What is the difference between cotton coil, ceramic coil and quartz coil

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As the most important part especially pod cartridges of electronic cigarettes,  the coils has been valued by the majority of vapers. What are the differences between the current coils? How do we choose them? Let buyecigkits.com solve the mystery for you.

Nowadays, the vape pod system kits on the market mostly come with cotton coils and ceramic coils,the quartz coil is basically used for those with vapor box mod.

First, the cotton coil is easy to burn, you have no choice but to change the coil, the service lifespan is short , the cotton coil is ejuice-absorbing, it can not be cleaned, all of the pod are throwaway.

The ceramic coil is very resistant to high temperatures, and easy to heat. It would not dry burning after 5-10 seconds even if there is no ejuice filling. If the power is too high. It can be washed directly with water and used again. Some pod kits including Mlife M9 Pod System Vape Starter Kit  that can be repeatedly filled with vape juice come with ceramic coil. 

At present, the power box mod kits basically come with a ceramic coil and a quartz coil. The quartz coil is a bit more advanced than the ceramic coil. Quartz and ceramics are inert materials, and it is difficult to chemically react with other substances at high temperatures. Quartz is more advanced,  of course, the price is more expensive.

FDA approved IQOS e-cigarettes to be sold in the US or will re-create the glory of Japanese market

by John Doe

Recently, the US FDA approved the first entry of electronic heat not burn electronic cigarettes into the US market, and IQOS electronic cigarettes became the pioneer brand entering the market. IQOS e-cigarette is a product of Philip Morris, which is popular because of its success in the Japanese market.

The FDA's approval is undoubtedly a major victory for IQOS. There are about 40 million smokers in the United States, and the penetration rate of electronic cigarettes has reached more than 10%. It can be said that the United States is currently the world's largest electronic cigarette market. After IQOS was allowed to enter the US market, Philip Morris' share price rose 2%, and the entire IQOS upstream and downstream supply chain will benefit.

In Japan, IQOS now sweeps all convenience stores.The IQOS e-cig entering the US market is likely to reproduce the glory of the Japanese market. Heat not burn technology is currently being done in many enterprises in China, and provincial-level Chinese tobacco companies have successively released new products that are not burning.

The FDA's approval of IQOS e-cigarettes to enter the market is a good thing for the entire e-cig industry, which may lead other countries to further liberalize their new policies in tobacco.

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The total number of IQOS users has exceeded 10 million in the first quarter of 2019

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IQOS is a heat not burn electronic cigarette product. Unlike electronic cigarettes that use vape juice, IQOS uses heat stick that are heated by low-temperature heating for users to smoke. Since there is no combustion reaction, this method greatly reduces the harm caused by smoking, and also ensures that the user has the experience of real smoke.

IQOS is a product of Philip Morris. In recent years, more and more smokers have begun to consider quitting smoking, which has led to a certain decline in cigarette sales. However, the sales of IQOS e-cigarettes are gradually rising. CNN said that  the long-term impact of the e-cigar on health is still unclear although Philip Morris has taken note of the IQOS e-cigarette,.

In the first quarter of 2019, IQOS users exceeded 10 million, and sales of heating non-burning devices increased by 20.2%. In order to promote the sales of IQOS, the company also launched the slogan “No smoking for one year” to encourage smokers to quit smoking. At the same time, smokers who want to quit smoking and can't quit can try to use IQOS electronic cigarette instead of cigarettes.

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What is the difference between iQOS 3 and iQOS 3 Multi than iQOS 2.4 Plus

by John Doe
Mnay starters are troubled by What the difference between iQOS 3 and iQOS 3 Multi than iQOS 2.4 Plus is,buyecigkits would like to share some qa(questions and answers),just click https://www.buyecigkits.com/e-cig-brands/iqos/ if you want to pick your preferably iqos kit and iqos accessories.

First of all,we shall get to know what the iqos system is and how to use it,pls check out the detailed graphic description below

After figuring out the basic components of iqos and instructions, now we are getting into the differnece,here we go!

[iqos 3 vs iqos 2.4 plus]
What is the different point?

