformation is loose. There are so many troubles.

P6 vs P5: Changes in the heatstick holder
The P6 heatstick holder cancels the fully open design, P6 comes with a built-in heating needle, the base cannot be disassembled, and cleaning is a bit inconvenient. If you don't want to clean with high temperatures frequently and want to wash the heating needle by hand, it is very difficult.

The display of P6 will prompt whether to start high-temperature cleaning when smoking every 5 heatsticks. Select N to cancel, or ignore it, it will automatically exit after ten seconds. It is not recommended to use high-temperature cleaning frequently, which will accelerate the aging of plastic parts. 

Before starting the high-temperature automatic cleaning, first, use a cotton swab to clean up the remaining tobacco in the heating chamber, and then alternately use dry and wet (a little alcohol) cotton swabs to gently wipe the smoke stains on the heating needle back and forth, And then start high-temperature cleaning. 

The hot needle will slowly turn red during high-temperature automatic cleaning

P6 vs P5: Change of air intake
As for the air intake, it was changed from the top of the previous P5 to the side of the upper cover and opened three small holes. In fact, even though the small holes are deliberately sealed by hand, it has little effect on the air intake. Because the upper and lower covers are made of hard plastic, a lot of air can still enter through the gaps in the middle.

P6 HiTaste HNB heat not burn tobacco heating device summary
The size and weight are reasonable in terms of all-in-one devices with a battery life of 29-30 heatsticks. The technology of the heating needle machine has matured day by day, and the taste is not much different. The material used may be a little improved on P6, which is less plastic than the previous generation of P5. A relatively wide adjustable temperature range can compensate for the shortcomings of many design or heating ceramic rods, and it is easy to accommodate the individual requirements of different people. As for durability, time will prove.

Hitaste P8 HNB heat not burn tobacco cigarette heating device review

by Martin Smith

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Hitaste P5, launched in 2018, is the first IQOS compatible heat not burn device that can adjust the heating temperature, heating time and attached display at will. Later, the extra-large HiTaste P6 was introduced,why it is launched is because the battery capacity is increased, and the battery can be continuously charged. Using 24-29 sticks can meet most people's needs for going out in a day!

Hitaste P8 heating device was launched in 2020. The appearance is mainly changed to a metal shell, and the inside is newly added with "double heating". Besides heating by the heating needle, a heat transfer surface is added at the bottom to implement "inside and outside clamping".

The Hitaste P8 HNB heat not burn tobacco cigarette heating device weighs about 98 grams, which is a little heavier than the 82 grams of the previous generation P6. It may be a little heavier due to the use of a metal casing.

In terms of contour modeling, HiTaste P8 heat not burn tobacco heating device comes with multiple side waistlines and a little more three-dimensional effect, but it is not as smooth and comfortable as LIL SOLID PLUS in the hand.

Another improvement of Hitaste P8 is the use of USB Type-C charging connector. In fact, as early as the end of 2018, when IQOS launched IQOS 3 & IQOS 3 MULTI, it has already switched to Type-C interface. Today, new mobile phones have switched to Type-C. It is much more convenient to find a charger and charging cable when charging.

Compared with the P6, the P8 HNB tobacco cigarette heating device comes with an extra dust cover. It is not so much a "dust-proof cover" as it is a "fouling-proof cover", because its actual function is not to prevent dust from entering, but to prevent the shredded tobacco inside from falling out, and to reduce the "smoke smell" inside.

Hitaste P8's dust-proof upper cover: simple horizontal push to cover
How to use the Hitaste P8 is the same as how to use P5 / P6, press the power button 3 times to turn on, press the power button 3-time rapidly to shut down, press the power button 5 times to enter the adjustment mode, and 8 times to start high-temperature cleaning. The design of the display is similar to that of the P6. The set temperature, the number of times of use and the countdown of the time are also all on the display; if you have been using P5 / P6, it should be no difficulty.

HiTaste P8 heating device structure deconstruction
The overall structure of HiTaste P8 is similar to that of P6. The battery in the lower half is not much different from the display. The biggest change is the heating chamber and heatstick holder in the upper half of the device.

