WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

How to distinguish whether the Relx fourth-generation infinity pod battery device or kits is genuine or imitation

by Martin Smith

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First of all, check out the lines on the front and side of the package box of Relx fourth-generation infinity circled with red. If the lines are obvious, it is usually a fake version. If it is not obvious, it may be the original, as shown in the figure below.

Then check the bar code at the bottom of the genuine packaging box, which is clearly visible. At present, 80% of the honeycomb code may be fake.

Open the package, pull open the package box, there is a fuzzy honeycomb code on the inner box of knock-offs, as shown below

The inner box of genuine Relx infinity comes with a clearly visible anti-counterfeiting label and QR code, as shown in the figure below

The easiest way to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit products is to check the placement direction of the Relx fourth-generation infinity pod battery device in the packaging box. The direction of the genuine one in the packaging box is bottom-down, and the direction of counterfeit products is bottom-up, as shown in the figure below.

Heat-not-burn device tobacco heating products (THPs) VS transitional cigarettes VS e-cigarettes (ECs) which is better

by Martin Smith

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It is well known that electronic cigarettes abbreviated to ECs can reduce harm compared to traditional cigarettes, so does the heat-not-burn device tobacco heating products abbreviated to THPs as an alternative to cigarettes. Recently, some scientific researchers have done research comparing ECs, THPs, and traditional cigarettes.

The research was published in the journal "Toxicological Research". There were 148 participants in the test, and the testers divided them into four groups: continuing to smoke traditional cigarettes, quitting smoking completely, switching to ECs, and THPs.

Subsequently, the researchers selected 16 hazardous substances for comparison in accordance with the list of hazardous or potentially hazardous substances listed by the US FDA.

The results showed that smokers who switched from cigarettes to ECs had almost the same levels of harmful substances in their urine and exhaled air as those who quit smoking completely.

Moreover, it can be seen intuitively from the data that ECs have a better harm reduction effect than THPs.

For example, in the exhaled air of e-cigarette users, the content of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons is 64.7% lower than that of cigarette smokers, the content of acrylonitrile is reduced by 89%, and the metabolites of tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNA) NNAL and NNN in the urine were reduced by 64.2% and 74.1% respectively.

These three substances are the carcinogenic chemicals produced after cigarettes are burned. Especially tobacco-specific nitrosamines. According to statistics, the incidence of cancer caused by nitrosamines in tobacco in the United States and Western Europe exceeds 30%.

As early as 2020, researchers from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have reached a similar conclusion through experiments: the content of NNAL in the urine of vapers is only 2.2% of that of smokers, confirming that ECs do not have traditions. The second-hand smoke problem of cigarettes.

It is obviously unrealistic to expect all smokers to quit smoking, so encouraging smokers to switch to ECs may be an effective method of smoking control. The author of the report stated that in order to allow more smokers to trust ECs and reduce harm by using them, the scientific community should continue to deepen the research on e-cigarette products.

What is the difference between IQOS ILUMA and IQOS ILUMA Prime Heat Not Burn HNB Tobacco Heated Smoke-free System Device

by Martin Smith

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IQOS ILUMA PRIME Heat Not Burn Tobacco Heated Smoke-free System: A shell designed with an aluminum body and a combination of different materials. There are 4 colors available including Jade Green, Gold Khaki, Obsidian Black, Bronze Taupe. The shell accessories and the metal ring of the holder can be made according to personal needs.

IQOS ILUMA HNB Tobacco Heated System: Following the design of the previous IQOS, the pocket charger is available in five colors: Moss Green, Pebble Beige, Pebble Gray, Azure Blue, Sunset Red; the side panels, shell accessories and metal ring of the holder can be customized according to individual needs.