1, the first look
In terms of size, Iqos 3 is a little narrower than iqos 2.4 plus, and the thickness is almost the same. Look at the picture below:

2, the charging time for the holder 
The iqos 3 can save up to 20 seconds by fully charging the holder compared with the iqos 2.4 Plus

3, the charging port 
 iqos3 come with type USB-C switching from mico USB on iqos 2.4 plus, Look at the picture:

4, power button
The 2.4 plus come with 2 buttons which are a power button and a reset button respectively. Pressing both together can restart the machine to clear the red light. iQOS 3 just come with one power button now.

5, red light 
The iqos 3 official said that the probability of a red light is greatly reduced, as we all know,if the red light lights up, it needs to be restarted, and the machine will be scrapped. It can be said that this upgrade is really a big good news.

6, the color on the side clip of iqos 3 charger
The color on the side clip of the iqos 3 charger is changeable, which is a small update compared to iqos 2.4 plus. Look at the picture below:

What is the same point?

1. the start-up time of the tobacco rod heating the heat stick
 Press the button to start heating before inserting a heat stick, it takes about 20 seconds, and the time is almost the same. 

2, the charging head is still two plugs
Look at the picture below:

3, the heat stick
The heat stick for 2.4 plus can be used on iqos 3 without any adaptation problems. Iqos 3 does not have a new size-sized heat stick. Look at the picture:

 4, the cap
The cap on the iQOS 3 and iQOS 2.4 Plus can be replaced, however, note that the iqos 2.4 plus and iqos 3 can not be used. Look at the picture:

Finally, talk about iqos 3 Multi
1. The charger and the holder of iqos 3 multi are integrated.
This appearance is more compact, buyecigkits don't think it looks better personally. It is similar to the LIL that was previously in Korea, but still looks better than LIL. Look at the picture:

2, iqos 3 Multi can be pumped continuously
Continuously pumping attract many smokers. LIL used to use this as a selling point to get some users.You can enjoy 10 puffs consecutively thanks to Iqos 3 Multi .

3,  the battery lifespan has dropped
After obtaining the continuous pumping function, the battery lifespan will drop unfortunately, which seems to be not suitable for people who are not accustomed to taking with a charger. 

4. The cap can be replaced.
Of course, you still need to buy a cap separately. Look at the picture:

What are the similarities and differences between IQOS3.0 multi and QOQ honor

by John Doe

Some people may ask: Is IQOS really so good? Let's first understand what IQOS is and what features it has:

1. IQOS uses electronic heating to control the temperature within a certain range. It heats a special type of cartridge called heat sticks, but it does not burn. Therefore, it is also called heating without burning.

2, it does not produce ash because of heating, smokers would not be troubled by ash any more;

3,no fire danger thanks to heating;

4,no bad breath in yellow teeth and no smell of smoke, ;

5, the key is that the flavor is close to the real smoke, so many people easily switch from traditional cigarettes to IQOS;  the temperature of the smoking utensils is only about 300 °, the harmful substances generated when burning,  no tar, so it is healthier than traditional cigarettes for smokers themselves, and there is no trouble with second-hand smoke for people around them.

Above all, that is why IQOS is going to be popular. How many IQOS is in Japan? The data shows that there are about 47 million people aged 20 to 49 in Japan, and about 9 million people based on 19.3% smoking rate. IQOS sales in Japan are about 2 million, so about one uses IQOS among 4-5 smokers, which shows the popularity of IQOS in Japan. To date, Philip Morris International has spread its product IQOS to more than 30 countries and regions.

The popularity of IQOS not only brings benefits to smokers, but also promotes the development of the industry. More and more tobacco giants invest in heating and not burning electronic cigarettes in order to maintain its leading position and existing advantages, IQOS recently launched two new products - IQOS 3.0 and IQOS3.0 multi. As an upgraded version of IQOS2.4, IQOS3.0 does not break away from the consistent design of IQOS before, and IQOS3.0 multi breaks through the barriers caused by split design.

IQOS has been trying his best to meet consumer expectations, at the same time chinese companies has been steping in the market. Recently, a heat-non-burning electronic cigarette called QOQ honor from Fog and Frog Technology Co.LTD attracted attention.It come with elliptical column appearance, which is the same as iqos and Lil . So what are the similarities and differences between IQOS3.0 multi and QOQ honor?