The opening of the heating chamber of HiTaste P8 was creatively changed to the shape of a "plum head".
Take off the top cap and you will find that the heating chamber of HiTaste P8 is a bit weird, like a screw head. Two of the pits were used to allow the "keel" of the heat stick holder to be inserted, and the other two pits were estimated to be air intake positions.

The heatstick holder, like LIL PLUS, uses an open design. It does not use a barrel-shaped heatstick holder to tighten the heatsticks like IQOS or the previous P6. The heatstick holder is connected to the annular ring at the bottom by two "keels", which are used for ejection and heat transfer at the bottom. Besides heating by the heating needle, the bottom also heats up. The metal bracket is used instead for heat transfer at the bottom.

The heating chamber of HiTaste P8 is relatively narrow to replace the heatstick holder,that is why daily cleaning is a bit inconvenient. 

If compared with LIL PLUS, if you remove the upper cover and heatstick holder, you will find that the circular heating chamber of LIL PLUS is a bit larger and has no pits, which is much more convenient for daily cleaning.

One of the selling points of HiTaste P8 is the "double heating" with bottom heating. Besides heating the middle heating needle, it will also transfer heat through the metal ring at the bottom to increase the heating area.

Comparison of heating effect of HiTaste P8 vs LIL PLUS

Performance data test of Hitaste P8 heating needle heating smoke integrated machine
This time the P8 battery capacity has been increased to 3200mAh. As for the endurance of the actual application, the actual measurement shall prevail.

In order to have a reference guideline and compare with LIL PLUS, the heating time of HiTaste P8 is adjusted to 4 and a half minutes, the heating temperature is set to 270C, and then P8 is fully charged for testing.

The test result shows that HiTaste P8 can be used continuously for 25 times after being fully charged. If the temperature is lowered to 260C and the test is repeated, only 25 heatsticks can be smoked.

The battery capacity of HiTaste P8 is 3200mAh. Compared with the LIL PLUS which only has 2900mAh, LIL PLUS can easily smoke 30 or more! ?

It is estimated that there may be several reasons. First, the dual heating of HiTaste P8 increases bottom heating and power consumption; the second reason may be that the P8 power management system is not superior to LIL PLUS; third, it is possible that the battery performance of P8 is not as good as that of LIL PLUS...

HiTaste P8 charging time test
The charging time of HiTaste P8 takes about two hours,the charging time of HiTaste P8, from completely dead to fully charged, takes less than two hours, which is much better than the previous P6! 

The main selling points of Hitaste P8 are "double heating" and "metal shell". The "double heating" obviously brings out a stronger smoke smell, but unfortunately, it's only a little heavier.

The operating software and functions are the same as Hitaste P6, there is no surprise, because some users of "hnb addiction" tend to have a lighter taste similar to LIL PLUS, which is more "ventilated", if the bottom heating is added, the smoke smell will be stronger.

The only fly in the ointment is that the new Hitaste P8 still does not come with lock function.

How to repair and maintain Hitaste P6 HNB heat not burn tobacco cigarette heating device

by Martin Smith

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The computer will hang when the machine hangs, does the HNB heat not burn device hang when working? Definitely! As long as it is running the software with a single-chip MCU. A simple reason may be that the internal voltage is not stable, the MCU suddenly becomes silly, and the device will hang. At that time, it will not respond to any button to heat the device, it may be that the display is always on, or it may be completely black. Of course, other hardware problems can also lead to hangs situations.

When the heating device hangs up, how to do. You can try plugging in and charging, which will play resetting the RESET function, but if there is no response at all when charging, unplug the charging cable immediately, because there is a chance that even the power management part is already "silly" in the crash state. If you continue to charge, you may get out of control and cause an overcharge explosion.

With the current design of Hitaste P6 HNB tobacco cigarette heating device and P5 heat not burn tobacco cigarette heating device, there is no "detection reset while charging" function. If the P6 and P5 crash, there is no need to try the "plug-in charging" method.

P6 P5 neither have Ctrl-Alt-Del, nor reset button, so it cannot be restarted; you can pull out the battery and try to restart after power off. As for P6 and P5, it is best to return to buyecigkits as soon as possible to check the warranty.