The following is a comparison of the parameters of the two devices

IQOS ILUMA Tobacco Heated Smoke-free System Parameters:

Parameters Brand IQOS
Pocket Charger Size 121.5(height) × 47(width) × 23.4 mm(depth)
Holder or Halter Size 92.27(height) × 14.42(width) × 22 mm(depth)
Heating Blade None
Weight 116.5 g
Continuous Use 2 times
Charging Cycle Every 20 times
Pocket Charging Time 135min
Holder Charging Time 1min50seconds

Moss Green, Pebble Beige, Pebble Gray, Azure Blue, Sunset Red


IQOS ILUMA Prime Tobacco Heated Smoke-free System Parameters:

Parameters Brand IQOS
Model ILUMA Prime
Pocket Charger Size 117.2(height) × 44.7(width) × 22.2 mm(depth)
Holder or Halter Size 101(height) × 14.5(width) × 30.5 mm(depth)
Heating Blade None
Pocket Charger Weight 116.5 g
Holder Weight  22g
Continuous Use  2 times
Charging Cycle Every 20 times
Pocket Charging Time 135min
Holder Charging Time 1min50seconds
Color Jade Green, Gold Khaki, Obsidian Black, Bronze Taupe

After reading the comparison of the parameters of the above two devices, you should also find that the two devices are basically the same in configuration. The holder is the same, but the shape of the charger box is different from the opening method, and the size and weight of the products are slightly different.

The cover of the IQOS ILUMA PRIME charging box is made of fabric (replaceable), and the opening method is different from that of previous IQOS devices. The IQOS ILUMA charging box is opened in the same way as IQOS 3.0, that is why there is a price difference between the two devices.

For those who are more particular about style or pursuing freshness, you can consider the IQOS ILUMA PRIME; and for those who are looking for cost performance, it is very good to choose IQOS ILUMA.

Although the design of the two is different, the heating function is the same. Different from the traditional IQOS devices, the IQOS ILUMA series eliminates the heating blade. The new heating method solves the problem that the heating blade is easily broken or damaged, and there is no residue or maintenance such as cleaning. Conventional heat-not-burn heatsticks and low-temperature herbal sticks cannot be used in IQOS ILUMA.

Both models of the IQOS ILUMA series have advanced functions that can be enabled or disabled, such as smart gestures (lift/double-tap), automatic start/stop, lighting decoration changes, and alarm functions.

When using the IQOS ILUMA series, the intelligent induction automatically heats the heatsticks after inserting the special heatstick into the holder. You can also press and hold the button for manual heating. During use, if the stick is loose or taken out of the stick, it will automatically stop heating.

Smart gesture double-tap: Tap the holder twice during use, and notify the remaining use time through vibration. The number of vibrations is divided into 4 stages, and notifications are made every 25%.

Smart gesture enhancement: When not in use, the indicator light will light up when the heatstick is tilted, and the remaining available times can be confirmed.

IQOS ILUMA series holders are still the same as IQOS 3.0. It can be used continuously for 2 times after being charged fully. When 2 sticks are used, 2 lights are on, and 1 light is on when 1 stick is used. The charging time of the holder is 1 minute and 50 seconds each time, and it can be used for 6 minutes or 14 puffs each time. It needs to be charged once every 20 times of use, and the charging time is about 135 minutes.

The holder without heating blades is more convenient to use, and the heatsticks can be inserted into the holder easily without worrying about breaking the heating pieces by mistakes in operation. Although it cannot be used with previous products, the taste has improved.

The new heating method "Intelligent Inductance System" must be equipped with a heatstick named "TEREA" which is not compatible with traditional IQOS devices and traditional heat not burn devices.

First of all, the appearance of the TEREA sticks has been greatly changed. The front end of the previous sticks directly exposed the tobacco flakes, but now the front end of the sticks is added with filter cotton, which can prevent the tobacco flakes from falling off and eliminate the trouble of cleaning.

Secondly, the TEREA has a built-in metal thermal conductor (tin foil), which heats the tobacco leaves from the inside through the "intelligent inductance system" (the magnetic force of the holder, non-contact heating). The heating technology is improved to produce the original tobacco flavor.

If you insert the TEREA cartridge into an existing heat-not-burn device, it will damage the device.

The special tobacco sticks TEREA uses strictly selected high-quality products with thorough management. The richness, aroma, strength, and cooling sensation of mint flavor products contribute to the best balance combination, thereby producing a rich taste. There are currently 11 flavors in total, including 4 original flavors, 3 mint flavors, and 4 mint flavors.

What are the factors that affect how much the amount of vapour production

by Martin Smith

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1. The ratio of PG/VG in the E-liquid: needless to say, the E-liquid plays an important role in the amount of vapour production. (Note: PG refers to propylene glycol,  glycerin refers to VG). Generally speaking, the higher the ratio of PG/VG, the more the amount of vapour production.