Same point:

1,  smokeless ash, no fire hazard, low tar, no second-hand smoke hazard, the taste is close to real smoke, the user has no bad breath and no yellow teeth.

2, continuous smoking; similarly, the designers of OQQ honor passed the market research at the beginning of the design. It is necessary to judge the continuous pumping function for the old smokers. The market proves that the continuous smoking function is getting more and more attention.


1, battery lifespan

You could smoke 10 cigarettes by using  IQOS3.0 multi being charged fully,which is just used less than a day for most smokers ; QOQ honors supports 25 cigarettes smoked,it can be used during a day for most smokers after it’s fully charged .

2. The compatibility of the heat sticks

IQOS3.0 multi is designed by Philip Morris International. The IQOS3.0 multi is more compatible with its own heat sticks than other cartridges. QOQ honor come with a adjustable mode, which is compatible with IQOS heat sticks and lil heat sticks. The two companies’ heat sticks account for almost 99% of the market. QOQ honor is designed with a hidden function of “temperature calibration”, which can be easily operated by the user according to the instructions. This function is very useful for the remaining 1% cartridge.

3. The utilization rate of the heat sticks

The outer layer of cigarette is not easy to be baked when smoker use iqos, the QOQ honor heat uniformly radiate to the surrounding,the utilization rate of which has been significantly. In addition, QOQ honor has a special feature - pause function. then the pause function can play a key role in savement on heat sticks,just put down the QOQ honor if you are interrupted when smoking,go back and enjoy it,you would not be worried about the wast of cartridges .

4, The dust cap

The dust cap of IQOS3.0 multi can be rotated automatically. This design is very delicate and practical. This is a highlight of IQOS3.0 multi. The dust cap of QOQ honor is linear sliding and requires manual sliding. ..

5, flavor

The flavor of IQOS3.0 multi is recognized by many people, but many smokers think that the flavor is slight. The QOQ honor flavor is slightly heavier than the IQOS3.0 multi,which is favorable by heavy smokers.

6, material

IQOS3.0 multi body uses plastic material with hand-feel paint, QOQ honor full metal body come with high-bright edge design, e QOQ honor weighs 50 grams more than IQOS3.0.

7, after-sales service.

The IQOS is not sold in China. It can only be repaired at your own expense. QOQ honor is certified by the unified 3C after-sales standard in China. Any after-sales problem can be directly contacted by the brand.

8, IQOS3.0 multi come with type-c charging port, QQQ honor uses a common USB charging port.

Above all, summarize the advantages and disadvantages of IQOS3.0 multi and QOQ honor.


IQOS3.0 multi: heat sticks exclusively;

QOQ honor; adjustable mode, higher compatibility of heat stick; it can be suspended to reduce waste of heat stick; metal body with high-bright edge design; long battery lifespan supports 25 heat sticks; needle heating, durable, easy to clean; can be pumped, convenient after-sales service.


IQOS3.0 multi: short battery lifespan; not compatible with heat sticks of other brands; high maintenance costs.

QOQ honor: The metal body is slightly heavier.

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E-Cigarette Battery Problems and Troubleshooting

by John Doe

When you start to use electronic cigarette, it will take you some time to deal with all problems from installation to maintenance. If things goes wrong with your e cigarette, how can you fix it? Especially the most common problem such as your battery can not work, it seems easy to deal with the issue. But in fact no practice means you can not make clear what to do next. Here is the checklist for you to fix battery problems.

Is your eCig battery charged and cleaned?

When the charge is used up, please do not forget to charge your e-cigarette battery. It will take about 3 hours to plug your battery in for charging and you have to wait until the light turns green.

If batteries lack of connection to atomizer, cartomizer or clearomiser or cause a short, the most possible reason is that too much e liquid is filled into atomizer and causes e juice leaking or no vapor. Use an ear bud dipped in alcohol to clean liquid puddle in the battery once every two weeks.

Don’t forget to clean your battery if your battery can not hold charge as used to be or have to draw harder to get it work.