There is a compromise method, let the P6 P5 heating device discharge for a few days, please do not try to charge and restart until all the electricity is discharged. If the display is on for a long time when the device is hanging, the discharge will be quicker; if the display is black when the machine is hanging, wait more time. However, the failure rate of "Black Screen of Death" is very low. 

HiTaste P6 breakdown repair problem
HiTaste P6 HNB heat not burn tobacco cigarette heating device was launched in early 2019, and it has been almost half a year. The improved P6 based on P5 has absorbed the experience of the previous P5. P6 has relatively fewer problems, but there are still the following common faults. If you encounter product quality problems, please contact buyecigkits for maintenance as soon as possible for follow-up.

The display shows "LOAD SHORT" “Error Message” when pressing the power button three times. This is because the internal wiring has a problem and needs to be returned to the factory for repair, which is a repairable fault.

HiTaste P6 top cover magnetic attraction problem and failure situation
The P6 has a heavier body, and the upper cover design of the P6 HNB tobacco cigarette heating device is not strong enough. If you only hold the upper cover, the body is easy to slip off, meanwhile,it is also found that the upper cover of the P6 becomes very loose and the suction power is obviously insufficient after just purchased or after a period of use. It is possible that the internal magnet is not installed well or has fallen off and needs to be returned for repair.

How to clean and maintain the HiTaste P6 HNB heating device
For daily cleaning, it is best to turn the device over after each use to beat out the tobacco stuck in the heating chamber. Clean the inside of the heating chamber with paper towels or alcohol cotton swabs every day to remove the fallen tobacco and e-juice stains. The upper cover should also be wiped and cleaned regularly, and then wiped dry. When you find that the heating needle is relatively dark, occasionally use a high-temperature cleaning of "eight quick presses" to evaporate the stain and the heating needle will turn white.

How to simply distinguish the authenticity of IQOS heat sticks

by Martin Smith

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1. Counterfeit heat stick is rough in workmanship

Put a single box of Marlboro in the refrigerator, as long as there are a lot of capillary fiber thorns on the drip tips of the heatstick after 24 hours, which means it is fake. Because original raw materials are manufactured with no such inferior quality, only small workshops can produce inferior heat sticks if they consider cost issues or the manufacturing process is not so advanced.

2. Obvious differences in packaging

a. Look carefully at the background color at the bottom of the Q word. Those dotted pixels on the left are obviously less than those on the right! (Fake can’t print dots, please compare the real ones on the right)

b. There will be many wrinkles in the bag below the silver line of the filter tip of the fake heatstick, which can be seen in the red circle.

c. Original fonts will not be slanted, and fake fonts will be unclear and a bit crooked.

How to deal with the e-liquid leaking from sub ohm tank

by Martin Smith

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1. Inspection of external factors

Please check out the overall damage of the atomizer, such as the damage of the glass bin.

The metal joints of an intact coil come with sealing rubber rings which will be completely placed in the designed slot to ensure the overall sealing performance of the atomizer and ensure that the e-liquid will not escape from the connection point leaks.

Please check out whether the sealing rubber ring on the coils have fallen off when the e-liquid leaking from the sub-ohm tank. Check out whether the rubber ring at the connection point on the atomizer is damaged, generally, the atomizer comes with spare replacement parts, and replace it decisively.Hellvape Fat Rabbit Review - Am I A Happy Vaping Bunny? | Ecigclick

2. Inspection of  coils

First, remove the sub-tank and remove the coils, if there is too much e-liquid in the coils, you can use a small paper towel to reach into the coils to absorb some of the excess e-liquid to dry the excessive vape juice or condensed liquid on the electrode, which is to keep the coils dry.

For the coils with the anti-squeezing net, try to control the amount of paper towels and try not to damage the integrity of the coils. You can also put the core back on the base and ignite it to evaporate some of the excess e-juice in the coils.

Usually, no matter whether it is condensed or leaked liquid, it will eventually gather in the base, and then it will leak from the air intake. Cleaning the liquid on the base is also essential.

NOTE: Please do not refill more than 2/3 e-juice in the sub-tank, please clean the flue and base of the atomizer, and often check out the sealing rubber ring at the connection between the coils and the sub-tank.


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