2. Battery voltage: In the case of constant current and constant resistance, relatively speakingthe greater the voltage, the more the vapour production

3. The resistance value of the coils: under the condition of constant current and constant voltage, relatively speaking, the lower the resistance value, the more the vapour production

4. Current: How much the smoke is related to how much the current. In general, when the voltage is constant and the resistance is constant, the greater the current, the greater the vapour production.

5. Vital capacity: Undoubtedly, the larger the lung capacity, the more the vapour spitting out.

6. Airflow: Under certain circumstances, in general, the larger the airflow, the more the vapour.

What is the difference between vaping Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) and Direct-Lung (DL) inhalation and which is suitable for you

by Martin Smith

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Starters often don’t understand what vaping Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) and Direct-Lung (DL) are, what is the difference between them? In fact, these are the two most common inhalation methods for vaping, and different inhalation methods will bring vapers a different experience. The Direct-Lung (DL) is very similar to our daily smoking techniques when using traditional cigarettes, while Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) is closer to the way of inhaling when using hooka shisha. For more detailed distinctions and details, here we go.

Direct-Lung (DL)

The DL inhalation is the same as our daily smoking method. The user first inhales smoke from the atomizer and then inhales additional air to bring the smoke into the lungs. Compared with the MTL inhalation, the smoke will be in the user’s mouth for a long time, so those accustomed to MTL tend to enjoy the more detailed and subtle flavor of the vape juice.

Those MTL vapers would switch to vaporizers with high coils resistance whose output power is generally controlled below 15W. In order to match these devices, vapers are accustomed to choosing from PG, E-liquid with higher nicotine content to enjoy an inhalation experience similar to the throat hit of cigarettes.

1. Advantages of Direct-Lung

Due to the slow inhalation and the relatively slow evaporation rate of the e-liquid, the same amount of e-liquid can be used for a longer time.

The device does not need excessive output power during direct-lung vaping, which prevents the device from overheating during use.

Because it is used in the same way as cigarettes, the way of inhalation is more popular among those substitute cigarettes.

Direct-Lung is conductive to the smoke staying in the vaper's mouth for a longer period of time, which helps the vaper to obtain a more delicate taste experience of the e-liquid.

Second, the disadvantages of DL

Due to the low output power of the device during oral inhalation and the smaller amount of smoke, the throat hit produced by the smoke on the user is also weaker than that of MTL.

At present, dripping atomizers and high-power atomizers have gradually occupied the mainstream of the market, and DL is outdated.


As the name suggests, the Mouth-to-Lung is that the vaper inhales smoke directly from the atomizer into the lungs, just like daily deep breathing. The dense smoke fills the lungs instantly, similar to the experience of using hookah shisha.

MTL gives vapers a stronger impact experience since big smoke contributes to a richer and fuller taste experience. At the same time, due to the instantaneous evaporation of a large amount of e-liquid, the cooling design of the atomizer has also become very important. Because of the big cloud, the throat hit will be more obvious when inhaling the lungs. Those accustomed to Direct-Lung tend to choose from e-liquid with lower nicotine content.

As mentioned above, most MTL vapers choose from dripping atomizers or Sub-ohm atomizers. At the same time, when it comes to the choice of e-liquid, they are more inclined to choose VG E-liquid with higher content and lower nicotine content to reduce the impact of the throat hit.

1. Advantages of Mouth-to-Lung
Smoke is directly inhaled into the lungs, which contributes to a stronger throat hit while getting a fuller and richer vaping experience. Direct-Lung is the best way for those enjoying big smoke.

Second, the disadvantages of Mouth-to-Lung
Pay more attention when choosing e-liquid. Excessive PG and nicotine content would give you an unbearable throat hit. At the same time, dry cotton burning caused by poor oil conduction will make things worse.

All in all, how long you vape, what devices, atomizers, and output power you use determine whether Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) or Direct-Lung (DL) inhalation is your choice; generally speaking, those beginners are inclined to choose from DL, and most the heavy vapers prefer MTL

How to identify the authenticity of fourth-generation of Relx infinity pre-filled closed battery device

by Martin Smith

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1. Identify from the printed body of the outer packaging,
The outer packaging lines of the knock-off Relx infinity pre-filled closed battery device are clear, the original outer packaging lines are blurred. Please check out the pic below

The knock-off is on the left, the genuine is on the right

The product picture of the pinchbeck printed on the side of the outer packaging is black, and the product picture of the genuine is blue which is close to navy blue.