Do you turn on your e cigarette battery?
If your battery is charged but still can not light on when pressed, your battery may be turned off. E cigarette battery offers an “On/Off” mode to avoid accidental discharge when you put e cigarettes on your pocket, wallet or luggage. You can press the battery button five times in successive way in order to turn on or off the battery.

Is your battery flashing?
That’s a common question. This is mostly caused by over tightening your atomizer or charger to push down the central pin of battery. And the battery will lose connection with your cartomizer.

The simple way to deal with this problem is to remove cartomizer and check the thread end of your battery carefully and use a cocktail stick or paper click to raise the center pin gently. And then screw cartomizer back.

How to disassemble a disposable electronic cigarette

by John Doe

Many vapers have tried to use a disposable e-cigarette for the first time,as we all know, it is not only cheap and easy to carry, but is suitable for different flavors,what is the magic inside to attract vapers?? Buyecigkits.com opened a disposable electronic cigarette called MAT to check it out.

Disassembly tools: pointed tweezers, needle-nosed pliers, etc.;

Method: violent disassembly, because the bottom cover and the inner wall of the fuselage are fixed by super glue;

After opening, we can take out the bottom cover and the connected batteries, tanks, circuit lines, etc.

We can see that the battery is a very ordinary lithium battery with a capacity of 240mAh. Generally speaking, the battery capacity of a disposable electronic cigarette is not too large because of the volume limitation, and secondly, the battery capacity can ensure safety well, and will not cause an explosion due to a short circuit, the outer casing or the bottom cover is deformed due to heat generation even if it is short-circuited at a full state. It should be mentioned that the outer casing of the disposable electronic cigarette is usually designed with heat protection and a pressure relief valve is provided.

The capacity of the tank is is 2ml. The chamber and the tank are designed in one piece. The air passage is designed very long,which should be used for the facilitate condensate condensation and Control the temperature. After all the battery power is exhausted, there is still about 1/3 of ejuice left,which is to prevent from dry-burned.

The circuit connection line is very thin, which is enough to prove that the output power is not too large. Generally, the output power of the disposable electronic cigarette is 5-12W.

Finally, this integrated cap features air intake switch, work indicator and so on. The working principle is roughly as follows: the negative electrode of the atomizer is connected to the cap, and the positive electrode is divided into two circuit lines. The negative electrode of the atomizer is connected to the negative electrode of the battery, and then the positive electrode of the battery of the cap 2 is directly connected to the cap 1. This cap is the "CPU" of the whole disposable ecigs.

Its bottom cover come with a cotton layer designed to prevent the condensate from running around and affecting the function of the microphone. There is also a cotton layer on the top of the outer casing to prevent the condensate from entering the drip tips when vaping.

In general, this product of disposable e-cigarettes proves an idiom: “Small as the sparrow is, it possesses all its internal organs-small but complete”.

How long can a disposable e-cigarette last

by John Doe
There are many types of electronic cigarettes available on the market. At present, the main electronic cigarettes are those that can be filled with ejuice. In addition to this, disposable electronic cigarettes are also popular. The advantages of such electronic cigarettes are that they are easy to carry and use. You can throw it away after you enjoy the vaping,not to mention the pretty affordable price , that is why it is very popular among some smokers. However, the one-time e-cigarette involves a problem of use time. Buyecigkits.com will introduce you in detail.
Generally, a disposable electronic cigarette can be used for two days, three days and 500 puffs, depending on how long and how often you vape. 

How long can a disposable e-cigarette be used depends on the individual's usual smoking frequency and personal habits, such as a 160mah battery for disposable electronic cigarettes can be used for 250 puffs,those with the total length of the smoke: 94.5MM, diameter: 8.7MM  is equivalent to 2 packs of cigarettes.

In addition to disposable electronic cigarettes, a reusable electronic cigarette that can be used for refueling is also enjoying a great popularity. The general battery has 650\900\110\1300, and the atomizer is usually filled with ejuice..

How to use  disposable electronic cigarette :

1. So gently vape and be careful not to suck too hardly.

2. taking a long time so you can let the ejuice in the cartridge can be atomized by the atomizer fully

3. Keep the drip tip up and the rod tilted downward. If the drip tip is moving downwards when smoking, the ejuice will naturally flow down into the mouth due to gravity.