The pinchbeck version is on the left, the genuine version is on the right

2. Identify from the traceable source code location
The traceable source code on the genuine packaging that started in March 2021 has not to be posted on the back of the package, which is printed at the bottom of the package, and the traceable source code on the package of knock-offs is attached to the back of the package without traceable source code at the bottom of the package.

The knock-off version is on the left, the original version is on the right

The knock-off version is on the left, the original version is on the right

What is more, the original product has a pull strip, and the fake product does not have.

The knock-off version is on the left, the original version is on the right

3. Identify from “Relx” logo
The “Relx” logo on the fake Relx infinity pre-filled closed battery device is large compared with logo on the

genuine Relx infinity battery device


The knock-off version is on the left, the original version is on the right

4. Identify from the letter-spacing inside the opening of the battery device

There is a certain distance between the letter and the letter inside the opening of the original Relx infinity battery device. the letters are close to each other in the opening of the knock-off battery

The knock-off version is on the left, the original version is on the right

5. Identify from the color of the battery device
The color of the imitations' battery device is black, those genuine are navy blue

6. Identify from the opening of the battery device
The fake battery device has rough edges at the opening, and the opening of genuine is smooth

The knock-off version is on the left, the original version is on the right

7.Identify from the solder joints in the charging port

There are 4 solder joints in the fake charging port, and there are only 3 solder joints in the genuine charging port

The knock-off version is on the left, the original version is on the right

8. Identify whether the marquee is on or not in the charging case
No response when those knock-offs are placed in the charging case, and the marquee will light up when putting the those original in the charging case

How to distinguish the authenticity of IQOS 2.4 PLUS

by Martin Smith

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The black of IQOS 2.4 PLUS heat not burn tobacco heating device(Abbreviated as IQOS 2.4 plus) is actually called Navy Blue on the official website, which is a deep blue color that is more like black than blue. Let's take a look at the IQOS 2.4 PLUS's pocket charger first, the one on the right in the pic below that is obviously black is the knock-off, and the one on the right that looks dark and blue is original!

Left: Original Right:knock-offsI( The middle part of the knock-offs is obviously black)

The revolving cover of the counterfeit version of the pocket charger has a smaller gap than that of those original, which looks better when closed. I think it's because the first generation did a poor job, and the copycat version made a lot of hard work to improve it.

Meanwhile, as for the color of the LOGO, there are some differences, the copycat version is clearer, and the lighter color is the original one.

Left: Original Right: The counterfeit version 

Next, let’s take a look at the IQOS 2.4 PLUS hoder. The colors of both sides are very close to the colors of their respective pocket charger. Similarly, the knock-off version of the holder is darker in color, and the gray one is the original. The only flaw in the appearance of the knock-off version is that the LED lampshade is too dark. When the LED is off, it appears black, which is more obvious,please check out the pic circled in red.

Left: Original Right: The knock-off version 

The size of the copycat versions of IQOS 2.4 PLUS is almost the same as that of those original IQOS 2.4 PLUS, and the weight of which is a little heavier. The whole device of the copycat version is about 10 grams lighter than that of thee original device. The holder is 2 grams lighter, while the pocket charger is about 8 grams lighter. As for the AC-Adapter transformer, the copycat version is also lighter by about 7 grams, which may be related to plastic materials, battery capacity and materials, and circuit boards.

As far as the performance of the charging parameters is concerned, the knock-offs can be fully charged in an average of more than 2-3 minutes, which is comparable to the improved speed of IQOS 3. However, the charging time of those knock-offs version varies greatly each time, it takes more than a minute to be fully charged, and the slowest is in more than three minutes. The charging time of the pocket charger is only about one hour.

How to corrode your brass vape mechanical tube mod to polish and clean so that it will not be oxidized by the sweat on your hands

by Martin Smith

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Many vapers who are accustomed to using red copper brass tube mechanical mods have a problem that the mod becomes ugly after oxidation, because the hand sweats too much and the mod always oxidizes very ugly, below is the brass vape mechanical tube mod corroded

Next, buyecigkits will teach you how to corrode your brass and copper mechanical mod to polish and clean in case of being oxidized by the sweat on your hands, here we go.