4. When the eliquid is sucked into the mouth, take the cartridge and disassemble it, and wipe off the excess spilled liquid outside the drip tip and under the atomizer.

How long does a disposable e-cigarette last? It depends on the vapers who smokes the e-cigarette. The higher the frequency of your vaping, the shorter the time it takes. After all, the disposable e-cigarette cannot be charged.

Juul opens the era of electronic cigarettes and wants to occupy the world

by John Doe
Buyecigkits.com team got a report that Juul who is the e-cigarette brand born in the United States in 2015 has been continually attacking the world and gaining consumers' pursuit!

It is understood that Juul is currently listed in the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada, Russia and Israel.Juul e-cigarettes are not like the e-cigarette brands that were previously leading in the United States. According to the Korea Herald, Juul Labs is expected to enter the Korean market in 2019. A representative of the company said: "Our goal is to launch Juul in the Korean market in the first half of this year or at the latest in the second half of the year."

Juul Labs established the local subsidiary Juul Labs Korea Branch at the end of 2018 and has submitted a trademark application to the Korean Intellectual Property Office.

It is reported that South Korea is allowed to sell e-cigarettes with a nicotine level of up to 2%. Juul Labs plans to provide less than 1% nicotine to its brand.

In addition to entering the Korean market, Reuters reported in February that Juul Labs hopes to launch its products in India by the end of 2019. It is reported that it is also planned to establish a "new Indian subsidiary."

There are reports that launching its products in India is part of Juul Labs' broader Asian strategy. India has 106 million adult smokers, second only to China, and has become a lucrative market for companies such as Juul and Philip Morris International.

India has a very restrictive regulatory environment for tobacco and e-cigarettes. The Ministry of Health of the country recommended in 2018 that states stop selling or importing e-cigarettes; eight of the 29 states in India currently ban the use of e-cigarettes.

According to sources, Juul is studying federal and state regulations that may hinder its plans and will work with the medical community to increase acceptance of its products.

If Juul can open the Indian market, it will have a huge leading and demonstration effect on China's domestic e-cigarette brands!

How to choose your dripping atomizer preferably

by John Doe

Vapers are always trouble by which dripping atomizer is preferably, buyecigkits.com shared the questions and answers on how to choose the desired dripping atomizer1.Which dripping atomizer is easier to rebuild with an coils?

At present, there are a large range of dripping atomizers building with single coils and tank atomizers on the market, single coils could do a good job at good flavor thanks to the building coils with various types. You only need to install one coil, which is relatively time-saving.

2.How to choose the dripping atomizer according to your flavor preference?

The flavor of the drip atomizer is actually related to many factors. The most important influence on the flavor is the coil and the atomizer airflow structure, if the same coil is used. In general, the drip atomizer with direct airflow at the bottom is relatively rich in flavor, while the drip atomizer with the side airflow is lighter but more layered,the composite airflow come with more taste changes.

3.Which drip atomizer could build more wires?

Many types of wires can be build, such as a vertical wire, four or even multiple wires,those most suitable for building wires are two-column four-hole drip atomizer.4.How to judge whether the drip atomizer is compatible with your favorite ejuice or heating wire?

At present, most of the drip atomizers are constantly improving the compatibility of their coils, but there are also some flat-shaped coils that are difficult to pass through the atomizer lock wire holes. Vapers can compare the width of the coil and the width of the atomizer lock wire hole position to select which drip atomizer could build more coils.5.Which drip atomizer is more convenient for dripping ejuice?

Generally speaking, the drip atomizer with the side airflow can directly fill the vape juice from the drip tip, however, the bottom filling ejuice attribute to the more reasonable refilling method. Selecting a drip atomizer that supports the bottom filling ejuice can save labor in daily use, and it will not be inconvenient even if it is carried out. 

For those who prefer to easy building and filling atomizer, the single coil bottom ejuice filling drip atomizer would be preferably. The atomizer that supports dual wires is more suitable for those who are enjoy big clouds and more rich flavor.


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