First of all, we have to prepare salt and ammonia. Next are some auxiliary tools: protective gloves, petroleum jelly, small watering can, heating wire, sandpaper, gas mask, plastic box, Varnish.

We need to be in a ventilated place, outdoors, or in a ventilated garage or laboratory. Remember to ventilate. If you don’t have this condition, remember to use a gas mask. After all, ammonia is poisonous.

We can start to corrode when we prepare the above things!

1. Use sandpaper to grind the surface of the tube mod to be corroded and keep the surface clean to facilitate the subsequent reaction of ammonium salt and copper.
2. Spread 7-8 layers of paper towels on the bottom of the plastic box, sprinkle ammonia on the surface (be careful to use a watering can) to moisten the paper towels below, and then sprinkle a layer of salt to cover the entire bottom.
3. Use heating wires to pull two beams in the box for standing the tube mod.
4. Put petroleum jelly on the inside of the tube mod and make the threaded part thicker to prevent it from being corroded.
5. Put the processed tube mod in a plastic box without touching the bottom, and sprinkle a circle of ammonia on the surface of the tube mod and then evenly sprinkle a layer of salt, then there is nothing to do but wait.
6. Flip the tube every four hours. After 12 hours, the corrosion is complete. If the corrosion effect is too short, it will turn black if the time is too long.
7. Wash off the salt and ammonia on the surface with clean water and use a paper towel to absorb the moisture inside and outside, and let it dry.
8. Spray varnish on the surface of the dried mod. Please google how to spray. The adhesion on the surface of the mod after corrosion is easy to be rubbed off and contact with the skin, which is harmful to health. So use the varnish as a protective layer.

What are the main structures of the RDTA

by Martin Smith

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Generally speaking, its structure from top to bottom is as follows: drip tip, top cap, air flow cap, build deck with O-ring, glass tube, 510 connectors.

There is no difference between the upper part of the RDTA and the drip tip atomizer, which are the air flow cap and the build deck. The post has holes (usually four) at both ends of the buid deck to extend the vape juice guide cotton into the lower portion of air flow cap to absorb e-liquid.

The cap usually covers the build deck including most part of the post, on the one hand, it is exclusively designed for aesthetics, and on the other hand, it plays a role of sealing the refilling port on post , and the top cap and air flow cap is usually connected by two aprons, and the airflow is in the middle of the two aprons to ensure airtightness. 

The build deck is commonly connected with U-shaped double-column four-hole post, which can provide a simple and convenient wicking.

The tank is usually composed of the build deck, the glass tube, and an O-ring, which are connected with a rubber ring and 510 thread.

The middle of the base RDTA tank is the 510 connector with 510 thread

What are the differences between Snowplus pro pre-filled closed vape pod kit and Snowplus lite pre-filled closed vape pod kit

by Martin Smith

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The Snowplus pro pre-filled vape pod kit has an overall weight of 43g, length, width and height is 119mm*20mm*12mm
The Snowplus Lite pre-filled vape pod kit has a total weight of 27g, length, width and height are 104mm*20mm*12mm snowplus Lite pre-filled vape pod kit

Below we use the abbreviation “pro” instead of Snowplus pro pre-filled vape pod kit, and “lite” instead of Snowplus lite pre-filled vape pod kit

Pro battery content is 450ma, lite is 400mah

It takes 18 minutes to fully charge the pro with a dedicated 5v-2a charging head
It takes 50~100min to fully charge the lite

Pro charging interface is type-c
Lite charging interface is USB

The pro kit box contains two cartridges with the original tobacco flavor and the iceberg mint flavor
The lite kit box contains 1 iceberg mint-flavored pod

The color of the breathing light is different for different power levels. In the normal state, the breathing light is white when vaping, and in the party mode, the breathing light is colored when vaping.
Tap the cigarette stick twice to automatically display the current power.
Vibrate to remind low battery, touch the battery device 5 times to turn on the party mode,
When pro charging: when 0%~90% power, the breathing light flashes, when 90%~99% power, the breathing light is always on, when 100% power, the breathing light is off

When the power of lite is greater than 10%, the LED light gradually brightens when used
When not vaping, the led gradually goes out
When the power is less than 10%, the led light will gradually brighten when in use. When you stop vaping, the led will flash 10 times
When charging, the led light is always on, the led light is off when the charging is completed


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